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  • Mini Patch: May 20, 2016

    Scheduled Update for May 20, 2016

    Fixes / Updates
    • You may have noticed more players have joined Club DEV. Sometimes, the 5PG staff love to play Curio Quest in their free time. We’ve now added the whole crew to Club DEV so you’ll always know when you’re chatting with a 5PG employee! Just remember they may work on other 5PG Games, so still look to [DEV]LittleFury for all of your CQ Community needs.
    Featured Sales
    • Two flash sales hitting the Shop this weekend!

    *NEW* Mythic Air Curio: Zephyros in the Shop!

    Name Zephyros
    Lore Honorable and pure, Zephyros hails from a plane of air, and soars on glowing winds that expose his enemies to ruin.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Air
    Max Stats
    Damage 1,736
    Health 20,132
    Healing 894
    Mana 27
    Luck 218
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description at Max Skill Level
    Clear Wind 0 0 Deals 28-62 Air and Light damage to enemy Curio and buffs Zephyros' crit chance by 15-35%.
    Brilliance 2 4 Deals 100-175 Light damage to enemy Curio and reduces enemy Light resistance by 20-50%.
    Bright Gust 4 2 Deals 65-125 Air damage to enemy Curio and 30-60 Light damage to enemy Curios. Swaps out enemy Curio.
    Purity 3 3 Clears all debuffs from Zephyros and heals for 75-150. If killed in the next 4 turns, Zephyros heals your Curios 20-50% of their health.
    West Wind 0 0 Removes a buff from enemy Curio and deals 70-175 air damage.
    Sweet Wind 0 20 Revives friendly Curio at 40% health. Zephyros transfers all remaining health and mana to revived Curio and dies.
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    Love the whole support theme, but it just seems too weak to me. It only has synergies with completely broken curios who can throw on thorn buffs or have crazy damage outputs. So in short, it makes the great, even greater. And it doesn't really help out any old stuff either, with seemingly low damage (without counting it's debufs, and I could just be misinterpreting the numbers) it can't be a team carrier. Love the idea, just hope it doesn't accidentally break the game.


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      when can we be have new mods now days i dont see old mods


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        I really don't like complaining about the sale, but this"zephyros" sale really sucks. I know that it's based on luck, but you usually did get "ulimate" enhancements at least. Now I only got "greater" enhancements, which really are useless. And I feel a little cheated.


        • Arceus411
          Arceus411 commented
          Editing a comment
          I was going to try for Lolli/Geddon but I realized that too. It's hard to get enhancements in the first place, so we need the ultimate ones