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  • Ideas for new achievements

    I have a few ideas for new achievements

    Why not we can have an achuevements like the 1st ones we have when we start the game,for example at the start of te game we should deal acertain ammount of dmg of specific element to reach an achievement,well my ideas are

    1.-Why not an achievement where we should make a certain ammount of dmg to each element curio

    10m dmg = 25 gems
    20m dmg = 50 gems
    30m dmg = 75 gems
    40m dmg = 100 gems

    2.- An achievement for kill a certain number of spiderknight

    kill 100 spidernights = 25 gems
    kill 150 spidernights = 50 gems
    kill 200 spiderknights = 75 gems
    kill 250 spiderknights = 100 gems

    3.-An achievement for kill a certain number of darkcorsairs

    kill 50 darkcorsairs = 25 gems
    kill 75 darkcorsairs = 50 gems
    kill 100 darkcorsairs = 75 gems
    kill 125 dark corsairs = 100 gems

    And why not do an achievement for kill supertechs too,i think this can be a good idea,because a lot of players play the castle for a chance to win a full token rank IV and in each time they fight in the castle they face a darkcorsair and the spiderknights

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    Well i agree with u,i like your ideas


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      Sounds great to me. I have been done everything besides 100M coin, for a long long time


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        The alternative would be give us jobs where you have to do things similar to the ones given by elsantos, like by damage or certain curios.


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          This is definitely a priority for us, ElSantos! Thanks for the great ideas.