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  • Solution to limit Leechers

    So one of the biggest issues I have with Curio Quest is that leechers can hit once and then get the same reward that the top hitters in a club get. I suggest that club leaders and/or officers can set an actual club minimum requirement before an event. If a player fails to meet these requirements then they simply don't get loot from the event. How this would help essentially I believe that most of the players want loot; therefore if you remove loot from leechers then they are going to start hitting the club minimums in order to obtain it.

    Basic setup:
    A button in club options that goes to the club minimum settings.
    There will be two sliders that can be moved to set the minimums (one for cvc and one for cw).
    Minimums can not be set higher than the average score of the club if greater than three people else can not be set higher than one thousand for cvc and fifty thousand for cw.
    Minimums can not be set during a club event.
    When an event ends and a player hits the loot button the game checks to see if they met the club minimums before giving loot.

    Obviously this won't prevent people from leeching but will make the idea of doing so impractical especially if they want loot.

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    Completely Agree with Sarlecc. also if we can reduce the max no of members in a club to 20 then their will be more clubs, thus increasing the excitement in the club events.


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      1 option i have to eliminate the leechers could be,if a player leeces 1 club they should recieve a sof ban,like 1 day ban,the second time he leeches should recieve 2 days ban,3rd time leeching 4 days ban,and this should continue depending on how many time they leech,i can bet with this thing we never go to see a leecher in the game


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        That would work to, unfortunately though it would actually be harder to implement. Reason you would have to define what a leecher is in the game code. Like would a leecher be defined if they only hit once? If they don't get a certain number of points based on what the other members are getting? What would happen if they mentioned that they would not be very active for this event and the leader/officers decide not to kick them? If you let the leader/officers the ability to label them as leechers then you have more potential problems on your hands. Such as leaders/officers labeling them just because they don't like them.

        You could potentially combine it with the idea I have, though it still suffers from people not being able to be active for an event and not leaving/kicked from the club.
        Last edited by Sarlecc; October 21st, 2016, 11:39 PM.