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    If you look at the PvP every week -No matter what is being boosted- the top 100 guys (and more like 200) almost all have 1 thing in common: at least 1-Void is on their team

    This curio has become practically game-breaking.

    It is currently "Back to the beginning" week. I have quad-fused Armordillo and Macrobe and a buffed up blue.
    I just fought a guy who's Void revived his dead Armordillo's and Macrobe's 6-times! All while stun-locking me and healing Curio's to near 50% or more
    This means that I practically beat the entire team twice (HP-wise) and still lost!
    I also lost to a guy with two voids and a macrobe. I couldn't even keep track of how many times they stun-locked/spam-revived themselves and healed back up to 100%...

    The point is, this game is fun for forcing players to be creative in their team building. When there are Curio's being mega-boosted 1000% and they still aren't good enough to beat a team because of 1 super OP curio there becomes a problem. The game stops being fun...

    Void would still be one of the best Curio's in the game (and less game-breaking) if just ONE of the following adjustments were made
    -increased Cooldowns or joint cooldowns on revive abilities (Zephyros's single revive-abilitiy makes him one of the best curios around and his revive kills him and has a 20-turn CD!)
    -a "death-sentance" debuff applied to Void when reviving (similar to Zeph. even if death were after say 5 or more rounds. This would be fitting for the Curio's character and solve the spamming of -revive, stun, swap, revived curio dies, revive- repeat loop)
    -Lower % chance to stun on some of his abilities. He is almost impossible to hit other than with bench shots.
    -for revived curio: lower HP healed, or Mana set to zero, or Curio is stunned on swap-in
    -void can't stun-lock and swap simultaneously. It's just silly that 1-void can revive an entire team twice without even allowing for damage to be taken...
    -revives cost more mana (6-times in one round and at a cost of only 3 mana a piece! really...)

    Revives are possibly the most OP moves in the game and this curio can spam them many times in one round without breaking a sweat! All while stun-locking, healing, swapping at will, AND still doing damage...

    I've heard that the dev's don't plan on "fixing" Void any further but this has gotten a bit ridiculous

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    Just spend all your gems on dark promo until you get a void and everything will be fine. There are a lot of players that are in top 25 or 50 without void.


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      Having a void does not help at all to kill them.

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    Void was (re)designed as a support type curio. That is the real reason you see him in the top 100. He makes your team better in most situations. If you fought a triple team of all Voids... it would be easy to beat because Void isn't really good at making his own damage, just improving the damage of other curios.
    Is it sometimes hard to beat another team that includes Void if you don't have Void yourself?
    Yes or you can counter by putting together a team that's good at bench killing.
    I would say Void shouldn't be changed and he'll continue to remain a goal for players to achieve. (This game has a LOT of goals.)
    Once you get 1 Void, you'll want more to fuse and continue strengthening your team. This game is all about growing, improving and collecting curios.
    Give the game a little more time dmeistro and you'll eventually get the things you want.


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      I have to agree with what I've heard other people say about Void... There are those who realize how ridiculously Over-powered he is, and those who own him.

      I realize the intention of Void was to add a strong support dynamic to the game. What I don't like now is how EVERY PVP is exactly the same as far as strategy is concerned. It doesn't really matter what is boosted, reduced or buffed from day-to-day since every PVP is the same...
      Gotta have a bench killer to kill Void... rinse and repeat.
      And trust me, my Xolotl is a beast at bench killing Voids.

      And when events like "Back to the Beginning", which on the surface seemed like a great idea to throw some nostalgia into the gameplay, turned out being exactly the same as every other PVP (oops better throw in my Xolotl with my Blue and Armordillo to counter Void...) it gets frustratingly redundant.
      In fact the most fun I had in PVP in a long time was when Darks were reduced 100% a number of weeks ago. It was refreshing to actually try out different strategies.

      I understand having goals in the game.
      I really wanted Zephyros and I just got him!
      My Perkuna is a beast and is about to be double-fused!!
      Void... I dunno... I don't feel like I necessarily even want him. It's more of a necessity just to have him at this point.

      The idea of having to throw every last gem at a chance to get him just in order to compete isn't really all that appealing...

      ...and BTW, I just counted the number of top 25ers with Void in todays PvP (where Light - Void's supposed weakness- are boosted IMO).
      All but 4 had him.
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        U can stop a void with silence e.e


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          Use Scorpio to kill Void or Leo and Xolotl type of curio which selectively kill bench curios


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            I'm assuming everyone but OP has a Void as nobody even agrees with him.

            I have to agree with OP in the fact that pretty much every pvp where non-mythic curios are super boosted, 99% of the teams you face in top 200 is 2 x superboosted curio + void or superboosted curio + double Void.

            While I agree with ZombieExGirlfriend that Void in itself isn't overpowered, it's his synergy with other curios that makes him overpowered, especially when those other curios have tons of hp due to being superboosted or strong mythics.

            I have an f2 Scorp, an unfused xolotl and a 46k Jenite and the current meta pretty much forces me to use these if I want to get around Void. Using the 'back to the beginning' pvp as an example, I used Macrobe (f4), Blue and Armordillo (f4). I had the same issue over and over: my curios were better than my opponent but because I had to kill them at least 3 times each, I ended up losing quite a bit of fights. The point of having such superboosted curios is to change up the teams in pvp a little so that it isn't always the same thing.

            I fully support a nerf/change to Void due to the ridiculous amount of Voids you see in EVERY SINGLE PVP, regardless of what is boosted. No offence to anyone that owns/likes/uses Void, but one of the most annoying things in CQ these days is facing a team that is way weaker than mine, only to have (double) Void making me lose a fight.

            I've got good journals, an f1 and an f2 scorp + Xolotl to counter them so I can get top 100 if I have enough time to play every 3 hrs. I know how to counter them and play around him but it's just plain boring to just defend multiple times, kill off whatever curio gets revived, do that 5 times until Void runs out of mana or I can play Sting at the right time.


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              All about being able to counter him. They have been releasing a lot of new myths that easily target his abilities. Xolotl bench hits, grail bench hits, jenite specifically targets dark curios, scorpio negates his healing and stuns him and others. Even weaker myths like core, lolli, razor and heiron can bench kill him. Sucks not to have one but the same can be said for some of the newer myths that I dont have. A good leyline is a huge pain in the butt even with a void.


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                With a Scorpio and a boletus it is preferable to use it against Void


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                  I think the only adjusting that void should get is a restriction to revive other voids


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                    But then I'll have to run a zephy void combo... revive void with zephy then revive zephy with void lol. Barely anyone actually run two voids in pvp anyways and they are terrible on defence


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                      I have 2 Voids.. one F1 and one unfused yet I have to admit I agree with the OP..

                      But at the same time, If Void get Nerfed, i am going to push the Stovetop's Fry skill bug so hard that it's going to be absolutely unbearable!

                      Cuz Stovetop's fry is really the thing that is pissing me off the most, more than Perkuna having the health stat of a pre-buff tier 1 mythic, more than Flamoth skill nerf being stupid, more than Zephyros and Void being the most broken curios this game ever had..

                      EDIT: My bad, the absolute worst is the exchange cores system.. it really needs to be 10 to 1 rather than 100 to 1.. (For more info, go to the relevant thread..)
                      Last edited by Mjoern; November 22nd, 2016, 06:59 AM.


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                        I've started complaining since the day they released the new void...why can't you understand what he is saying? I know many ways to counter void,he is not a problem for me at the moment, but it's really annoying to keep playing against him.No fun, he is everywhere!


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                          I've found it more fun to try and play without him. I try to whenever possible. I now have an op void less team that can hang but it took a while to create.


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                            I own a void and use it every event no matter what is boosted. No matter who I fight they almost always have a void and this makes it nearly impossible to win. Having a void does not help to kill one.


                            • Mjoern
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                              bench kill with Xol, Merica, Grail, Leo,etc..