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  • SA Rewards(chests)

    As requested(devs) here is my feedback on the current SA rewards. For some context this is the rewards I received today for the epic boosted survival arena event. My understanding from most people I spoke with was that this event was a pain to complete as relatively few people could use the auto play button and still finish a round of SA. I could not play on auto as I usually do so reaching rank 19 overall took a fair bit of time on my end. Many times I couldn't even finish the event on manual. However the loot we usually get in the mythic and legendary chests seemed worth it. It was not.

    In addition to the base rewards that I was already guaranteed I received twenty rank three mastery shards. That's right... twenty. I some how managed to get both of the absolute worst pulls for a legendary and a mythic chest at the same time. Lucky me! If there is a worse pull in this situation I would be shocked and cross my fingers it never happens to me. Lets get real here there is absolutely nothing "legendary" let alone "mythic" about twenty shards of any rank. I don't care if they are rank VI. That is not a "mythical" reward. In your game "mythic" is something everyone wants, gets excited about and brags to everyone on world chat about. Nobody is getting excited over shards. Especially not twenty rank three shards.

    There very well may be some people out there that have a shortage of rank three shards or mastery badges. Personally I don't think many of those people if any finish in or near the top 25. If they do I'm pretty sure they didn't work that hard hoping for some shards. I would like to know why the development team thinks top players would want this as a reward. A reward for finishing near the top of an event should never be something a player would not even notice as "new" to their account. Most people at the top of the event's leader board aren't even going to notice if you add or subtract a 1000 rank three shards from their account.

    I hope you enjoyed my input. At the very least it made me feel better

    PS: Anyone that needs rank three shards... you can get the same amount I got for rank 19 by doing a single SA run lol

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    lazy to read this..sorry =]


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      I read, agree with you D0ug


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        I don't change my opinion on shards and how they should not be in chests but the four mythics from CW makes me a little less unhappy.