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  • Overview of open bugs, issues and suggestions May 5th, 2016

    Here is a list of some bugs and issues in the game, as well as some suggestions for improvements. I will try to update it regularly in case stuff gets fixed or new issues arise:

    Last Update May 5th
    Where? How? What? Status
    Sinite Skill Power heals to full health instead of draining health for the damage done Bug NEW
    PvP PvP is the most competitve solo event and I think the King of the Hill deserves special rewards and maybe even a special mention in the UI (similar to highest run in SA) Suggestion NEW
    AP Bomb Removing AP from SA also removed a fun strategy aspect from the game. My idea is to give every player an "AP Bomb" (30-50ap) for each AP-Event which he can only use once during the event. This enables strategy on even terms while still having incentive to buy more AP Suggestion NEW
    Attack Stat State of the game March and Feb mentioned attack stat adjustment Missing -
    Boosts DOT-type boosts have been missing for a while now and render curios such as tarandus and igni near useless. Please bring them back. Suggestion -
    Curio DNA Latest changes to the success rates of DNA capture had no (positive) effect on rares. Bug -
    Curio exchange Enable some kind of sorting like in the Collection Suggestion -
    CvC and SA Rewards The rewards a significantly worse than the other events. Idea: add mythics disc fragments Suggestion Being in flux
    Defending Team Separate defending teams for pvp and cvc Suggestion -
    Faction/Club Wars While playing the highest lvl is fun for a while it gets boring really fast. Suggestion: increase the max level to 300 or higher to provide a challenge to players who are stuck at the highest level for months. Suggestion Faction wars is harder now
    Gem purchase After purchasing gems on armorgames the only way to get back into the game is a page refresh (exit, 'X' - button is not working) Bug -
    Heroic/Ultimate Breather Boost Heroic: +600 health, heal 10-13% (cost 150k)
    Ultimate: +345 health, heal 10-13% (cost 75k)
    Possible Bug -
    Lab After crafting a rank token the UI auto scrolls to top every time. Fixing the position would help alot when crafting many rank tokens. Suggestion -
    Malagore Swipeaway does not increase damage of emberstorm Possible Bug -
    Nickname change Since the introduction of nickname change the number of impersonators has increased significantly. Issue -
    Potions Only mobile players get coin/xp potion offers which provide a significant advantage Suggestion Potions still exist for mobile players while promo codes disappeared. Promo codes worked on kong, armor
    Profile Show last CW score in profile Suggestion
    Stichtes Enhancements disappear after scramble is used Bug -
    Survival Arena With the increasing strength of all curios SA is not about surviving anymore. SA runs are finished too easy. Suggestion: Increase the strength of the enemies, disable healing overall in SA or make SA longer Suggestion Being changed. Only future can tell : )
    3rd gen mythic State of the game Feb introduced a tier based health increase by generation. 3rd gen mythic have the same or less health than 2nd gen mythics and some even do significantly less damage (e.g. Boletus doing less damage than new legends) Issue I might have overexaggerated this one
    CW Rewards need some kind of balance because the new rewards are really sad (the other threads) Issue -
    Spin see daily login Suggestion -
    Arcade see daily login (but keep in mind that some players might have thousands of balls saved) Suggestion -
    Wings The big wings of of some curios (especially evo 3 on Gustwing) can cause some heavy lag on many devices Issue -
    Journal "In Progress" section still shows completed bonuses. Bug -
    Coins Coins in general are too rare. There is no point in getting new mythics or boosts if you dont have the coins to back them up. Suggestion We are on a good way with slightly increased coin rewards and shorter events
    Squall Squall's disguise is healing half of what it is intended to heal Bug -
    Geddon Trooper heals non physical curio's too in FW, CW. Maybe just change skill description, noone really uses the spell anyways Bug -
    PvP Rewards Upgrade boosts for higher ranks to make fighting for higher ranks a little more worthwhile. Suggestion Random Boosts from Chests are awesome!
    Coin Gem Prize With mythics and heroic boosts added to the game which costs significantly more coins to upgrade it's reasonable to adjust the gem price to purchase some extra coins. Suggestion Fixed : )
    Daily Login Some adjustments to keep up with the power creep and the increased costs would be nice Suggestion Fixed : )
    Event length 3 day-long events are too long and just exhausting. Suggestion 1-Day events/rounds have started. Great change! : )
    Boletus Skill Fun Guy only stuns for 1 turn instead of 2 Bug Fixed : )
    Here are some additional nice threads with feedback and suggestions from the last couple months:

    Unlucky Players:
    Club Idea:

    While I understand that you can't implement everything the community suggests, it would be nice to get more than a new curio every week when there is so much feedback from your community.
    Last edited by LittleFury; May 5th, 2016, 07:32 PM.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, and maybe you are asking for direct solutions and not workarounds , but for Defending Team, think you can already do this by setting your pvp defense team to say #3 and for cvc I believe your defense is which team you currently have active so say #2 and then you can use #1 for your pvp attack team or for something else if that is needed and then switch back to #2 before you quit.

    For Potions, while only mobile users can get it, you can claim it on mobile then quit and play on PC and the exp boost is still there. This obviously doesn't help for those who don't have mobiles so it is still an issue for them.

    And for Survival Arena, If you look at the April 12th patch notes, there is a note on the SA event saying "No Healing!" so they are already trying that suggestion. Nice collective list though. Be nice if the Devs can address alot of these.


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      This is great. We will update the known issues post today and see what we can line up for bug fix and prioritization in the coming weeks. Fantastic, thorough and thoughtful. Thanks for the roundup!


      • DK_Darshan
        DK_Darshan commented
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        Pu has done a good job.
        And you didn't update the known issues post yet.
        Inspite of posting on the known issues page to update it, you guys never did it. He is really helping you guys a lot.

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      I am in favor of adding a Survival Arena difficulty selector. This selector could let us start at level 1, like normal, or say, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40.

      I have seen mention of getting some amount of points as a minimum when starting at a higher level. Frankly, I am fine with losing out on those low starting points if it means I can skip a few rounds of tedium. If a player wants to maximize their points, then let them play from the beginning.


      • Wildkat
        Wildkat commented
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        After playing the last SA, I think a starting point of level 1, 10, 20, 30, or 40 would be sufficient.

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      bump, table updated


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        Bump, update May 5th after the previous patch


        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
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          Hey Pu - Thanks so much. I can edit the subject of the post, so whenever you do in-post updates, i'll update the subject accordingly.

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        There were a lot of nice suggestions here, so I thought I would add to it a bit. As a club officer, I would like to see more tools to help us out.

        Right now it is a challenge to identify who left the club when the membership number drops from 30 to 29 with no notice. You have to pull out a list and check off 29 names to see who is gone. If that were a one-time thing, no problem. But it usually happens once or a few times per event. Very tedious for tracking. A solution would be an automatic post to the club chat when a new member is accepted or when a member leaves the club. Like these simple examples:

        **Beetle has joined the club**
        **Beastman has left the club**

        Also, it has been brought up many times, but we need a better profile history for recruits. I would like to see scores for CW, CVC, and PVP for the last three events. So if I view an application, I would see (with Event 1 being the most recent):

        Player Profile: Beetle

        CW CVC PVP
        Event 1 120,333 4,440 2,224
        Event 2 51,456 1,780 1,123
        Event 3 92,789 3,450 1,752

        Then we would have a much better picture of what a player is capable of doing.