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  • How To Evolve a Curio

    This post will walk you through how to evolve a Curio!

    Step 1:

    I'm taking a look at one of my Curios, Penstripe. In his screen, there are a few things that I should be paying attention to:
    Red Arrow: My Penstripe is currently only level 3, which isn't high enough to evolve
    Yellow Arrow: My Penstripe is currently Evolution 1 out of 3.

    Step 2:

    Yellow Arrow: I've got some spare experience floating around, so I'm going to use this to level Penstripe up quickly, but if you don't have spare experience, you'll need to quest to get some!
    Red Arrow: I add experience to Penstripe until he levels up to 10, which is when the first Evolution for all Curios becomes available.

    Step 3:

    Yellow Arrow: Once Penstripe is at level 10, he will display as at "Max" experience.
    Red Arrow: The add experience button turns into the evolve button, meaning that Penstripe is ready to evolve. Clicking on this button will bring you to the evolution screen.

    Step 4:

    This is the evolution chamber, where Curios evolve into their next iterations.
    Yellow Arrow: Evolving a Curio costs coins. How much depends on the Curio and its current evolution, so make sure you have enough banked!
    Red Arrow: Pressing the evolve button will start the evolution process.
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    Step 5:

    This screen pops up.
    Yellow Arrow: The screen has a lot of important information on it, so don't just click! Here you learn that evolving your curio means that you will be returning it to level 1 at a higher evolution. At the higher evolution it'll have extra base stats, a higher level cap, and more skill points with each level up.
    Red Arrow: Press the evolve now button when you're ready to evolve, remembering that your Curio will return to level 1 and the Curio Coins will be deducted from your account when you do so.

    Step 6:

    Red Arrow: A bolt of lightening strikes my Penstripe, infusing him with awesome new energies!

    Step 7:

    Once the evolution is complete, you're returned to the Evolution Chamber.
    Red Arrow: Penstripe looks a little different - his bowtie has changed colors and he's gotten little pinstripes down by his legs.
    Yellow Arrow: You'll know the evolution worked because the listed evolution now reads as 2.
    Green Arrow: The Evolution Chamber has a cooldown, so if you have multiple Curios to evolve at once, you can either spend gems to reduce the cooldown, or you can space the evolutions out around the timer.

    Step 8:

    If you click the red x and exit the Evolution Chamber, you're returned to the Curio's page.
    Red Arrow: Penstripe has returned to level 1 and has no experience.
    Yellow Arrow: Penstripe's evolution is listed as 2 of 3
    Green Arrow: All of Penstripe's Skills have been reset, but every time he levels up, he'll get more Skill Points than he did at evolution 1.
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      Hi while evolving or increasing mastery rank it should tell about how much time chamber will warm up bcoz of this action.