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  • 5PG...this has been a really dissapointing anniversary so far...

    Many of us were excited about the upcoming anniversary. However, it has been really disappointing so far:
    • You've introduced Fusion 4, which is pretty much universally disliked by everyone, including the big spenders, and seen as a money grab by 5PG rather than a reward for the players.
    • The addition of Fusion 4 has also had the negative side effect of having everyone drain their coins in the shop trying to get their rares and epics up to F4 to stay competitive in Rare/Epic boosted events.
    • Started off the month with an extra-long, 72 hour CW event...but with the same terrible rewards as a 56 hour event. So we have to work more for the same rewards now.
    • Back to back sales that include Rokisaur (widely known as the worst Mythic with Gustwing) one of the featured curios in the Promo sale. That alone will keep a lot of people from spending gems on it.
    • Promo sales that have a 4.2% chance of getting a Mythic. In general, this would be pretty good, but a week before the anniversary month there was a Light/Fire Promo sale with over 9% chance at a mythic. We were hoping there would be more of the same type of awesome sale for the anniversary to thank the players and give us something to spend our gems on. If you're going to stick with F4, you need to give us these types of promos more often if any of us are to even have a remote chance of getting mythics to F3 or F4 to remain competitive.
    • The continuation of 48 hour PVP events, with really bad rewards. The 24 hour events, and the really short events were a lot of fun, and helped us build up a lot of rewards in a short period of time. Also, the current rewards are only good if you finish in the top 10.
    The only positive things I've seen out of the anniversary so far are the introduction of a new Epic and Legendary, which pretty much never happens, and the ability to "trade up" our rank tokens. However, these seem to be fairly minor things and not the "big splash" that you probably should be making at the beginning of your 2 year anniversary month. Quite honestly, the psychic invasion felt much more like an anniversary than this does. People didn't like how Singularity was almost impossible to stop, but the rewards for that were AWESOME! The millions of coins we got from those events are greatly needed right now. And the events where all players were working together to achieve a goal were pretty fun.

    You guys still have a lot of days left in the month, and many of us are withholding judgement until we see all you have to offer this month. However, if things continue to be underwhelming like they are right now, there's a pretty good chance you'll lose a lot of your loyal player base. I've talked to many people who are quite frankly getting bored with the game right now, and if we don't see anything to get us excited about playing the game again we will likely leave.

    We have faith in you guys...please take all of this feedback to heart and make it exciting for us again.
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    I agree with the above from jman, he is right in the fact that you still have the remainder of the month to bring us a fresh new look on the game. Fusion 4 may have not been the best idea but sales much like the last Grail sale and its odds would bring great appeal to all players both old and new. Also, the 2hour pvp and shorter club events are better than These 72 hour events that just drag on forever. The ability to Remove boosts or exchange boosts among our curios would be nice, and removing a prior fusion may allow players to get to f4 by breaking the curios down into singles. Another great idea is to bring back the 100% sales with coins, gems, and a curio!
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    • R TRUTH
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      3 day events are pushing players away not attracting them. Imagine staring at the same bad sales for a few days? I preferred the 24 hour sales, it led to more anticipation.

    • s-wolff
      s-wolff commented
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      Agree 3 day events just feel like watching paint dry but as for the increased odds in the shop the only way that helps the majority of the players is if they increase gems rewards for everyone or its only really the spenders who gain from it so while the rewards are still terrible good shop rates arent the best idea unlees they introduce these sales directly after big gem events or announce them weeks in advance

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    I agree with the above, but I think the biggest problem doesn't lie in the length of the club events but mostly in the rewards. I don't mind a 72hr CW/CvC if the rewards are worth fighing for (though I believe 48hrs is the sweet spot). Right now, CvC rewards are ok-ish but CW rewards aren't good.


    • R TRUTH
      R TRUTH commented
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      "Thanks I will past it on to the dev team!" If I read this from a DEV one more time and don't see it happen please someone, anyone please shoot me dead

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    I agree it feels that way.... mostly because a lot of cool stuff was announced, but so far only F4 and NULL were the new things that have been released.
    It's so hard to wait for daily players, but I'm pretty sure the game anniversary isn't just one day or one week. It's all month. So it's coming guys.
    Betting when the new quest zone hits, there will be a lot of fun to be had.
    Fingers crossed that some sort of ENHANCEMENT reward drops will be coming from the new quest nodes too, cuz we sure need a way to get those.
    Also, I don't mind the addition of F4. It's a goal for the future. Some have the ability to achieve that quickly and for others, it will take some time.


    • R TRUTH
      R TRUTH commented
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      You don't mind F4 yet you need enhancements i just don't get that. I have more enhancements then I can use as I am always out of coins...

      Bring back AP!!!!! Take away F4! bring back some cheer! New zone, I already want 5 more. This game needs more levels, I don't care for the storyline anymore I can see the game going offline before the story will ever finish or be near completed.

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    I'm looking forward to new zone and the new difficulty they are addding to zones. Hopefully there will be more special events with better rewards and maybe some gifts


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      I liked the odds of 1.6% a mythic, but it needs to go for the whole anniversary month so freeplayers can collect gems and have a go at that promo. people need to feel that you apreciate them not only the ones at the top. people who cried about the odds going up to 1.6 that day, were cause of having no gems to particepate in these offers, so maybe the whole month lenght (in that time they can get gems from events too) would change thier opinion.

      F4 feelt like a lazy way of incrasing power up, we understand that games get these power ups very often, but this one was poorly thought and half-assed for the anniversary, please get creative. i dont mind spending when there's a power up, but there's need to be creativity and coherence at it.

      This is supposed to be an anniversay to the game, as far as i know anniversary means a one time of the year where the game shows players thier appreciation by giving them loads of goodies (from events, logging, etc.) and special shop offers. but you're ruining it by just giving us stuff to pay for.

      The lenght of the pvp events are boring, rewards are rubish and poorly given, we need coins more than ever to keep up with the fusions/upgrades/enhancments/evolutions of new and old mythics, but somehow you lowered them on these 2days long pvp (compared to the regular 1 day pvp). Gems are a good thing in the pvp rewards, but whats the point if only we can get them at top, why dont you make them the same to all ranks? lower players need them too... the only good thing about that pvp (at least to me) are the rank token.

      Why 1st on pvp gets a full VI token? but the rest of ranks doesnt even get a fragment, not even 2nd or 3rd? break that token and give it as fragment to wide range of ranks, like 60 fragments to first 40 to 2nd 30 to 3rd, etc. you know everyone needs the rank VI token not only one player.

      Stop putting in gustwing, roki or core into the promos, cause im not gonna use gems on these promos because of that one curio, and alot of spenders who i spoke to not gonna spend a dime on these offers.

      New shop is awesome except that, we dont want epics to be included in there, since we already get those with coins, how about swap epics for boosts? that would make the new shop way way better.

      New mythic is following the trend of newest curios pre-buff, it's damage potential is really weak, nobody gonna hit the promo for these new mythics if you dont power up them properly, rememer what happened with Merika, zephyros, bobsloth? same thing with this new mythic.

      What a way of starting an anniversary... you better fix it by the end of the month or you will lose a great size of players.


      • R TRUTH
        R TRUTH commented
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        Agree with the loss of players and player interest that is for sure. If this happens those of us who stick around will be subjected to F5.....gulp...

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      I agree... Devs should listen every word ,especially what jman and agath said .. Nice ideas to revive the game


      • R TRUTH
        R TRUTH commented
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        Agree with agath who said about why not let other players enjoy some rewards too they need to feel appreciated not just the "elite four" (pokemon go anyone?)

        VI fragments should at least be for a few more tier players as should V token fragments as they seem as elusive as F4 curios at this point

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      As much as I feel it's premature to complain and the devs are probably busy enjoying their Labor Day weekend in the USA, the anniversary is a let-down so far. I haven't seen a suggestion or opinion here so far that doesn't sound appealing to me or that I don't agree with.


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        There is huge crisis of enhancements ,coins and all the ranking fragments...i prefer the old pvp rewards like (5 VI token fragments, 10 V token fragments , 20 VI token fragments ,40 III token fragments and 80 II token fragments with aps enhancements coins and cores)


        • Agath_x
          Agath_x commented
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          That's because the game has got more and more curios, but the rewards have not incrased in consequence wth that power up, the wheel and daily loging are the same prizes since forever, coins from nodes are still the same since game came out, they're not balancing the rewards (from events/story nodes/wheel/daily loging/arcade balls acordingly with the power up, that's why there's alot of people wtih mythics but unranked or stuck at level 1 or 25.

          they keep changing rewards from events, but that won't fix it since we need these rewards they take out plus the ones they add in. they need to stop changing rewards and just add in the new rewards with the ones already giving, and of course with a better distribution between all ranks.
          Last edited by Agath_x; September 6th, 2016, 05:20 PM.

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        One positive change would be to remove the cost for adding enhancements to our curios. It's hard enough to collect all the enhancements needed for our's silly that we have to spend millions of coins to even use them.


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          i agree.....


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            Hope fury sees it


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              I like F4.. and seriously getting F4 mythics isn't much different than getting F3 mythics .. for the very large majority of player it's completely out of the realm of possibility.. I don't even have any F3 legend.. the closest I am to it is 5 ignitars..
              I do have 3 flamoths and 2 of three other mythics but getting 7 or 11 seems to me pretty much equally far away..
              also it's not an obligation.. a Bobsloth is better than a F4 Flamoth.. let's not even talk about void..

              there is like 4 players that have full F3 team of top tier myth.. so really not much of a big deal if you can't compete with them..

              but the rank token trading is ridiculous..

              first 10 for 1 when there is 6 different level to go through is ridiculous..

              it requires 10 000 Rank II token so 1 000 000 rank II fragment to get a rank VI token.. -_-'

              also , it takes a huge amount of time to trade anything.. there should be a system to trade a certain number of token and fragment in one go because it would take 20 000 000 seconds to trade Rank II all the way to rank 6..
              which is about 300 000 minutes.. so around 46 000 hours which is pretty much 6 years non stop of farming trading token...

              It puts to shame 200 AP start on CW..
              Last edited by Mjoern; September 11th, 2016, 05:42 PM.


              • abhig101
                abhig101 commented
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                Oh my God !!! Perhaps we are wasting our life

              • D0ug
                D0ug commented
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                Agreed on the shards. Its a major PITA to trade them in. F4 bothers me more because a lot of people myself included traded in a good portion of our F3 commons, rares and epics just to make space. If there is a journal achievement for F4 then we're screwed.

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              Things wouldnt be so disappointing this anni if they did even a few of the things they did last anni such as shortening the length of cool downs on ap/energy/pvp or doubling the daily log in and adding a legend for day 8 instead of an epic but instead of getting better over time the daily log in got worse the number of gems decreased and nothing got added i mean all they have to do is even a few small things to make players atleast log in i appreciated the increase in daily log ins like the one week every log in included gems and the wheel was doubled up rewards for the whole anni atleast consider increasing the daily log in for the rest of the anni to include more gems coins ap and maybe a legend instead of epic?


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                THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY 6 STARS.. 210 LUCKY... 24K HEALTH .. OP SKILS... GG