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  • ideas for CQ

    i have some ideas for CurioQuest

    I - in such event's like CW , SA , FW ; it's better to u use curios with skins just for us to see some thing new , new colors new things
    II - Creat some new great skins for our curios shining and bright skins that make our curios look too good
    III - chance to get skins from each run of SA with no curios only skins
    - 0 Pts - 500 Pts : chance to get common skin
    - 500 Pts - 1000 Pts
    : chance to get rare skin
    - 1000 Pts - 2500 Pts : chance to get epic skin
    - 2500 Pts - 5000 Pts : chance to get Legendry skin
    - + 20000 Pts : chance to get Mythic skin
    - + 30000 Pts : chance to get common,rare,epic,legendrie,mythic skin

    IV - create Zones of each country in the world , by putting every thing famous in each country
    - EXP : England Zone : in the zone design there is a bigben hour , the red 2 flours buses , england famous foods , ect.

    V - club fight : u CQ Create a zone Of the Club fight when all the club members fight together sm of the boss sons till they find the boss
    - 30 member each use 3 curios and fight all togeather in that zone till they kill the boss , the rewards of killing that hard boss are sm gems or sm rank V and IV , VI , coins , exp

    VI - Stairs fight : it's a stairs zone :
    - u could pass the 1st Stair and defeat nodes by using only commons in each node an element is boosted
    - u could pass the 2nd Stair and defeat nodes by using only rares in each node an element is boosted
    - u could pass the 3rd Stair and defeat nodes by using only epics in each node an element is boosted
    - u could pass the 4rd Stair and defeat nodes by using only legendries in each node an element is boosted
    - u could pass the 5th Stair and defeat nodes by using only Mythics in each node an element is boosted

    ( we need three curios from the same element in each node )

    the rewards :
    part 1 : rare common curio + coins
    part 2 : rare rare curio + coins + exp
    part 3 : rare epic curio + coins + exp + fragments
    part 4 : rare legendries + coins + exp + ranks
    part 5 : rare Mythic curio + exp + coins + gems

    VII - Create new common and rare and epic and legendries curios
    - Create rare curios as rewards only

    thnx for reading and put some observations in comments
    i need devs to comment those ideas
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    where is every one


    • ddevor
      ddevor commented
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      i hope cq make this ideas is very good

    • เครђгєŦ
      เครђгєŦ commented
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      Me too i wish they add those events fastly

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    nice ideas


    • เครђгєŦ
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      Lastly thnx for ure Comment

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    Hey really great ideas! I've passed them along to our Dev team, so stay tuned! We always appreciate exciting new ideas from our players, so thank you!

    - LF


    • เครђгєŦ
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      No Prob Lil we are a part of the game

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    Yeah , i like the idea to make a club boss which costs something else then AP,pvp tokens or energy , its own thing . So all the club members can hit it and have like 24/48 hours to kill that boss, every time when you kill a boss the next one gets harder with better reward drop, and like every 10/20 bosses drop special rewards. also when a boss is killed you still have to wait for cooldown to end to get rewards, rewards could be fragments,skins,gems, special money for like a club shop,AP , and maybe even curios .✍


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      i found a great solution for what u cost to go to boss's cave and kill his sons then find him and kill him it cost u 100 energy in the same time so u can enter to the boss's cave each 3h to earn some rewards


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        Lol the bosses could have minions instead of sons..

        that would look like a bit less like some kind of genocide x'D


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          exactly Mjoern

          that will be good for farming


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            The ideas are damn awesome...cant wait to hav a try...fury thnks for taking a note of this idea


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              i wish they take them and try to make them real


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                I spent 1220 APs in one go.. I don't want to hear anything about farming for the rest of my life


                • #12
                  and why u did spent all those APs for what !! FW ,?


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                    make a mythic craft with legends for short time ex: gambit = strix + cryptomb + lavoi+shylewouf or razorfin = ebb +octis+sapphurion+grogimus


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                      For u Fury ^^