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  • Idia as good to trade

    This game is fun . But there is no trading here . So , how about trading curios as a extra option on the "LAB" . If we can trade then I'll be fun to Play with new curio that we got from others and also the players can know each-others.

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    Trading will destroy this game. :3


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      rather than trade, how about exchanged boosts and curios wind up on some 'black market' sort of shop that appears next to the arcade button like once a week for only a couple hours, maybe 6 so you cover all part-timers that may be working at that time + breaktime for full timers.
      All boosts traded in will be there for...lets say just twice the reward of the trade-in. That way there's always an abundance of small timey boosts for new players. (and what kind of insane person would trade in an ultimate-anything aside from maybe Chaos)
      curio-wise you could have it be something like 20x XP exchange to direct buy it, so commons aren't much more expensive than the shop to direct-buy (6000 vs 5000) but rares and epics would be 15k and 30k respectively. (which would also give incentive to remove the common epics from the promo which is preventing me from buying anything)