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  • Life span of curios

    Hi I suggest that curios should have a life span or number of battles limit. Which can be renewed with boosts but in case it's out of life it can't be used for fights. It will make game more challenging and interesting. Please pour in your thoughts gamers.

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    That's an awful idea. It makes it damn near impossible to be the best because pay to win players will just buy the best curios. This also invalidates the entire fusion mechanic and gives little reason to enhance or equip your curios with boosts. Besides, the power creep basically gives curios a useable life anyway, until they became pointless. 3 stars a year ago were pretty valuable, but are worthless now. And Rasorfin was ungodly overpowered when 5 stars were introduced (cuz he was the only one) and now is just kinda subpar for a 5 star, Ebb is almost as good as him


    • Mjoern
      Mjoern commented
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      except ignitar.. he is immortal no matter the nerf and powercreep he always pulls through

    • Arceus411
      Arceus411 commented
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      Yeah, the ability to do 10k+ damage in a turn is pretty strong.

    • SeksiBadMan
      SeksiBadMan commented
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      Give Macrobe a lifespan and he'll be dead as a door-nail the next

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    Awful idea. Curios have no lifespan. Do you know why? Cause they are toons.