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  • Pvp suggestions

    I have some ideas for the new pvp events, i hope you'll find them interesting: 1- swords superboosted(gambit,aureus,anzu,armordillo,lampyr, cap skelly) 2- revenge of the unwanted( gustwing,rokisaur,electron,checkmate,null) 3- psychic returns( hieron,scorpio,singularity,voltage,squall,etc) 4- pvp no mana 5- pvp thorns(every curio has thorns) 6- high defense( 100% damage reduction while defending) 7-bench hitters( damage to inactive boosted) 8- pvp no cooldown 9- poisoned ground( every curio loses 5% health each turn) 10- 1 vs 1/ 2 vs 2 and also 1 or 2 vs 3( 1-2 in attack team and 3 in defending team) 11- pvp leechers( 300% boost on draining skills, mana and health too)

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    Love the swords, unwanted, psychics, idea, would also like a 6 vs 6 PVP, or a force mixed epic, legend, mythic trio! Also would like generation 1 mythics boosted (razorfin, gambit, checkmate, eco, rocisaur, bolt, lolli), or generation 1 legends boosted (joules, Anzu, penzai, NO SAPH, cryptomb, etc). ON ANOTHER NOTE, can u change the bonus video to give us double coins, because lets be honest no one needs XP!?


    • abhig101
      abhig101 commented
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      Even new players would need more of coins then xp. Now a days even daily spin starts giving me xp..
      So please devs change the bonus offer to coins its almost 7 months that offer changed to xp from coins so now its time to change it back to coins.

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    Love the ideas! We'll see what we can fit in next week!


    • AndreaGal
      AndreaGal commented
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      Thanks fury!

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    Like the 0 mana pvp idea, will force people to use Curios and moves they would not normally use