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  • Few suggestions which could improve game

    Here they are:
    1.Restore last daily login change to what it was (to 100 gems instaed 1mana enhancement and 30 rank II tokens <-- really?)
    2.Change daily login day 4 or 5( the one with 20 disc fragments) and here put 1 mana enh
    3.Stop giving disc fragments in cw/fw/sa and change that to in sa/fw to legendary collector core, and for cw to legendary club core.
    4.Fix irritating feature which reset slider position in friend list and lab- when i remove friend from fl, position is changed to top instead stay at place where it was, same in lab when i create something slider goes to up too, it is really irritating whne you need craft a lot and every time you need to slide down again and last update it is more irritating because token are lower when they were.

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    Agree but specially the thing about giving cores instead of discs fragments, great idea.


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      all suggestions are really good


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        i think there should be an enhancement shop section because an enhancement aint worth 100 gems and getting the enhancements you want is just so hard