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  • Lacking Enhancements Problem

    ENHANCEMENTS are an important part of powering up our curios for proper combat, so why is there nowhere to obtain them??

    Payoff from mythic level chests in the last event, if you were lucky enough to snag a few enhancement rewards, gave about TWO per player.
    TWO at random. Need some Dark ones.... hmmmm, get really lucky or keep waiting for the next event.

    A Mythic level curio needs at least 56 different enhancements to complete the power-up.... and that's at ultimate level and using the appropriate enhancement that matches your curio's element.

    I know players complained at the high dump rate of enhancements in the promo shop, but at least those were more usable long term than getting a bunch of 3 star curios like it is now.
    Ugh. Change it back or make some different way to get them. Maybe create a spot in the shop for enhancements only? Players would likely drop some gems to get enhancements. Make it not ridiculously expensive please, since everyone needs so many. 100 gems for 5? Varying levels of ultimate/greater/basic would be expected. Just an idea.

    With the Mythic curios coming out so quickly, the players need a way to obtain enhancements that keeps up with the releases.

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    Hey Zombie,

    Ultimate enhancements are now available in Club Wars, CvC and PvP Grabbags!


    • LittleFury
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      Additionally, we've received a lot of feedback for an Enhancement Shop, which we're looking into

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    There was a bunch of us chatting about this in WC this morning. (thanks for all the support here, guys! not. lol )
    It's still tough getting MAYBE 2 at a time that don't necessarily match up with what elements you want.

    ​Thanks for continuing to look into it Fury.


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      The amount gotten from chests are not enough and hardly the right enhancements you're looking for! i don't understand the plan for removing them from shop completly without a solid plan to make them availble somehwere else, beside the chests!


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        Agath - what are your preferred enhancements? Right now every ultimate enhancement is in the chests. We're also planning shop reintegration. They were pulled out due to complaints about the enhancements being IN the shop to begin with. Working to find the best balance still.


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          I understand your dilemma littlefury, but majority of people complained about getting enhancments because they were frustrated of getting lots of ennhancments and no mythics to work with, the odds of mythics and legends in the old shop were astonishingly low, compared to the amount of enhanments you get. but with the new shop odds of legends and mythics being raised greatly, means we do have mythics/legends to work with, so we need these enhancments now more than ever.

          The people had a bad time with the enhanmcents cause theres lots of elements and to each one theres like 5 type of enhancment, add the mythics popolarity to the equation, meaning theres a specified element enhancment type prefered and needed in abundance over the rest and you have an high frustration with the old enhancments shop. for free players every byte of the gems given count, do you have an idea how it feels to hit the shop with 500 gems and get only enhancments and these enhanmcnet aren't even the ones needed? that was the issue with the old shop.

          Now this info is yours and work with it, but if id have to make a suggestion to partially fix whats been said in my previous wall of text, then i'd say: add enhancments back and remove epics, leaving the odds of mythics/legends as they're in the new shop, or better yet... a separated tab for enhancments with a boosted odds for the element you lack the most.
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          • LittleFury
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            Excellent feedback and makes perfect sense. Expect to see improvements soon.

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          Readd the guaranteed curio in promo like pre space ape Era. More will spend, blend in enhancements like aggy said.


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            replace the epics with heroic enhancmnt 400 hp and 40 dmg using 40k coins


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              a price reduction for enhancements would be great too, it takes way too much coins to fully enhance a mythic (or even a legend and epic). Could you make them cheaper (1k, 2k, 5k???) OR how about making them cost exp instead of coins as coins are much more needed than exp.


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                We already randomly find whole boosts WAY better than the two craft maybe chances to drop bits and pieces of the lower-tier enhancements too alongside the grains and such if the shop doesn't work out too hot.

                From what I can tell from the heaviest complaints (joiners over the summer/casual players) is that they weren't here/around much when enhancers were plentiful. So they get a new mythic, GREAT! They grind it up to 40 really fast over 3-4 days, GREAT! But then in pvp,
                they still lose to everything, even 4* teams, because theirs is 100% unenhanced. So, unusually, the power creep is actually going BACKWARDS in CQ because it favours those that started earliest (even wholly free players) in terms of drops. And the only way to really get there in a reasonable time would be fusion, requiring 1 or 3 new mythics (or legends) of that same type. There's a yuuuge amount of randomness in that path to success, and then...once their mythic CAN compete, they will instead now lose alll lower tier boost events because they can NOT spare those boosts on a lower-end curio. (see the numerous 300k+ multifrosts at the top during the last rare boost)

                Basically, to me the progression on the fusion system's got an alright pace even with the randomness, because you can get f4 3*s with enough monetary investment, which based on curio/skills CAN be better than a raw 4* of its same type, so that holds you over until you win enough cores to 'level up' completely. However there is no longer any growth in between for either the 3* or 4* because you don't want to use those enhances before you have enough to fully stat out your eventual *5. With a bit of luck on your pulls f1 and f2 legends and mythics are within your grasp. It's tangible, every time you work your way up to 300/1500 you can feel it's near. With enhances, you see it's all
                empty of that colour, 2 months of pvp/cw without winning the right colour is pretty discouraging. I can understand y'all need to build the enhance shop to have the right amount of cost in coin/gem, but DANG are the post-LOTS transfer noobs suffering bad.

                (my club's got 10 of those right now, even. Those f4 stellas they got off that last shop event without the commons are serving them nicely but the ones that have qilins or aesalons prefer to stay with the stellas, in fact the qilins are there mostly to just revive and then immediately die if needed. A similar thing occurs with f4 gentacles vs raw octis (ooo sushi) Of course the newer 4*s don't have that as bad, Trapthorn, strix, Volcanis and Ebb are a CLEAR step up, especially in damage. I think Mantavol fares the worst because he doesn't have healing like his predecessor, or multiple element attacks.)