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  • New Common, Rare, Epic Curios ?

    Are we ever going to see any new curios of these ranks ? Seeing as we get common, rare and epic boosted events now and again it would be good to get some new curios to use in them. Maybe more can come out during special the themed events or when a new quest is released

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    well the rare meta is still not really set..

    we see a pretty wide variety of team and I really don't understand why Chaos is using three Stovetop instead of three Galluvane..

    And why no one else use the burst Pentes that spam snake eyes..

    Why there is so much ppl using Tiki or Multifrost because they are just absurdly weak..

    that meta is like barely starting to show what are its best members..

    as for new epics and commons.. it could be cool but making a curio takes time and time when you're a pro means money.. and no one is going to pay for epic or common curios unless they are given a real value in the game mechanics.. like having PvP per rarity.. having PvP leaderboards and events simultaneously for all rarity


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      Maybe they could be special prizes in loot boxes or a prize for club events ?


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        The metagame for rares is pretty much set.

        Stovetop is the best because his fry move isn't working like it says it should.

        If that changes then Galluvane will be the best because healing is boosted very differently than damage.

        After that, Armordillo is probably next because he excels in exactly the thing that makes Pentes weak: mana.

        Certain rares like Blue, Multifrost, and Jack have had their own events before, and many people don't have rank tokens and enhancements to spare.

        Back to the original topic, I, too, would like to see 12 epics, rares, and commons from each element to help with journal. Some elements like air and electric are underrepresented. At the least, I'd like to see curios like Monobite and Polursa to be made available for fusion.


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          True i didn't have the chance to get stovetop and monobite... Polursa f2 and i bought all polursa sale,And yes air curios are less than others


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            Yeah,good idea.


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              Agreed with Wedge, it'd be great if we could fill out the non-physical journals. Right now, most of us are stuck at 43%/45% for fire simply because the last fusion bonus requires an f3 legend/mythic.


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                Totally aggree, some new commons,rares,epics and legendarys would be cool