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    I am glad that Dev LittleFury was online before the update and answered many questions. And I also understand that it might be a bit frustrating because some questions were senseless but fury didn't lose her cool. I have a suggestion. While revamping/creating a new curio, if you want to know whether it'll be popular or not, whether people will like it or not, I recommend you to think like a player. For example, let's assume you're revamping checkmate. Then consider all current curios that are semi-unbeatable in PvP and what their strengths are. Give a skill to checkmate that can counter those skills and make checkmate such that it can easily be countered by a particular curio or a few curios. That way there'll be no supreme curio. I know you guys test them for bugs before release. But this might be entirely different. Just like a cop needs to think like a thief to find out where it is hiding, if you think like a competitive player and play like a competitive player, you'll automatically find out whether the curio you're gonna release is going to be OP or underpowered. For example, the moment when Sinite was released and the reviving points were still valid, the top players found out that reviving again and again gave a lot of points. The best players even scored more than 500k in a single CW match because of that trick. So, when releasing a curio, think of how a player can exploit the existing meta with that curio, it'll prevent bugs before they're released. I can even give an example for a good change being not as good as it was meant to be. Flamoth, the health update was good. Players can still walk their way around the cool downs. But the 5 mana cost of flicker made it impossible for Flamoth to last in SA. Thinking like a player would to become a champion might have prevented that, I am not asking you to revamp Flamoth. I understand you have many things to do now and revamping an already rebalanced curio isn't high priority. That being said, fury was extremely patient and interactive with everyone In world chat and I praise her for that. Respect for you!

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    I concur whilst the usual teenage ramblings were bestowed upon when " a wild dev appeared " for the most part it seemed as if pen was being jotted down on paper. The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes and whilst I feel some bugs are tested I do not feel DEVS play the game enough to understand it Curios are released without taking into consideration how it impacts on curios which are currently in circulation. The rush to bring out more products IE mythics sometimes detracts from the in game experience. Some of the new curios are not that great, Just have to know which stinkers to avoid and which keepers to try for.

    Still awaiting many fixes and issues. Why are there potions in the shop when you are giving them away? Players who spent on potions are now caught up by free players as you have been giving the most elusive boosts away for free. ( Heroic striker ) Balance? I really must say that there is a genuine lack of input into this great game. The potions to craft do not exist. The lab looks bare.... levels are never introduced regularly. I was hoping that this game would update every week like it said in the notes but the "new content" is jut new mythics.

    I await patiently...


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      I agree. Not sure how the business works. Maybe they cater to the players who come for a few weeks, spend, and quit. But if they want to take long-time players into consideration, they need to consider things like which curios are used most in pvp etc