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  • Penzai's Transfer Skill

    Hi All
    After 6 months of playing, I got the buffed Penzai last sale from a single disc. I'm really having trouble deciding what skills to use. I thought transfer was a good skill so picked it up and went into the PvP.
    Transfer's wording:
    "Heals 1306-1782, restores 2 mana, and swaps to target friendly non-active curio."
    I thought it would heal and restore mana to itself and then swap with the other curio, however it seems it switches to the curio first, and then heals the switched in curio and restores it's mana.
    Although I hate to admit it, I think this IS how it should work (i.e: It's working properly) but I don't think the wording properly shows that. Because it somehow shows like Penzai heals x, restores x mana AND then swap to friendly curio. Because most other curios work like that, perform the actions in order (Perform actions, then swap)
    Although I want it to heal itself, but I don't think they'll change it, but I guess they can change the wording?
    Although it doesn't cause any harm, but hey, it's still something to think over right? right? Pardon me if I'm wrong

    Also, the game notes say, "Rock'n'Roll replaced by Rock Salvo" but it still has Rock'n'Roll.

    And, the game notes say 'Think' Bark replaced with Living Spirit, Penzai used to think? :P

    ~The wise Sign Painter
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    Come on! Reply to me!

    ~Awaiting an answer, The Sign Painter


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      I will not reply to you.


      • loonix200
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        Okay ._.

        ~The Butt-hurt Sign Painter

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      There's nothing wrong with the sentence. Try reading it like this :
      Heals 1306-1782 to target friendly non-active curio, restores 2 mana to target friendly non-active curio and swaps to target friendly non-active curio.


      • loonix200
        loonix200 commented
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        Yeah but that's not how it's written...

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      All swap skills should be removed from this game immediately ...