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  • Checkmate and Electron [Remake]

    Months ago,DEVS said Checkmate and Electron will be remaked like Void , but i think they already forgot about this. Checkmate and Electron really need to be remaked [Reason:Useless Mythic curios because don't have good skills and dmg].

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    Not like Void please.. more like Razorfin..

    Well the problem with how they buffed Razorfin is that they buffed only 2 skills and health.. (the other skill buffed are irrelevant)
    they just made showboating the third most OP buffing skill in the game next to magnify and shadows


    • Skull
      Skull commented
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      and they maked tottaly with no mana and CD

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    I'm pretty sure they announced there will be no more buffing or nerfing of existing curios.
    The focus is on rolling out new, fresh and interesting curios as the game progresses.


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      What zombie said ,i dont think they will boost them after promising not to do those things anymore , but at least a small upgrade for myth exchange cores would be welcome


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        What sort of upgrade to Mythic exchange cores?


        • Immortal
          Immortal commented
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          I mean like a legend is one core thats way to few compared to what legends rlly are worth , so and also exchanging 10 myths and with a chance of getting the same curio or even worse one isnt small and 10 myths are rlly a lot, also i think fused myths should be worth more cores , cuz like for example a f4 check is worth the same as 1 check

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        What if we could choose the mythic we want to craft. Now if we can choose the curio we want to craft I think everyone is going to sacrifice some Rokies, Checks, Gustwigs, Electrons and other nerds to get a Xolotl, Zeph or any other amazing curio. But still 10 for one is a bit harsh.