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  • Anti-Promo Shop.

    Low curio Chanes, you can get only boosts and ench.
    Last Night i used 2000 gems in promo and i don't got any curio :|.
    Promo Shop= You can get curios extremly rare , 100% Fury
    I want my gems back. #Mods and Devs
    Or give me 1-2 mythic curios #Element Water or Dark .

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    Skull, always check the odds. Promo is the cheapest way to gamble on getting a curio, but it's a less than 1% chance on each different curio. Sometimes you get lucky and snag a mythic really cheap and sometimes it's better to play it safe and go with better odds. It all depends on how valuable your gems are to you.


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      Hey Skull - any refund requests or purchasing issues, etc. need to go through Support, so please file a ticket so that the matter can be examined more closely. As for your feedback regarding the Promo Shop - we are taking it into consideration and appreciate your viewpoint here.



      • Skull
        Skull commented
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        I Send it.

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      I have to say ever since they added boosts in the promo, I started to dislike it a bit. Enhancements are better.


      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
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        Hey Lukenick - Can you recall when Boosts were added to the Promo shop? Excuse my ignorance - due to my short time on the CQ team.

      • Skull
        Skull commented
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        boosts make chanes for curios lower.

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      I cannot remember the date, but I think it was somewhere around May, I think it was like this around March when it started. Skull, yes, it does lower curio chances, but why can't they just increase chances for enhancements instead. Just remembered a shop deal, and it might be nice to see this soon. There was once a shop section that you spent gems for a chance for coins and something else. It might have been with enhancements when they first came out.


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        If this helps, I started around November of 2015, and all the big changes started in 2016 if I recall correctly.


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          Boosts in the promo shop is good..
          the odds for striker or mana drain makes are what make promo the best way to go..

          However, ever since the promo changed from what it was before to what it is now, I only got 1 mythic and not a single striker or mana drain.. everything I got was enhancements and maybe some legend but it didn't struck me..

          I spent about 9k gems on promo so I was extremly unlucky..

          I liked the old promo better, you spent 1000 gems and had extra odds on the things that mattered as well as having one of the 10 discs be epic or better.. which gave higher chance of mythics..

          then again, considering the odds, I've been extraordinarily unlucky on this new form of promo..

          asking for refund however is totally uncalled for, you had your chance and you wouldn't have asked for a refund if you had got one of those OP top tier myth that appears in Promo periodically or a striker or mana drain..