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  • Patch Notes: September 29, 2016

    Scheduled Update for September 29, 2016

    • Elite Mode for Zone 3 awaits! With new craftable Scorpio!
    • The Shop has been updated to include an Enhancements Shop, and the Curio Shop has been renamed Basic but is the same old shop that you know and love!
    • Congratulations for reaching over 100m points in the Community Faction Event! Loot has gone out to all participants who contributed over 1000 points to the grand total.
    • The Hunt for IceScream has ended for now, but don't worry...he'll return!
    • Meet the new Air Mythic, Rotor!
    *NEW* Mythic Air Curio: Rotor in the Shop!

    Name Rotor
    Lore Rotor rules the skies with deft aerial maneuvers. It is also very talented at trimming hedges.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Air
    Max Stats
    Damage 2,026
    Health 23,462
    Healing 1,238
    Mana 13
    Luck 244
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description
    Propel 0 2 For 1 turn, deals 1790-2844 Air damage to enemy Curio and swaps them with an inactive Curio. Rotor gains Whirl, increasing damage by 30% for 1 turn.
    Liftoff 0 1 Deals 1158-2317 Air damage to enemy Curios. Rotor swaps with target-friendly Curio who gains Whirl, increasing damage by 30% for 1 turn.
    Stabilize 3 4 Remove 1 debuff from self and heals for 631-1893
    Shudder 0 2 Deals 3476-5794 Air damage to enemy Curio. If Rotor has Whirl, Disable 1 ability on enemy for 3 turns.
    Siphon 3 2 Deals 1474-2001 Air damage to enemy Curio for 3 turns. Rotor heals for 10-25% of the damage done by Siphone. Steal 1 mana from enemy when Rotor has Whirl.
    Shred 0 0 Deals 1685-2633 Physical damage to enemy Curio and a 50% chance to wound enemy Curio for 2 turns, dealing 316-737 Air damage.
    Overheat 0 0 Rotors loses 5% health each turn for 5 turns but its attacks now Ignire, making enemies take 1053-1158 Fire damage for 3 turns.

    Featured Sales
    Earth and Air Sale!
    • Starts October 1, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 3, 20:00 GMT
    Fire and Electric Sale!
    • Starts October 3, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 5, 20:00 GMT
    Water and Dark Sale!
    • Starts October 5, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 7, 20:00 GMT
    Light and Earth Sale!
    • Starts October 7, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 9, 20:00 GMT

    Club vs Club
    Midnight Power
    • Dark and Physical Boosted 45%
    • Starts September 30, 16:00 GMT
    • Ends October 2, 16:00 GMT
    Survival Arena
    Outlet Overload
    • Fire and Electric Boosted 50%
    • Starts October 3, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 5, 20:00 GMT
    Club Wars
    Cousteau’s Dreamworld
    • Earth and Water Boosted 30%
    • Starts October 6, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 8, 20:00 GMT

    Uncommon Commons
    • Commons Boosted 1000%
    • Starts September 29, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends September 30, 20:00 GMT
    Strongest Curios Alive!
    • Physical Boosted 40% Karkadan Boosted Additional 40%
    • Starts September 30, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 2, 8:00 GMT
    Man’s Best Friend
    • Dog Curios Mega-Boosted!
    • Xolotl Boost 100%
    • Shylewouf Boosted 300%
    • Aureus Boosted 300%
    • Xenoun Boosted 500%
    • Caniton Boosted 500%
    • Noxie Boosted 700%
    • Starts October 2, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 3, 8:00 GMT
    Leggo My Eggo
    • Curios Evolved from Eggs Mega-Boosted
    • Merika Boosted 100%
    • Williwaw Boosted 300%
    • Gustwing Boosted 200%
    • Qilin Boosted 300%
    • Asclep Boosted 600%
    • Erebus Boosted 300%
    • Pterowatt Boosted 600%
    • Starts October 3, 8:00 GMT
    • Ends October 4, 20:00 GMT
    Two of a Kind
    • Curio Pairs Boosted
    • Gambit and Checkmate, Null and Void, Summer and Winter, Sinite & Jenite: 100%
    • Aureus and Aesalon: 200%
    • Starts October 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 5, 8:00 GMT
    Rock and Roll
    • Rock Curios Mega Boosted!
    • Leyline Boosted 100%
    • Bastion Boosted100%
    • Core Boosted 100%
    • Volcanis Boosted 300%
    • Eco Boosted 200%
    • Magmis Boosted 300%
    • Rockisaur Boosted 200%
    • Mantavol Boosted 300%
    • Lavadon Boosted 300%
    • Grotesk Boosted 300%
    • Fungolem Boosted 600%
    • Cryptomb Boosted 300%
    • Roclost Boosted 600%
    • Magmo Boosted 800%
    • Penzai Boosted 300%
    • Toadstone Boosted 1000%
    • Starts October 5, 8:00 GMT
    • Ends October 5, 20:00 GMT
    Dark Water
    • Water and Dark Boosted 30%
    • Starts October 5, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 6, 20:00 GMT
    Misplaced Mythics
    • Mythics Reduced 80%
    • Starts October 6, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 7, 20:00 GMT
    Feedback Area

    To ensure that we hear your feedback and ideas about new content and to make sure we keep our conversations constructive, we're adding a handy-dandy feedback format to the patch notes - you should be able to reply below using this format and let us know what you think!

    My very favorite thing about this week's update is: [Insert your favorite thing]
    I liked it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Maybe we could: [Tell us if you want us to bring this event back, if you think we can do the same thing a new way, etc]

    This week I didn't care for: [Insert what you didn't like]
    I didn't like it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Instead, let's: [Tell us how we can improve something like this in the future]

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  • #2
    I have some mixed feelings about the enhance shop. On one hand, I am super glad we finally have a way to obtain enhancements again, and we can even get 11 total per bulk purchase! On the other hand, its also hard to really get anything you need with everything available at once, similar to trying to get anything you want from the boost shop. While I like a shop finally being available for them, I still miss the old promo shop where it had the types rotated and was easier to get enhancements for type element you needed them for. It also means this is one more place we have to spend gems, split between curios, boosts and the enhancements. Lower odds for what we want to try to get and have to spend more gems trying to get them. If you could bring back the old promo shop, that'd be great because honestly, all the epic curios offered in place of boosts and enhancements could be obtained through the basic shop over time for coins.


    • LittleFury
      LittleFury commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the thorough feedback! We'll definitely take this into consideration as we continue to make Shop improvements.

  • #3
    Let's take some bet.. how many Void in the top 100 of the misplaced Mythics event?

    I'd say 35 to 40 void..
    30 to 35 squall
    20 to 30 ignitar and strix


    • LittleFury
      LittleFury commented
      Editing a comment
      Void will still be useful even at - 80%? Now I'm intrigued!!

  • #4
    Strongest Curios Alive!
    • Physical Boosted 40% Karkadan Boosted Additional 40%
    • Starts September 30, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends October 2, 8:00 GMT

    i doubt anyone likes 3 day pvps


    • Wildkat
      Wildkat commented
      Editing a comment
      The time frame that you have posted here is actually 1.5 days or 36 hours.

    • slidecage
      slidecage commented
      Editing a comment
      had the flu had no idea about time

  • #5
    When are we going to be able to exchange our curios for cores/fragments of higher rarity curios? I thought you said we would have it in 2 weeks, and that was 3 weeks ago I believe. Is this still planned? If so, what is holding it up?


    • LittleFury
      LittleFury commented
      Editing a comment
      This system ended up being more complex than original anticipated, but I can guarantee that you'll see it in October. I'll keep you updated! This will actually give more value to the 3*s that are in the Promo shop because youll be able to trade them in for fragments of 4*s, and so on.

  • #6
    goodbye premium shop.


    • #7
      wooooooo enhancements! Well, it's not back the way I'd like, but how about rates are adjusted based on promo sales? Like twice normal to get whatever is the element in the promo. That seems like it would be the least work, and you don't have to futz with taking them out of and putting them back into promo all the time. Doesn't have to be right away, you can wait til the next sale.

      Also I don't mind too much cuz I wasn't aiming for him with a lot of effort, but
      please do let the mods know what's going on ahead of time on craft events! A couple thought Ice Scream was as permanent as the other craftable curios. There's a lot of confusion about that'un. I was about 25 grains away from Merika so I put all my effort there and only have a handful of scoops.

      24 and 36 seem to be alright for average pvps. But will we ever get a way to earn AP again? Maybe as a random adventuring drop? The lack of AP is really cutting into how much xp I can gain, and with that exchange program coming I'll also soon lose the xp from 2 and 3 stars as well. While it's not too efficient a use of my money, it's something at least!

      Anyway you guys probably don't hear it enough but thanks for at least listening up and adjusting shop based on feedback! I never ever, EVER join forums because my experience is most online games DON'T listen to the feedback. Kixeye and backyard monsters was the last time I bothered 'engaging' with anyone and their service went from laughable to outright
      rude and mocking at times. (couple that with a lot more that aren't western and thus have a heavy language barrier too. I appreciate Gamevil for trying but lol, I can totally tell they're reading and replying using google translate. A few exchanges on tickets and I suddenly understood why there were these two old bugs on the global servers that were never fixed...)

      Speaking of, it's amusing that you'd think up a fragment exchange program cuz they JUST rolled their own out this week! Man, funny timing, that. Though, not a result of straight up exchanges. (you combine 2 monsters to get the next tier, used to be the second one used in combine was lost totally if it failed, but now a failed combine results in 1-3 of 10 fragments of an egg for the NEXT tier's monster so it doesn't feel like the world's ending if you go from 3-5 to 1 on a bad day. Also that led to some funny game breakage when some nutty whale decided to try and combine top tier monsters....there's nothing to move to, so neither are lost, but they produce egg fragments. So he has a glitched pile of 777/0 fragments as a trophy from before that was fixed. It turned out the code was very simplistic and didn't account for tiers it was literally just "if this fails then grant (x) fragments of (y)+1 tier" so the game
      didn't know there was a cut-off point. It also apparently generated a ton of errors on their end upon failing to remove the 2nd. All had a good laugh at that!)


      • #8
        yeah Void will completely dominate the -80% mythic.. Lil'Fury as long as he can keep up revive stun without ever taking any kind of damage, he will be the strongest curio..


        • #9
          Another thing that will make mythics stand out in this PvP is the crits and the heroic battle boosts +25%
          basically a 20% that will crit (40% of the time) will get 70% of its initial power 40% of the times..

          Also, the attune boost which is a crit equivalent of damage every turn basically half the true strength of the mythics every turn in this PvP

          the battle boost will add another 25% of their true critless power..

          so basically we can transform that 20/70% into a 95/145% which is higher than half the initial power of the mythics equipped with such boosts (175/225%)

          And let's not even speak about Magnify..

          Since mythics hits approx 5 times harder than legends and 2 times harder than the best legends,

          We will get mythics that will hit a bit harder than even the best legends despite being nerf -80% and whose only problem will be HP because they'll have anywhere from 7k to 11k while the legends will be 26k to 40k

          Ignitar will be countered by Squall's self cleaning and can't put enough damage to kill a nerf mythic in 1 turn so he will be pretty much useless in the top 50 but still usable to get in top 100..

          Strix, Squall, Amgar, Ebb, Volcanis and Axed should be the big deal along with Void, Xolotl, Bobsloth and Zephyros..
          Ignitar will be used a lot anywhere from rank 300 to 75..

          Basically the mythics that will be able to do something are those that can play around % of damage self and/or opp as well as defense lke Bobsloth and Null since legends are ill equipped to face their abilities..

          Well it's what would happen if there was more attune and battle boosts in circulation.. it's more likely that those that can afford having the right boosts on the right curios will simply use Void and two F3 squall (*wink wink* Chaos) because they will easily defeat any team that way and they won't risk having the AI plays bad their now extremely frail mythics
          Last edited by Mjoern; October 5th, 2016, 12:23 AM.