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  • Stitches bugged, Checkmates move messed

    Recently I bought 4x1000 discs and got 2 checkmates (light mythic) Its now lvl 40 and fusion 1. I was trying different moves and found out the move withdraw does not attacks the whole enemy team for around 4k? And also buffs a debuff to your curios that reduces your attack for 20 percent for 4 rounds... So... can you fix that move?
    Also everytime i verse stitches ans he does this move which basically heals him to full hp when its not supposed to... its so annoying

    Please fix

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    I reported about stitches long time ago. Since my previous tickets were unanswered, I messaged the CQ FB page about it. It heals for no reduction in mana.

    People with stitches can exploit that glitch and score a huge.



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      While we're addressing Checkmate's moves, I dunno if I'm just getting poor damage, the attack is mislabeled or what, but anytime I use Flank, it hits for around 1800-1900ish, but the description says it should be hitting for 2800-5800ish. It usually takes a critical for me to get around 2900 damage out of Flank. Any one else having the same or similar issues?


      • OverLloyd
        OverLloyd commented
        Editing a comment
        It's fixed now for good.
        For me it hits 7623 average so yeah check back