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  • Please help, game has become unplayable!!!

    I'm posting here as CQ has become nigh unplayable as of Thursday morning (so before the update already).

    It started with just a little lag but now I simply can't finish a fight anymore. I had to leave my club as I will barely get any pts in.

    It takes ages to go through menus. Whenever I actually enter a fight, it takes between 1 and 20 seconds after clicking on a skill before the move is played.

    The strange thing is, when the game finally plays the move, the animation runs really smooth like always. Game also loads quickly (from starting my browser until logged in only takes like 20 seconds with no issues at all. Everything else on both computers works fine, I tried e-mail, facebook, other kong games and youtube videos, no problem. Only CQ is causing issues.

    I tried a different internet connection and different laptops.

    I have absolutely no clue why this is happening but it has become so frustrating to spend 45 min to get in 10 pvp fights. I gave up on FW as it's too annoying. I'll probably have to skip CvC too and I don't even want to begin on SA this way.

    My ID and name is lonewolfRnB.
    I play on kong, using firefox as browser.

    Any help would be appreciated as it's causing a lot of lag and misclicks.

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    This has happened to me since Tuesday. I wasn't able to play FW at all


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      guys,try to clean the cache and cookies,that works for me,and if you play in the so do the same and close all the aps and just let cq open


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        I think its an issue with firefox, try using opera and see if the same issue occurs.


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          A combination of the suggestions of elsantos and agath_x solved it.

          On 1 laptop, clearing cache/cookies worked. On the other it didn't so I switched browsers and it works again.

          It's still a bit laggy and it often won't connect me to kong chat but at least I can play again

          Many thanks for the help everyone.


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            chrome it's the base.