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  • Patch Notes: July 28, 2016

    Scheduled Update for July 28, 2016

    Fixes / Updates
    • First of all, you may have noticed SpaceApe creeping up the PvP ranks! He’s in there testing out Curios against you, our expert Community! But do not fret - he will not be included in the final leaderboards or be eligible for prizes, so just pretend he’s not there when you see him in the ranks. Instead, just do your best to pummel him! But don’t tell him that LittleFury told you to do so. ;-)
    • The Curio Quest forum was previously timing out after one hour, sometimes interrupting your lengthier CQ dissertations. As such, we’ve upped the timeout to 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to get those valuable opinions and ideas out to the Curio Quest Community.
    • Thanks to player feedback, we fixed some Curio bugs. These fixes went live last Friday during the mini update:
      • Historically, Gambit’s Bind hasn’t properly stunned. The skill now has a 40% chance to stun instead of 30%, and the stun itself has been fixed.
      • Singularity’s Ergosphere was reported to last 2 rounds, instead of the 1 as the skill described. This has been fixed, and it now lasts the intended one round.
      • Anzu’s Twister is now lasting the correct number of rounds.
    • Additional Curio fix: BobSloth’s Wet Paint was considered a debuff when applied to your team. It has been fixed and is now a buff.
    • One of this month’s Contest prizes has been changed from Octis to Ebb per Community suggestions. Remember: Submissions are due by the end of the day on Sunday, July 31st!
    • The new Daily Rewards for August are up, featuring Drakitton!
    • Void has undergone some changes to make him a little more manageable, inspired by Community response to his makeover.
      • Dark Life
        • Cooldown increased from 5 to 6
        • Life restored decreased from 40% to 30%
      • Greater Qi
        • Revive Chance reduced from 40% to 25%
      • Magnify
        • Increased base bonus from 50% to 75%
        • Reduced turn by turn scaling from 50% to 25%
    • We have added Rank Token Fragments to all chests
      • Mythic Chests contain chance at rank 6 and 5 fragments
      • Legendary Chests contain chance at rank 6, 5, and 4 fragments
      • Epic Chests contain chance at rank 4 and 3 fragments
    • Surprise! Last week we introduced a surprise Mythic Earth Curio, Leyline. Let’s get to know a little more about her:
    Featured Sales

    *NEW* Mythic Earth Curio: Leyline in the Shop!

    Name Leyline
    Lore Leyline is a conduit for the energy that thrums at the heart of the universe and powers the elements that Curios control.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Earth
    Max Stats
    Damage 1,604
    Health 19,430
    Healing 1,382
    Mana 38
    Luck 140
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description
    Splice 0 0 Deals 917-2251 Earth damage to enemy Curio and drains 1-3 mana from that Curio.
    Leech 6 4 Deals 1801-2418 Earth damage to enemy. Places a mana-thorns buff on your Curio which drains 1-3 damage from enemy every time they are damaged.
    Mana Lance 8 2 Deals 1668-4170 Earth damage to enemy and sets the cooldown of a random skill to 3.
    Tap a Line 0 4 For 3 turns: Reduces damage taken by 30% and restores 20% max health and 5 mana at the start of each turn.
    Surge 4 2 Restores 8-12 mana of target and swaps. For 4 turns Curio resists 30% damage and deals 1417-1751 Electric damage to random enemy.
    Mana Core 0 0 Deals 1000-2418 Electric damage to enemy Curio. Restores 1-2 mana to your Curios.
    Mana Spike 4 3 Deals 1501-3002 Electric damage to enemy, removes 2 mana, and stuns them for one turn.
    Mana Pulse 5 3 Removes all buffs and debuffs from all Curios. Restores full mana to all Curios.

    Featured Sales

    Earth, Light, Dark and Electric Sale!
    • Starts July 28, 23:00 GMT
    • Ends July 30, 23:00 GMT
    Water and Electric Sale!
    • Starts July 30, 23:00 GMT
    • Ends July 31, 20:00 GMT
    Physical and Air Sale!
    • Starts July 31, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 1, 20:00 GMT
    An Awesome Mix Sale!
    • Starts August 1, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 3, 20:00 GMT
    Water and Dark Sale!
    • Starts August 3, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 4, 20:00 GMT
    Air and Fire Sale!
    • Starts August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 5, 20:00 GMT

    Four Forces
    • Dark, Light, Electric and Physical Boosted
    • Starts July 28, 23:00 GMT
    • Ends July 30, 23:00 GMT
    Survival Arena
    Physical and Air Boosted 50%
    • Starts July 31, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 2, 20:00 GMT
    Club Wars
    • Get Physical
    • Starts August 2, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Physical Boosted 50%
    Faction Wars
    • Air vs Fire
    • Air and Fire Boosted 50%
    • Starts August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 7, 20:00 GMT
    The Black Marble
    • Earth, Light, Dark, and Electric Boosted
    • Starts July 28, 23:00 GMT
    • Ends July 29, 23:00 GMT
    Dawning Light
    • Earth and Light Boosted 30%
    • Starts July 29, 23:00 GMT
    • Ends July 30, 20:00 GMT
    Power and Water
    • Water and Electric Boosted 50%
    • Starts July 30, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends July 31, 20:00 GMT
    Flying Fists!
    • Physical and Air Boosted 50%
    • Starts July 31, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 1, 20:00 GMT
    Get Physical
    • Physical Boosted 30%
    • Starts August 1, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 2, 20:00 GMT
    Pure Curio
    • Nothing Boosted
    • Starts August 2, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 3, 20:00 GMT
    Falling Water
    • Water Boosted 30%
    • Starts August 3, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 4, 20:00 GMT
    Clash of the Titans: Earth vs Dark
    • Earth and Dark Boosted 800%
    • Starts August 4, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 5, 20:00 GMT
    3 Way Versus
    • Water, Air and Light Boosted 100%
    • Starts August 5, 20:00 GMT
    • Ends August 6, 20:00 GMT
    Feedback Area!
    To ensure that we hear your feedback and ideas about new content and to make sure we keep our conversations constructive, we're adding a handy-dandy feedback format to the patch notes - you should be able to reply below using this format and let us know what you think!

    My very favorite thing about this week's update is: [Insert your favorite thing]
    I liked it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Maybe we could: [Tell us if you want us to bring this event back, if you think we can do the same thing a new way, etc]

    This week I didn't care for: [Insert what you didn't like]
    I didn't like it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Instead, let's: [Tell us how we can improve something like this in the future]

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    Last edited by LittleFury; July 28th, 2016, 11:46 PM.

  • #2
    people been complaiing about sing and other curios for months and nothing done but people complain about void and fix within less then a week.....

    also love to see bigger boost and making 3 and 2 stars strong again next week

    ALSO i would rather have 36 hour faction wars then 3 days... 3 days it just way too long for fw
    Last edited by slidecage; July 29th, 2016, 12:23 AM.


    • #3
      Are you still working on electron


      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
        Editing a comment
        Yup just sorting out some other Curios first. Electron is coming.

    • #4
      Hi Little fury Thanks for adding Mastery token to chest, can you please throw some light about Mastery token 2. It should be added.

      And also look at checkmate its almost useless.
      Last edited by abhig101; July 29th, 2016, 05:40 AM.


      • DaryuzGM
        DaryuzGM commented
        Editing a comment
        I have noticed some players asking for tokens II, I don't need any cause I farmed thousands in pvp so long ago, but new players are having troubles getting those

    • #5
      The new Daily Rewards for August are up, featuring Drakitton!

      so daily will change monthly


      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
        Editing a comment
        Eventually the Weekly rewards will be monthly, but until that redesign happens, we change the rewards each month.

    • #6
      Glad to see you added rank tokens in chests now, especially rank VI fragments being availaible in legendary chests was an awesome idea

      Just wondering if anything will be done about the desperate need for enhancements? CW and FW give us a few but WAY too little. Is it possible to make them available through nodes/pvp/other events or just increase the quantity being rewarded?

      Glad to see some skill bug fixes and Void being nerfed. Great job on Leyline too, it looks cool, seems to have a unique skillset and (from facing him) seems strong but not OP.

      One thing I'm worried about though. Leyline coupled with 1 or 2 Voids would make a killer combo as the biggest problem for Void is to run out of mana which Leyline can fix easily. Can't test it but I'm sure others noticed this too and it might be a broken combo???


      • #7
        Adding this from the void thread in case it isn't seen by the developers. The nurf on void needs some adjustment. Here are my thoughts. MAGNIFY- the adjustments made it less powerful but still useful. I think this was a fair adjustment DARK LIFE- Cooling down the ability to 6 instead of 5 also seems fair. However, the percentage HP gained is not enough. People complain that you can bring back a curio several times but what is the point if I am CONSTANTLY being one hit ko'd right off the bat. Either increase the hp to 40 again or make sure the stun on revive is 100 percent. Those are my recommendations GREATER QI- really think the revive rate is too low. Its not like the curio comes back with huge health and mana. But at this current rate it barely revives which is the skills real value. Overall I just want to say that there are all these people who complain about void that don't have him. And they will keep complaining until he's weakened further so that the curio teams that THEY have remain superior. This is really not fair for those of us that had void for sevreal months during his weak days. And it's also not fair because there are several OP curios (Scorpio jenite sinite boletus ampaca heiron) that have different strengths that aren't touched and can defeat void. I'm personally fed up with being pwned by curios with huge attacks or losing a battle to Revenge by sinite after controlling the battle up until that point (just lost a battle to sinite in PVP where physical is boosted and my team is lolli geddon and void). Please give back some of voids strength so it can be competitive again against these guys


        • Joey
          Joey commented
          Editing a comment
          The difference is that Bastion has skills with high damage which void does not. People at the top.also have heron Scorpio amapaca etc. How does it make sense that I lose several battles to non fusion sinite and Scorpio based teams this PVP with a team consisting of.lolli geddon and void and very good dark and physical journals. Sick of getting one hit KO'd in general but especially after dark life. No void is still not overpowered. His skill is healing and reviving and now that is underpowered for what he brings. The HP or stun needs to be better. As I said, judging the curios power by those at the top carries little merit. all of their curios are OP.

        • Space Ape
          Space Ape commented
          Editing a comment
          Hmmmm... I'm inclined to think that the HP% could stand to be raised a little, maybe to 35%. After that I'd like to let it float for a while and see how everything shakes out. There's a round of buffs coming on the latest Curios that might shift the landscape a little.

          After that we can do some adjustments.

          I also like/appreciate the thought that Greater Qi should work off of Healing stat as opposed to Max Health. That's worth looking at. If it doesn't make this latest pass we can talk about it in the future.

        • Joey
          Joey commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks for looking into this Space Ape. Honestly, the number of times I get knocked out RIGHT after revival is way more than half. There is no point in resurrecting a curio if you don't get a chance to use it. And it's not like void has the skill set to take on other mythics one vs one. The HP needs to be increased and I'd argue the stun rate as well.

          Heiron can do HUGE damage AND stun a curio in the same turn. Sinite can take out three of my curios when he is the only one left. void is not the only OP curio. And I could go on. Void is not the only OP mythic. You made all those changes to void originally because you wanted players to use him again. Please keep him useful
          Last edited by Joey; August 3rd, 2016, 04:26 PM.