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  • Skoll's Sea Flood

    Please fix this, it ruins my strategy with Skoll so bad that now he is a bit weak since his HP is still low compare to other legends.

    When you use Sea Flood, it suppose to hit 5 times, however now that this update came, it only hits "once".

    This is bad for a lot of reason, bad for healing back HP, bad for damage, bad period. This really needs fixing asap.

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    Yeah, I was just about to post this as well. For now try using Triton as a temporary replacement.

    As well, Water Shot and Deluge Fang used to do the same damage for me (at least I think), but now it changed. I think this was intentional but I don't know why so subtle.


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      I can understand damage adjustments and the likes when it comes to adjusting to the fact we can no longer miss in battle with any skill use, making everything a lot less RNG based. Pretty sure it mentioned somewhere they made adjustments due to accuracy removed from the game.

      But yeah, very sure sea flood only hitting once is not one of those adjustments.


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        They've removed all of the accuracy to all curios. It means all curios has 100% accuracy right now and due to this update, it seems that skoll's sea flood is affected. I hope they will fix this ASAP. I've already told Leesha about this one, so let's wait.


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          hits 5 times in the description, but 1 time in fact
          fix it or make base Scoll HP like Chtysc or Cryptomb


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            Guys, in the news it explains that sea flood is just a bug and they are trying to fix this. You don't need to worry.


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              Sea flood is currently bugged and will be fixed in the next update!