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    Also Mantavol Savage Strike/Assasinate/Snatch/Giant Rock


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      Hey, I was a new player to cq a few months ago and found this list really helpful so wanted to say thanks for that.
      atm I'm a free to play grinder, and the current wildcard pvp has been the first time ive been able to break into the top 100 on the leaderboard (currently 67)
      This is largely because my favourite common curio when i first started playing, toadstone, turns out to be really strong this event.
      Was wondering if the tier list would add maybe just a few strong commons at the bottom for reference in events such as these
      I've observed some of my current team, toadstone and cocon, appear really strong. also it seems that clawsphorus, batawoc and nightmaroot are really commonly used among the highest ranked players (as well as macrobe obviously)
      I think maybe adding some of these to the bottom of the list might help let newer players know what are good common curios to get levels on, especially for their potentials in these common boosted events


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        New legends=Axed and Qilin

        Best skills for:

        Aesalon(alone)= Sunnyday, Moonlight, Solarflare, Restore/Divinepower
        Aesalon(with Aureus)= Lightgems/Sunnyday, Restore, Banish, Solarflare
        Aureus(with aesalon)= Pierce/Blusteryday, Whirlwind/Windpillar, Grapple, Duststorm
        Aureus(alone)= Pierce, Blusteryday, Windpillar, Duststorm
        Axed= Cleave, Roar, Tailspin, Rampage
        Cthusk= Lifeseeds, Rockn'Roll, Stonegaze, PowerofEarth
        Floralei= Lockon, Synthesis, Poisonpetals, Leafstrike/Petalrush
        Grotesk= Airstream, Stoneshot, Divebomb, Watersync
        Grogimus= Toxicpunch, Venomslam, Waterbarbs, Grogged
        Ignitar= Firebrand, Labyrinth, Wildflames, Quinflame
        Malagore= Empower, Chomp/Grasp, Emberstorm, Swipeaway
        Lavadon= Obsidianclaw, Cinder/Firestrike, Moltenshot, Eruption
        Sakurasaur= Swipe, Earthshield, Giantrock, Serenity
        Sapphurion= Tailswipe, Aurora, Crystallize, Whammy
        Qilin= Sunshock, Truestrike, Splendor, Rush/Novablast


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          Best common curios and best skill set for each

          Tier S (awesome offense and recovery)
          -Clawsphori.. Pincer attack / Cinder / Crabalicious / Blank
          Note : must be played with 12 mana for 4 times Crabalicious.
          DO NOT use enrage (in common super-boosted event the base boost is generally around 400% (+300%) Enrage/Crabalicious combo will NOT make it a 900% but a 525%(+425%) which is obviously not worth the wasted turn and additional damage taken however small they are)
          Pincer attack and Cinder are here because they have decent damage and allow your Clawsphorus to not have to use defend all the while saving mana for crabalicious.
          ONly 3 attack is best set for AI and anything else is virtually useless when you are fighting (the only situation a fourth move could benefit is if a curio debuffed on of your cooldown and only one common curio can do that and he is not one of the best so having to use defend once every 100 fights is not such a big deal.)
          Use Crabalicious whenever it is ready to use and you don't have max health except when the opposing curio is low health in which case it is better to save your crabalicious if possible for the next turn.

          Tier A (awesome offense and decent recovery or awesome recovery and decent offense)
          -Toadstones.. Barrage / Consume / Vines / Grow
          Note : AGAIN Grow WILL NOT provide a huge boost, in common super-boosted conditions (+300%), it will just provide a 425% (+325%) for the next hit.
          Example with my Toadstone (1+300% = 4200 dmg)
          Grow (1+300% = 4200 avg. dmg) + Barrage (1+325% = 5015 avg. damage + 1254 avg lifesteal) = 9215 avg. dmg + 1254 avg. lifesteal = 10469 differential
          Vines (1+300% = 4346 avg. dmg) + Barrage (1+300% = 4720 avg. damage + 1180 avg lifesteal) = 9066 avg. dmg + 1180 avg. lifesteal = 10246 differential
          Grow is better (with Consume too) but it uses 1 point of mana and mana is important for Consume
          If used against a type disadvantage, it becomes more useful because the base 1+300%+25% becomes a 1+300%-50%+25% as the comparative value of the +25% is higher the further we go down in base boost..
          -Batavocs .. Darkflow / Windstrike / Bloodvines / Blank
          Note : one blankspot again because stygian and scratch are useless
          Basically a lesser Clawsphorus
          -Vultaires .. Darkflow / Beak Strike / Scavenger / Blank
          Note : a bit superior to Batavoc in my opinion but I haven't done the math

          Tier B (awesome offense and no recovery or decent recovery and offense or just interesting ability/ies)
          -Penstripes.. Squirt / Slide / Blank / Blank
          Note : I haven't done the math but I am pretty sure from my experience using him under superboosted conditions, that it's the best set.
          Pentripes are lucky enough to have 2 good attacking moves with only 1CD each.
          -Pigales.. Horn Strike / Hog Tusk / Airflow / blank
          -Mantanks .. Scratch / Moulting / Hypnosis / Stab

          AND... Bored sorry I am not going to finish it

          I will just say who not to use..
          DOn't use Macrobe (worst curio ever), Rosie (Healing stat is not boosted) and Gumley (Polursa's hibernate (x'D please fix that bug) is the most broken skill ever but again healing stat is not boosted)

          And advise you to only use Tier S and Tier A curios..
          If you can have 3 F3 clawsphori, you have the best team but well it will not give you any journal bonus check for the two others so it might be seen by lots of players as a waste since there is decent curio to replace the two extra clawphori (not the mandatory one, YOU MUST possess a F3 clawsphorus) like those in the tier A


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            Best skill for a legend

            Erakka=Slash Tidalpower, Form of, Iceblock
            Legacy Bot=Byte, Megabyte, Laserblast, Reboot