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  • CQ 2nd Anniversary Ideas

    Not sure what there is planned for this but here are some of my ideas

    Epic Boosted event were only the first Gen epics are boosted like Thundiger, Mander, Fritter and Roclost etc.

    Epic Boosted Event were the second gen epic are boosted like Muaytail, Ascelp, Caniton Salp etc

    Legend Boosted Event were only the First gen Legends are boosted like Anzu, Penzai, Velox, Erebus, Joules etc.

    Legend Boosted Event were only second gen legends are boosted like Phantasma, Sakurasuar, Twitch, Grogimus and Aureus and Aesalon etc

    0 Ap Cost to play Survival Arena and Faction Wars ?

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    The only ones who would possibly recommend a zero AP cost event are people who have never had to experience the pain of participating in one.


    • Boyd
      Boyd commented
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      I know what it's like I played in eel during the 0 ap cvc event that's why i did not suggest cvc

      People skip SA and FW so I suggested a one off event with 0 ap cost

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    Boyd - I like the ideas! I'll pass them along!
    jman - do you have suggestions for how to improve the AP system? it seems to cause some headaches and I'd like to get to the bottom of it.


    • jman
      jman commented
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      My comment was specifically referring to 0AP events. There was a 0AP event maybe a year ago...can't remember how long it lasted...maybe 12 or 24 hours. Everyone hated it because they felt obligated to remain online for the entire time (or as much as possible) just to remain competitive. The general consensus was that there should never be another 0AP event again. I would be open to a very short 0AP event (maybe 1 or 2 hour blitz event)...most people wouldn't have a problem with playing CQ for 1 or 2 hours straight.

      I do want to echo some of the other comments, however. I do think it would be good to have separate currencies for individual vs. club events. Some of the reasons:

      - I know a lot of people (including myself) that score 80k points for SA and then quit (with a couple days remaining in the event). The reason for this is, because the rewards aren't that great to justify playing much longer...and two, because they have a lot of AP and don't want to waste it on SA so they can use it for their club events.
      - You guys already have separate cores for club vs. individual events...shouldn't the currencies reflect this as well?
      - People have a lot of pressure to meet minimum requirements to be able to stay in their club. This means saving up as much AP as you can, and/or buying AP.

      Another idea that's been floated in the past is a sort of AP "Bank". This would allow you to store all of your AP from event loot and keep it separate from your regenerated AP. This would allow people to participate in every event using their regen. AP, but still save their loot for a specific event. There are different ways this can be implemented that would need to be figured out (can I withdraw smaller amounts from my bank, or is it all at once?).

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    fury like we say before,aps for the club events and other kind of currencie for the sa and fw,that way the all events can be more competitive and no one can be forced to skip sa or fw to save aps and help his club,this way tey can be able to play all the events if tey want


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      Little fury said: "Cq anniversary will have a revamp shop" <this can be one feature
      My idea:Free gems for all(easy and make all happy)


      • ddevor
        ddevor commented
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        good idea

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      I'll like to see a new event in future. Maybe a PvE that needs tickets to play


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        It would be good if get Could get Some good curios [ Legend or Mythic ] if we do good on CVC or CW and PVP


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          I think what they will do is nerf AP and cores from PVP, and then have a game that doesn't load for CVC..

          seriously whatever they do will look good compared to what we have experienced so far this week