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  • Patch Notes: June 16, 2016

    Scheduled Maintenance
    June 16, 2016

    Updates / Fixes
    • Shaman Ignitar skin is now available! Ignitar’s new look was inspired by the awesome art submission by Collector trra, winner of the “Inspire a Curio Skin Coloring Contest” last month.
    • Bastion’s Grounded issue has been resolved. Now, instead of being forced to quit the battle, a new Curio will automatically be swapped in, overriding the lockout buff.
    Features / Sales
    *NEW* Mythic Fire Curio: Xolotl in the Shop!

    Name Xolotl
    Lore Xolotl comes from a world where the land is divided by great coeans of flame, and the sky is thick with storms and ash.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Fire
    Max Stats
    Damage 1,748
    Health 19,040
    Healing 746
    Mana 20
    Luck 100
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description
    Flame Bite 0 0 Deals 65-125 Fire damage to enemy Curio and deals 30-75 Fire for the next 2 rounds.
    Ignition 2 1 Deals 60-135 Electric damage to enemy Curio. Deals an additional 60-135 Fire damage if target is Burning.
    Blitz 3 3 Deals 77-130 Electric damage to enemy Curio 3 times.
    Ash Cloud 6 4 Deals 70-125 Fire damage to enemy Curios and deals 45-65 Fire damage for the next 3 rounds.
    Electrifire 4 6 For 4 turns: Enemy takes 50% more Fire and Electric damage and is Burning for 50 Fire a turn. On final turn, enemy takes 100 Fire and 100 Electric.
    Zap 0 2 Restores 2 mana and deals 267-326 Electric damage to enemy Curio.
    Shock Collar 2 3 Deals 115-200 Electric damage to enemy Curio and 50-75% chance to stun for 1 turn.

    Fire and Light Sale!
    • Starts June 17, 18:00 GMT
    • Ends June 19, 18:00 GMT
    Physical and Water Sale!
    • Starts June 19, 18:00 GMT
    • Ends June 21, 18:00 GMT
    Dark and Air Sale!
    • Starts June 21, 18:00 GMT
    • Ends June 22, 18:00 GMT
    Meet Xolotl Sale!
    • Starts June 22, 18:00 GMT
    • Ends June 23, 18:00 GMT
    Earth and Electric Sale!
    • Starts June 23, 18:00 GMT
    • Ends June 24, 18:00 GMT

    Survival Arena
    • Starts June 18, 2016 20:00 GMT
    • Ends June 21, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Physical and Light Boosted 50%
    Club Wars!
    • Starts June 21, 2016 20:00 GMT
    • Ends June 23, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Dark and Air Boosted 50%

    Holy Fire!
    • Starts: June 17 , 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Ends: Jun 19, 2016 20:00 GMT
    • Light and Fire Boosted 50%
    Heavy Water
    • Starts: June 19, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Ends: June 21, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Water and Physical Boosted 50%
    Night Wind
    • Starts: June 21, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Ends: June 23, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Dark and Air Boosted 50%
    Revenge of the Rares!
    • Starts: June 23, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Ends: Jun 24, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • 2* Rares Boosted 1000%
    • Starts: June 24, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Ends: Jun 26, 2016 18:00 GMT
    • Earth and Electric Boosted 50%
    Feedback Area!
    To ensure that we hear your feedback and ideas about new content and to make sure we keep our conversations constructive, we're adding a handy-dandy feedback format to the patch notes - you should be able to reply below using this format and let us know what you think!

    My very favorite thing about this week's update is: [Insert your favorite thing]
    I liked it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Maybe we could: [Tell us if you want us to bring this event back, if you think we can do the same thing a new way, etc]

    This week I didn't care for: [Insert what you didn't like]
    I didn't like it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Instead, let's: [Tell us how we can improve something like this in the future]

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    Last edited by LittleFury; June 16th, 2016, 11:59 PM.

  • #2
    with PVP now being 2 days instead of 1 are you going to drop the cost of how many rares it takes to make a curio. i mean right now when it was 24 hours it took 300.. you get 5 per day meaning 60 days you would get a 4 star.... if its every 2 days that is every 4 months now?

    same with events if you space events out BUT keep core prices the same it will push how longer you need to get creatures meaning many will just give up and go elesewhere


    club wars ends at 2pm est time weds... Does that mean we will not have anything running thursday night next week? or will we get an update mid week
    Last edited by slidecage; June 17th, 2016, 12:47 AM.


    • Wea111
      Wea111 commented
      Editing a comment
      So how much do you propose extending the cores required by to account for the PvP blitz we had?

    • LittleFury
      LittleFury commented
      Editing a comment
      There will be new events posting before then, slidecage. Also, PvP rewards are doubled as they are twice as long right now.

  • #3
    then those who missed it or just joining now. i mean if we had 1 day pvp for months that will give people a bigger lead then people starting out now.... if pvp stay 2 days hopefully cores fall.


    • LittleFury
      LittleFury commented
      Editing a comment
      Rewards are doubled for the longer PvPs

  • #4

    My very favorite thing about this week's update is: new elements facing in PvP and the change for 2 days.
    I liked it because: Was bored by the same elements facing in PvP, but this is great also you finally included Physical, even when I don't have a strong one they deserve his boost too.
    Maybe we could: Keep no healing in SA until you do something about singu, It causes many player to just reach the 67k and stop playing cause we have not even a little chance against singu users.

    What I didn't like is the 50% boost,
    I didn't like it because I think is too much, cool when you have the myth but so diffucult when you not, so unbalanced (at least for PvP)...
    Would be interesting something like this: "Light and water boosted (Myth 30%, Legends 50%, Epics 100%, Rares 150%, common 300%)", I mean the boost applying only in the element not every X*. Would be great cause we might see totally diferent teams, funnier using different curios also more diffucult to memorize the other people curios when you are deciding who to face.

    I really love most of the changes that you are doing, thank you & congrats!!


    • #5
      I loved the 400% boost on 3 stars.... Maybe we can keep that up and have it at least one per month it looks people without major 4 and 5s to play. Usually i can just only do round 1 and 2 and the rest of the rounds i just quit every match this time i was able to play the entire event (was shocked i was able to push back work i thought i would miss the end but didnt

      also littlefury thanks for the info.. I never even noticed double rewards and thanks for making a fun game... hopefully when that starter pack comes to all i can put more cash into the game...