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  • New Quest Zone Ideas

    Just proposing a couple ideas for inclusion in any new zone that we all hope is in the works.
    I'd like to see other ideas the community has too!

    1. ENHANCEMENTS are much more difficult to come by since the Shop structure was changed. How about a quest zone where enhancements.... even the most basic strength type, drop at a much higher rate then they do in the other zones? I think this would keep the zone much more relevant for a long time even after a player has conquered the challenge level. It's also a fantastic option for free players or with those with a more limited gaming budget.

    2. ENERGY: I'd also like to see a node that costs 50 or maybe even 100 points of energy. As it is now, I do the last node of Hail Macrobe for the best XP payoff 10x in a row and multiple times a day. It's the same thing over and over and never a risk of losing. Once a player gets to the level where they have completed all the challenges and is just farming basic XP, I think this would be a great time saver, as long as the rewards for the node are comparable or better to the alternative nodes.

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    I like the ideas Zombie.

    #1 especially is great as enhancements are very rare now and everyone could use them for all their curios instead of just the mythics if they were available through energy.

    #2 isn't exactly necessary as autobattle speeds things up quite a bit. I farm the same node and it takes about 1-2 minutes using autobattle.


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      Game need a new zone.


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      game needs a new zone like a dog needs a bone..... i wish they would release 20 zones in one go. i do not care for the story! even though it is quirky. why cant you add flowers falling in the game like it was at xmas time with the snow? leaves for autumn etc. LITTLE things like this make the game a little more exciting. front cover art? some different arenas to battle in. live pvp for example could have different random arenas that you go into . it is not hard to programme it is just a basic background change. some different music perhaps? the daily prize wheel needs looking into. it gives really low unbalanced rewards. the best you can get is 600 gems or 100 pvp tickets. you need to up the amount of gold. getting 2500 xp is a kick in the...

      the arcade is really poor it could have some better rewards... energy.....skins... some different curios ( that is what this game is about no? ) the arcade does not include VI fragments....could impriove special skins. only obtained through the arcade.... THERE IS SO MUCH THE GAME CAN DO !!!!!!!!!!!!! pvp rewards the game needs more tokens for players

      new jobs !

      new achievements !

      i can go on and on and on . i am really saddened by the lack of input going into the game.... forget void and electron pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let it go .... just let it go and move on.... the lab omg it has the same stuff as in forever.

      LASTLY. auto battle great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! zephyros great job !!! jenite great job ! razorfin great job !!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT !!!!


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        Curio Quest Birthday (Possible Things)
        1.Free Gems(Or 50 gems every day from daily login *Last Year*)
        2.New Zone
        3.Legendary Curio on Daily Login
        4.Other Opinions


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          Please bring back 4 hours pvp's <3