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  • Fix Sapphurion!

    You guys really need to do something about's taking all the fun out of water boosted events. Take the current event as an example...Whammy typically takes away 20-25% of the enemy's damage when it hits. For this 800% boosted water event, it's taking 20-25% times 8, or 160-200% damage. That results in a one shot kill regardless of how much health the enemy has (even 400k+). Percentages shouldn't be multiplied in this manner for boosted events. I even have 2 fully evolved and levelled Sapphurions, so I'm winning a just makes these events no fun any more because there's no strategy involved.

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    well the strat is wham-hit > defend > defend > defend > wham-hit > ...

    You remove every other skills for the AI but get them back when you use it to avoid falling in a CD lock from Leyline or Draking..

    When you see a Wham-it Sapph, you beat it with Leyline or Draking or you sacrifice a less useful curio or you put a waterproof boost and defend on the wham-it turn..

    900% sapph isn't as strong as 100% void..

    Also sapph doesn't need +800% to one shot.. +150% (+100% + Strong/crit) is enough.. Remember Kernal > Sapph combo..


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      Mjoern, I understand all of that....I'm just not sure the devs do. These legend and water boosted events are no fun now becuase of this.