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  • Patch Notes: August 4, 2016

    • Scheduled Update for August 4, 2016

    Greetings Collectors! Spaceape here! Thanks, in no small part, to the helpful feedback we’ve been getting on prizes, we’re kicking off the month of August with some fun twists on our usual events.

    In our ongoing efforts to keep events fresh and rewarding, we’re introducing a reward structure we are calling “Prize Fights”. Over this Prize Fight weekend there will be gem rewards in PvP and Club vs Club! Enhancements will also be rewarded in PvP.

    Over the past couple of months, we’ve been pouring over your feedback on the newest generation of Mythics. Following great conversations, valuable input, DEV time in live PvP and leaderboard examination, we’ve made the following tweaks with a goal to lift these Curios into the proper weight class.

    Let’s get right into what’s changed and why we changed it.
    • BobSloth - BobSloth’s design intention is to be a Support/Tank hybrid. He has solid damage mitigation and arguably the best heal in the game. But he was a bit lacking in damage and flexibility.
      • Base Max Health: As a tank Bob doesn’t do a ton of damage. Though his mitigation is solid we felt he needed a little help on the hitpoint front.
        • Increase: 19,580 -> 21,530
      • Have Fun
        • This is a staple skill of BobSloth’s. Without it, his small mana pool is debilitating. With that in mind, we gave it a slight damage buff
      • Happy Trees
        • Another essential skill for Bob is his tank roll. It got a slight damage buff.
      • Your World
        • Your world is one of Bob’s damage skills, with the ability to target any enemy Curio, including those on the bench. Its damage proved to be lacking, however, and its cost was debilitating.
        • Damage Increased
        • Mana Cost Reduc: 5->3
        • Cooldown Reduc: 5->3
      • Big Wave
        • Big Wave is from Bob’s Support kit. It doesn’t do damage which makes it a tough choice. But hold on! Its ability to remove the buffs and debuffs that trouble you is not to be undersold. Still, we felt it needed a slight buff to make taking a non-damage ability more palatable. This includes the ability to swap with a target should you choose.
        • Mana Cost Reduc: 6->5
        • Cooldown Reduc: 4->3
        • Swap with Target
      • Beat Devil
        • BobSloth sure loves to beat the devil out of things but we felt the skill was very easy to pass up given how precious Bob’s skill slots are. To make the choices harder, we increased this skill’s damage, reduced its mana cost, and it now procs Wet Paint on every hit.
        • WetPaint Applies to All Hits
        • Cooldown Increased: 2->3
        • Damage increased
      • Fluffy Clouts
        • Fluffy Clouds followed a bad pattern: All of Bob’s damage abilities were really expensive. Sure, Bob has great mana regen but if you wanted to take a couple of these you could quickly get yourself in mana trouble. Given that, and it’s low damage, we gave it the same treatment as his other damage abilities.
        • ManaCost Reduc: 6->3
        • Base Damage increased
    • Zephyros: Zephyros was always intended as a bruiser/support hybrid with great damage scaling from his crit generation and debuffs. For many reasons, however, Zeph failed to meet this mark. Critting is great, but if the base damage isn’t there the Crit really isn’t worth all of the effort it takes to set up. In order to bring our Lord of the Western Wind back into his divine status we had to make some tweaks.
      • Max Base Health increased from 20,132->21,190
      • Healing Increased 894->1,830
      • Clear Wind
        • We wanted to lean into some of the support aspects of Zeph. As Clear Wind is one of Zeph’s main damage scaling abilities we decided that this ability needed to provide more help to the team and be stronger overall. The longer buff duration now means that Curios on the bench can swap in to benefit from the effect.
        • Damage Increased
        • Crit Chance buff duration increased 2->3
        • Crit Chance buff @ level 3 increased 35%-40%
      • Bright Gust
        • Zephyros’ only AOE ability needed a little more damage to be useful and to take proper advantage of his Light damage debuff and crit potential.
        • Single target Damage Increased
        • AoE Damage Increased
      • Brilliance
        • This is another skill that Zeph can use to scale his damage, but first it needed to be brought up to par. Increased damage makes the ability worth loading on the bar. The cooldown reduction and duration increase on the debuff makes for a more fluid rotation of his abilities, allowing him to soar.
        • Damage Increased
        • Cooldown Reduc 4->1
        • Debuff Duration Increased 3->4
      • Purity
        • Purity was great in concept but was lacking in healing potential and the on-death heal felt really disjointed from the overall skill. To handle this we added a heal over time effect to give him more sustain in battle and provide symmetry to the on-death heal. Also to take advantage of Zeph’s Healing stat buff the ability was converted from % HP to a VERY large heal. Kill this demi-god alicorn at your own risk!
        • Self Healing Increased
        • Self HoT Added (3 turn duration)
        • On Death Heal changed to 1000% Healing (from 50% Max HP)
        • Fixed Bug where On Death Duration was only lasting 3 turns
      • West Wind
        • Another staple skill that needed a damage buff to be more viable.
        • Damage Increased
      • Sweet Wind
        • You have to sacrifice Zeph for a revive and until that time it’s just hogging up a valuable skill slot. That’s worth a slight buff. Also if you can manage to time the skill with his crit buff you can turn this into a full heal and float like a leaf on the wind.
        • Healing on Revive Increased 40%HP ->50%HP
    • Xolotl
      • On the whole Xolotl felt like more glass than canon, which is odd for a Curio that was largely intended to be a DoT dealer. Also Xolotl’s mana requirements and mana pool were very debilitating. As DoTs can be dispelled there was a lot of risk in Xolotl and not as much reward as one might like. Leaving our hellhound more bark than he was bite.
      • Health Increased 19,040->20,700
      • Mana Increased 20->25
      • Luck Increased 100->120
      • Flame Bite
        • To synergize better with his other abilities and add a little more damage potential we increased the duration on the DoT
        • DoT duration Increased 2->3 turns
      • Shock Collar
        • There’s a bit of a risk in shock collar given the 75% chance to stun. To make up for this we raised the damage on the skill.
      • Ignition
        • Ignition requires set up to get the most out of it and is part of the core kit of Xolotl.
        • Damage Increase
        • Mana Cost Reduc 2->1
      • Ash Cloud
        • One of Xolotl’s big damage abilities was not only falling short on the damage but the mana cost was prohibitive. In order to make this skill a centerpiece of Xolotl’s kit it got a solid buff.
        • Mana Cost Reduc 6->3
        • AoE Damage Increase
        • DoT Damage Increase
        • DoT Damage Duration Increase 3->4
      • Electrifire
        • Electrifire was intended to be Xolotl’s ultimate ability but in the end that dog just wouldn’t hunt. To give it the bite we felt it deserved it also received a sizeable buff.
        • Can now Target any enemy team Curio
        • Cooldown Reduc 6->4
        • ManaCost Reduc 4->2
        • DoT Damage Increased
        • Duration End Damage Increased
    • Merika: Of all the current gen of Curios we felt that Merika fell the furthest from his mark. His design intention was to be a high risk/high reward hard hitting assassin that Air was missing. He should be able to toe-up with most curios and though he might go down he should take someone with him. Instead he was unwieldy and easily handled by many Curios. Many of his skills were all risk and little reward.
      • Health scaling changed. Final Health Reduced 20870 -> 19430
      • Luck Base increased 50->70, Final Luck @ Evo 3 = 140
      • Base Damage increased, Scaling per level decreased no change in final result: 1782 -> 1782
      • Can’t Stop
        • Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop are among the list of skills risk/reward skills that Merika has, and either should be a good staple go to in his kit. With a bit more damage we felt they were more viable choices.
        • Damage Increased
      • Won’t Stop
        • Damage Increased
      • Blow Back
        • This is one of Merika’s assassination abilities. Playing into his risk/reward nature there is a gamble when you take and use this skill that you’re going to get the Curio you want in your sites once he forces the swap. But once in your sites you have a couple turns to bring the pain as now, rather than locking out the initial Curio you are locking in the swap. “I’m not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with ME!”
        • increased damage
        • New Effect: Traps Curio that swapped in
      • Air Power
        • As one of Merika’s AOE abilities it was falling short on it’s potential. This ability is not intended as a bench killer (see Bada Boom) but more of a bench softener.
        • increased damage
        • Mana Cost Reduc: 5-3
      • Bada Boom
        • This skill is filled with risk. It’s a debuff that can be dispelled, it takes 4 turns to go off, and it does no initial damage. Like much of the risk on Merika it needed more reward. Not only was the damage significantly increased but the cooldown on it was reduced. Now there is just enough time to drop a second bomb a Curio before the first explodes. Time this with the Curio’s death and you can chain your bombs together for devastating effect. Biiig Bada Boom.
        • Cooldown Reduc: 5->2
        • Increased damage
      • Easy Bro
        • This falls into the same old song and dance: Much risk, little reward. The crit chance reduction proc % was increased. Take that Zephyros! Damage and Proc Chance on Crit debuff increased, and CD reduced.
    Additional Fixes and Updates
    • Sinite’s Passion was intended to buff allies with 50% Dark resistance, but instead was buffing only Dark Curios against all elements. This has been fixed.
    • We know that Void’s Magnify is not being used by the AI during Autobattle. This speakers to a broader, more complex issue with the AI and will take us a little longer to resolve: we just wanted you to know that it’s on our radar and we’re working on it.
    • Some of your favorite Mythics have been added to Survival Arena!
    • PvP and CvC prize brackets have been adjusted so that there are now even more reward tiers.
    • In celebration of our fast-approaching Curio Quest anniversary, we have temporarily turned off Cool Downs for Evolution and Mastery. Enjoy!
    • Shylewouf’s Moonheal was recently fixed so that you could no longer heal an enemy...turns out, a lot of you didn’t want this fix because this target ability was actually a benefit depending how you use Shylewouf’s skills. As such, we’ve reverted the bug fix so that you can now target Curios on either your team or the enemy team.
    Featured Sales

    Air and Fire Sale!
    • Starts August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 5, 20:00 GMT
    View from the Top Sale!
    • Starts August 5, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 6, 20:00 GMT
    Electric, Water and Fire Sale!
    • Starts August 6, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 7, 20:00 GMT
    Physical, Earth, and Air Sale!
    • Starts August 7, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 8, 20:00 GMT
    Physical and Electric Sale!
    • Starts August 8, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 9, 20:00 GMT
    Light and Fire Sale!
    • Starts August 9, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 10, 20:00 GMT
    Water, Air, and Light Sale!
    • Starts August 10, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 11, 20:00 GMT
    Dark Sale!
    • Starts August 11, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 12, 20:00 GMT

    Faction Wars
    • Air and Fire Boosted 50%
    • Starts August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 7, 20:00 GMT
    Club vs Club
    • Physical, Earth, Air Boosted 30%
    • Starts August 7, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 9, 20:00 GMT
    Survival Arena
    • Light and Fire Boosted 50%
    • Starts August 9, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 12, 20:00 GMT
    Club vs Club
    • CvC Blitz!
    • Nothing Boosted
    • Starts August 13, 16:00 GMT
    • Ends August 14, 4:00 GMT
    Clash of the Titans: Earth vs Dark
    • Earth and Dark Boosted 800%
    • Starts August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 5, 20:00 GMT
    Prize Fight: Rare Rumble
    • Rares Boosted 1000%
    • Starts August 5, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 6, 20:00 GMT
    Prize Fight: Electric vs Water vs Fire
    • Electric, Water, and Fire Boosted 100%
    • Starts August 6, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 7, 20:00 GMT
    Prize Fight: Light vs Earth vs Air
    • Light, Earth, and Air Boosted 100%
    • Starts August 7, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 8, 20:00 GMT
    Prize Fight: Pure Curio
    • Nothing Boosted
    • Starts August 8, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 9, 20:00 GMT
    • Physical and Electric Boosted 50%
    • Starts August 9, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 10, 20:00 GMT
    3 Way Versus
    • Water, Air, and Light Boosted 30%
    • Starts August 10, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 11, 20:00 GMT
    Dark Day
    • Only Dark Curios
    • Starts August 11, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 12, 20:00 GMT
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  • #2
    wht does dark day mean

    only dark curios does it mean boosted or allowed to play. so if you dont have dark you cant play?


    • Space Ape
      Space Ape commented
      Editing a comment
      Oops that didn't get properly updated. We were going to do that: Only Dark Curios in that PvP but the restriction feature isn't being used by PvP. BUT it is being used by Faction Wars. So a Dark v Dark v Dark where you're forced to be Dark might be on the horizon.

    • Boyd
      Boyd commented
      Editing a comment
      Is it not something to do with Defending teams ? Would be good if pvp could do something like that

  • #3
    its just my view nothing else....since the cool down is closed I can now easily level and rank up all my curios within no time which would require even months to achieve it. initially I like it but now it seems nothing more left to do. so there is no reason left for playing "Quest" at least for some time. its like I login Play events and that's it. I think its time to make the game somewhat more challenging /difficult so that interest can go on...also one of the solution which I would refer would be increasing the level, fusion and rank. also fusion of two or more different type of curious if possible.


    • Immortal
      Immortal commented
      Editing a comment
      Your kinda right thats why its for a short period only ⏰🕔🕑

  • #4
    If it's for a day then also its more then enough to use all ur stuff


    • #5
      Little Fury I had a doubt regarding the items showing under materials which can't be use any to craft tech curio, phsycio boost, is thier any way to convert them into gems of coins??


      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
        Editing a comment
        We'll consider adding this feature. Thanks Sachin!

    • #6
      PVP is now busted top people will get 100 gems per day even 300 a day that will give them 1 to 3 promos a day given them a bigger chance to get curos that will put others farer and farer behind...

      its a nice feature but way too many gems being given to a few


      • Relly
        Relly commented
        Editing a comment
        Gems only give people chances. Doesn't mean they will get something decent from it. And it's nice to see the devs give us a nice payout. Trust me it is nothing to complain about. Thank you Devs. Thank you very much can't wait to compete my butt off for some gems

    • #7
      seems its for short time i was worried about long term if it was

      500 per day 30 days would gave 15000 gems or at least 2 7500 packs for free...

      if its very short term i would not see a problem but if it was long term it would been very bad


      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
        Editing a comment
        It was a special gem blitz weekend

    • #8
      is electron ever going to get buff... just got it from 100 cores and its dirt weak (should be a 4 star)

      can we please go back to the old CW and CVC

      top 12 group got 8 5 cores and 30 4 stars this event you have to take top 5 for 30 4 cores.....

      the powerful get farer and farer ahead and leaving the normal players longer and longer behind meaning you will see tons of people just leave
      Last edited by slidecage; August 7th, 2016, 10:09 PM.


      • #9
        Spaceape is taking a look at prize brackets for the future events. Thanks for the feedback!


        • #10
          thought today was dark only why was it changed


          • LittleFury
            LittleFury commented
            Editing a comment
            It wasn't working. Sorry slidecage! Apparently we don't yet have the infrastructure in PvP that you see in Challenge Mode to limit what Curios you can select. This means a new potential project for us, and in the meantime we swapped out the event. Apologies for not updating this schedule accordingly. Next update coming in about 45 minutes!

        • #11
          Hey little yea after reading that like 10 times i finally understood what spaceape was trying to tell me.. My new crazy kitten is keeping me up too long and cant read