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  • Briar vs. DoT debuffs

    I pretty sure of this by now but I really think its un-intentional having using briar myself, that it procs when DoT effects hit your curios.

    I noticed this best when Nasting try to use its poison move which affected all my curios, one of them had briar, each time it did DoT, there was a obvious 75% chance briar proc'ed and damaged the enemy, this works even after Nasting is defeated and continue to damage my enemies. I pretty sure this is making some DoT moves (but not all) completely useless, Nasting especially if you use this against someone that has a team of 3 briar users, you be killing your own team faster than you actually be killing them.

    You should change it and make it so that is only affects "Direct" damage moves, anything that "In-directly" hits your curios that have briar will not proc the briar effect. Briar is already powerful just on the fact that just simply attacking the curio that has it is hazardous. Yes, I have briar and asking for it to be changed lol.

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    That's why Briar is Legendary, because it really messes those who rely on multi-hit and multi DoT moves to get messed up. Briar would be useless if it didn't respond to AoE and DoT moves. Fritter in particular would go back to godlike status for an Epic.


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      Fritter don't even have a hope of being godlike if briar wasn't there to do that, not really a good example of what i call godlike compare to what I been seeing out there... if that was the case I be face melting anyone that didn't have a briar against fritter, it can't do that, there was a nerf on it for a reason back then.

      AoE damage and multi-hit moves is completely fine for Briar to proc off of, DoT which is what I mainly talking about, I even mention DoT before getting started on the subject. I really do not believe it should proc when being damaged by a debuff that causes DoT

      Just because Briar is legendary does not mean we can't question the effectiveness of it, unless a dev tells me it intentional, I'll continue to believe it wasn't intentional that it procs off DoT.


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        It procs off any damage... I knew what you meant, was only trying to draw a comparison between the two.