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  • Loot Chest Feedback.

    So recently we saw the introduction of loot chests, originally giving enhancements and boosts. I thought this was great, particularly the boosts which we're pretty satisfying to see when looting.

    ​However now they contain 'assorted boosts and currencies' opposed to simply the boosts or enhancements, adding an RNG element into loot which can make an event entirely useless to you depending on luck, whilst somebody lower ranked can get something far better. For example, whilst I ranked top 150 in pvp I got no boosts, simply just 3.5k exp and 20k coins, whilst others were getting heroic boosts and gems and not even just those that achieved the same rank as me, but those which had achieved lower ranks. I've never been as demotivated to play events as I have having opened the loot from the last 3 pvps and from cw, in which I got a couple enhancements, some pvp tokens, a small amount of coins and a small amount of exp for rank 3 club finish. Having spent hours doing runs resulting in a 1.5m score, this just felt like the time had been wasted entirely which if I had gotten the amount of enhancements that had been advertised, or gems as others in lower clubs had gotten, I'd not have felt half as bad about it. In pvp in fact, I've had one boost in 3 events, which just felt useless.
    If somebody finishes a higher rank than another person, the loot should reflect this, which thanks to these chests it no longer does, personally I'd much prefer to go back to either knowing what I'm playing the event for, or at least knowing what type of loot I'm going to get, for example 3 Heroic boost chests which whilst not knowing which boosts I'll get, I know that I will get 3 heroic boosts.

    I'd really like to see some form of change here, loot used to be satisfying and exciting, now its just demotivating.

    Apologies if its at all ranty or unconstructive, but after so much change to loot it just feels as if more is being taken away than given back.

    I've made a poll to see what everyone else thinks about the loot chests, thanks for reading guys.
    I like the way loot chests are
    I prefered the original loot chests
    I don't care
    Other (Tell me what you think in comments)
    Loot was better before changes
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    Also i think we need more coins as a rewards in all the events,like i say before i dont se the point to spend gems to buy pvp tickets and aps just to win more tickets,aps or 5k of gold and exp,is better win the boosts,we can earn more money by seling them in the lab.

    and my vote was for: i prefered the original loot chests


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      The original chests, with a random boosts equal to the chest's rating, and/or Ultimate enhancements were the best. I don't currently have a problem with it, but tons of people need coins. I personally need enhancements, mostly healing ones, and rank VI tokens. #1 way to fix the coin shortage, make the video bonus on mobile double coins.


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        Since the loot has changed in all events a month ago many of us are angry or even quit the game. There are several reasons for what has gone wrong:

        1. Cores/Summons: These are the most boring things to find in the loot.There is literally nothing you can do with them and even if you finally have enough there is no surprise since it's a guaranteed mythic/legend. (SpaceApe even said that mythics will probably only be included 1 month after their release...yay wait months to get something for your inventory). Old curio boxes were definetly more fun and exciting.

        2. Chests: In general I like the idea of having random chests but there needs to be more transparency what we can get out of them (kinda like in the arcade). And please make different types of chests for boosts, enhancements and assorted currencies. And higher ranked players/clubs should definetly get better and more stuff (transparency is really really important here)

        3. Coins: Everyone is starving coins including me. While the amount of coins from cvc has diminshed other events kinda make up for it. We simply get way more stuff from the way you created the rewards and it's really upsetting if we cant even upgrade the boosts or evolve the curios we get. We simply dont have the time to gather coins like we used to in the past.The damage is already done here. This can only be fixed by drastically reducing coin prices for stuff or giving us way more coins (and im not talking about 100% more. it has to be around 300-500% more so we can use the stuff we loot/buy)

        4. Gems: These need to be included in every club event. No idea why you would just take them away from club wars and put them in SA. I think im not the only one thinking CW is the most fun event and SA the least fun. SA could have 1000 gems rewards and I probably wont play it much.

        5. AP: Removing our beloved AP from SA rewards and kinda replacing it with a random chance for a random amount of AP from those chests didnt help either. Many of us just care about club events and these changes are interferring (probably unintentionally) with the club system we loved..
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        • Caer
          Caer commented
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          Agree with all your points. No AP makes SA feel meaningless, Coins are too hard to come by. Cores are boring, I like the idea of a garaunteed but it takes so long, more exciting finding out if we got an epic or legend in loot. And without gems in most events they will become less competitive cause less people have the drive to go and work hard for the rewards in them.

        • Arceus411
          Arceus411 commented
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          Yeah SA is pretty boring. The only reason I play it so much is for the rank VI token shards. CW is Bae, I love it so much. It feels competitive like FW (which I also like) and also feels like I'm helping others in a meaningful way. Also, the 4 and 5 star summons should have used one type of shard. So it takes like 300-400 shards but every event contributed to the same thing. I'd almost have a mythic if it was 300. Now I have to wait another month at least...

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        I like the loot chests as they are don't really have a problem with them. I like getting pvp tickets and you get extra AP from the chests now not just boosts. Too many people were getting Heroic boosts and it needed cutting down.


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          Since the loot has changed 8-10 players from my club quit this game. Most of them were in at least last half year.. I personally think to quit after 1.5 year of playing cause I stuck. Before update I always was top 100 player - now top 200 (don't see a reason to play harder - not worth it anymore). All of my commons, rares and epics curios fusion 3 and at least rank IV, I can't rank them up cause I don't have rank V or VI tokens - there are no way to get it, you can only craft one in 2 weeks. But I have 57 rank II tokens and 90+ rank III tokens + 2,680,000 exp and and nothing to do with it - I can't get new legends or mythics to spend it on them cause only 2 ways to get it - craft from events (takes about 3 month of hard work to get mythic) or, second way, spend gems - but after update much harder to get it. I just don't know what to do in this game anymore. Quests? i don't need exp. Pvp? not gives me something good. SA? 72 hours of SA??? everybody hates SA - only one reason people play it - gems. In the past reason was 100 ap. 6 hours after it started - almost done with 67k, and what the reason to play it after you get 67k? Nothing good there for position - chests again... For the moment I'm looking for new game to start, to see some changes here before i'll find it
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            I think very rightly said that game is losing its charm and surprise factor which was kind make u happy when u got something better is no more present and now things are more predictable. Not a good sign for a game to have so many dissatisfied players. Game is meant to play to relax my mind and feel happy and not to burden it and feel sad.


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              There are some things I like about the new loot chests and things I don't.

              Things I like:
              • Getting Mythic boosts is awesome. I never got them before because I always used gems trying to get curios instead.
              • I like being able to get random PVP tickets and a nice extra boost to some events.
              • Getting coins is good, but only because coins are so hard to come by now.
              Things I don't like:
              • Getting a single enhancement from a chest (at least I think that's what happened). I have more enhancements than I know what to do with. Honestly, I don't want any enhancements from chests.
              • Getting Ultimate enhancements from a mythic chest...doesn't seem very "mythic-al"
              • Lack of transparency...there is no way to know what you got from the chests.
              • Not getting mythic boosts. :-(


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                Thought I'd give feedback on the cores as well. In general, I think the cores are a good idea. This is what people have been asking for for a long time...a way to reward the players that are dedicated and put time into the game...finally a guaranteed Mythic!

                The biggest problem is with making them the primary rewards for the events. It's hard to get excited about winning 1/12 of a Mythic. You have to wait 2-3 months just to get anything out of it. Also, the different between the levels is not much incentive in the events. For example, look at PVP:
                Rank Mythic Cores Legendary Cores Coins Chests
                6-10 8 18 65,000 3 Mythic
                11-25 7 17 55,000 2 Mythic
                26-75 6 16 50,000 2 Mythic
                76-150 5 15 45,000 1 Mythic
                There is very little incentive to finish in the top 10...the core differences are very minimal, as are the coin differences...the 3rd Mythic chest is the biggest incentive, and that incentive is less when you have no clue what you'll get (guaranteed Mythic boost would be a bigger incentive).

                If I look at the other ranks, I figure my best bet is to finish somewhere in the 26-75 range. Same number of chests as 11-25, and the other differences are very minimal.
                Even if you end up in the 76-150 range, it's not that much of a drop. Biggest loss there is 1 less mythic chest. If that 2nd chest only gave me Exp or enhancements, I wouldn't be too disappointed.

                If the rewards stay like this, look for me to take it easy and shoot for 26-75 every time rather than push hard for top 25 or top 10.