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  • Mythic cores

    It's hard to get a mythic or mythic cores
    1-15 mythic cores -_- why no max 45? 5 mythic cores ,10,15,25,35,45

    rank 51-100 > 5 mythic cores
    rank 16-50 > 10 mythic cores
    rank 8-15> 25 mythic cores
    rank 3-7 > 35 mythic cores
    rank 1-2 45 mythic cores

    If u have any suggestion for more mythic cores comment

  • #2
    maybe it would be usefull to help the weak players... the way we got thes crap is, make the strongest stronger, for all other, its just nothing!


    • #3
      I think the top end at 15 mythic cores is fine. They don't need to drop like candy or this game is done. I do think the mid-ranks should get more than the current plan, tho.

      I would suggest something more like:

      Rank 1 > 15 Mythic cores

      ​Rank 2 > 12 Mythic cores

      ​Rank 3-7 > 8 Mythic cores

      ​Rank 8-15 > 6 Mythic cores

      ​Rank 16-50 > 4 Mythic cores

      ​Rank 51-100 > 2 Mythic cores


      • #4
        The mythic cores need to be a value starting at 5 at least. 1 core per event is a garbage award because it takes almost a year to redeem them. So it should be 51-100 -5 16-50 -10 8-15 -15 3-7 -20 2,3 -25 1 -either 30 or none because let's face it they have like a billion 5 stars to be that good.


        • #5
          So... You're unhappy you're being given free Mythics for your efforts?


          • #6
            Originally posted by Wea111 View Post
            So... You're unhappy you're being given free Mythics for your efforts?

            Hah! Like anyone ever gonna see a mythic before the game shuts down...


            • BronzerTheGuyYouKnow
              Editing a comment
              Well the game isnt gonna get shutdown that easily bruh (p.s patience for profit)

          • #7
            It really doesn't matter to me if they give small amount of mythic core. I'm actually fine with it. Just be glad that they are giving you chance to get a guaranteed mythic.


            • #8
              i hate mythic cores ;/ ,when mythic cores will be increased i will be happy


              • #9
                Mythics are meant to be hard to obtain. You will just take out the value through doing that.


                • #10
                  minimum 5-10 mythic cores it's good ,no 1-2


                  • #11
                    Your club should be improving rather than staying at a stand still in club ranks. Anyways, you get legendary cores. Maybe you could trade 10 legendary cores for 1 mythic core?