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  • New Heroic Boosts

    We need these boosts to get heroic versions and to be put back into the game.


    For Example with Venom you could have +100 Luck and 50% chance to poison enemy curio on hit for 2 turns

    At the moment these boost only go up to greater and you can't get them anymore for some reason ?

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    no i dont like idea


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      what if one could have 100% chance to drain all health of opponent


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        There is no such boost that can do that

        Read the boosts description on what they actually do before commenting (These boosts are already in the game)
        Last edited by LittleFury; May 9th, 2016, 11:27 PM.


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          We need them put back in the game. We do not need heroic versions. Ignitar would be broken.


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            Thanks for the boost insights, Boyd, and fellow Questers. Will pass along to our team of Devs.


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              ultimate version shouldn't pass the 24% for 2 turns but with higher damage DoT (~15-25) instead of absurd amount of DoT..

              the heroic version could go up to 28% for 2 turns with even higher damage (~17-29)

              Not higher because otherwise the Dot would never stop and Ignitar would one shot pretty much everything half of the times and two shot rest of the times also it would take an eternity..

              Also important is to update Briar, Breather and Kinetic especially Breather that has become pretty much absolutely useless.. even for tank like Bobsloth, a simple Mana luck or Health luck is way better..

              And to give the damage boosts (the one with percent of chance to grant a damage buff) more competitive against the dominating defense and mana drain boosts in Yellow slot..

              The heroic version of damage boosts should be something like 85% for 15% buff for the small ones and 50% for 30% buff..
              I also think there should be elemental damage boosts that do not work based on chance to receive a buff per hit but a straight damage buff that is always there when the boost is equipped and should exceed 18% (36% for psychic) boost to compensate the fact that it doesn't have to be activated by attacking the opponent and is thus usable on the first hit and also that it cannot be cleansed as it wouldn't be a buff but the effect of the equipped boost (and for psychic to compensate that it's always a secondary element and that psychic raw dmg are always rather low to compensate that they always get +50% to their effectiveness).

              The problem of those % chance per hit boosts is Ignitar..
              Because theoretically .. An Ignitar with an heroic psychic health (25% instant psychic damage + HP) in red, an updated fire damage buff (50% 30% fire buff for 2 turns) in yellow and an heroic enervate/venom (24-28% of poison earth damage over 2 turns (avg ~22*dmg) + mana or luck (both are pretty much useless for this Ignitar build)) in yellow.. would be able to kill pretty much everything in 2 to 3 turns and could out damage even Geddon's Primal or Sing's ergosphere as well and then use the next turns of fire damage buff to deals huge damage to the new curio..

              Since even with the psychic health it doesn't have enough HP, it wouldn't be able to do much more but that would still be pretty much 2 top tier myth down.. he wouldn't be quite as strong as Zeph or Void but Ignitar would be back in top 5..

              And Other curios would finally be able to use the yellow damage boosts..

              And Flamoth wouldn't have to waste turns with Flap to not waste Flicker, Luminate would trigger some nice fire buff and Flicker would come next for huge damage.. Finally some love for Flamoth!

              I don't think it would be a bad thing.. the only downside I can see is that Ignitar should be banned from legend-only live PvP just like Void and Zeph should be banned from Myth-only live PvP.. because they would all share the common point to be completely out of the league of the other curios from their rarity.