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    People prefer to play cvc than cw, because there aren't good rewards that make it interesting. I like to see gems or new boosts... there's something to change with difficulty levels too: lv.170 gives more points than lv.200 and now everyone can do it.

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    Hi Andrea.We plan to fix the scoring issue with level 170. Other than that, do you have suggestions for other prizes you'd like to see incorporated into the CW rewards?


    • abhig101
      abhig101 commented
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      I think you can add chest along with existing prizes to make a good number of prizes like cvc

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    Cw needs to have different rewards, i don't know...boosts and maybe gems,tickets,free wheel spins (or something new)


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      Free Wheel Spins
      Arcade Balls
      Rare Curios


      • Relly
        Relly commented
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        Arcade balls don't do much good. Arcade is extremely out of date. Only thing players hope to get from it is AP's. The curios are crap, the boosts are crap and so is the coin and exp

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      4 Fragment Chance to Got Legend Like Past. xD


      • Wildkat
        Wildkat commented
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        Mastery 4 tokens can be won be resetting the Castle zone and playing on hard mode. The final boss will drop a complete mastery 4 token about 15% of the time.

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      some skins would be nice


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        I would like to see gems and enhancements.

        How about creating Enhancement Bags? There could be one bag for each element type. Then each bag would have a chance for each enhancement type and rarity of that element, like this:

        Ultimate Damage 3.5%
        Ultimate Health 5.5%
        Ultimate Healing 3.5%
        Ultimate Luck 2.5%
        Greater Damage 8.0%
        Greater Health 12.5%
        Greater Healing 8.0%
        Greater Luck 6.5%
        Damage 11.5%
        Health 18.0%
        Healing 11.5%
        Luck 9.0%

        So then each CW event would award 2 element bag types per prize tier. The bottom prize tier would get one of each element bag and then quantities go up by one for each higher prize tier. That works nicely if there are two boosted elements in the event. If there is only one boosted element in the event, then the prize would be 2 bags of the same element or the devs could choose a second element bag at random. If there are three or more boosted elements, then the devs would choose which two element bags to award.


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          ew! stop asking for insentives to play this trash event!

          the game is better now that we can decide not to play it without having our rank in jeopardy..


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            guys i can claim my w loot if im click in loot im disconnected in the game