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  • Patch notes: May 10, 2016

    Scheduled Update for May 10, 2016

    Fixes / Updates
    • The Curios Shop is updated
    • New Boosts in the Boost Shop!
    • Prepare for Blitz Bash: Extra PvP events this weekend!
    • Don't forget: Ignitar's Inspire a Skin Coloring Contest submissions are due May 20th:
    Featured Sales
    • Fire and Air Sale
      • Starts May 11, 16:00 UTC
      • Ends May 13, 16:00 UTC
    • Battle Promo Sale
      • Starts May 13, 16:00 UTC
      • Ends May 14, 18:00 UTC
    • Air and Earth Sale
      • Starts May 14, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 16, 18:00 UTC
    • Earth and Light Sale
      • Starts May 16, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 18, 18:00 UTC

    Player vs Player
    • Fire vs Air!
      • Starts May 11, 16:00 UTC
      • Ends May 13, 16:00 UTC
    • Friday Night Fights!
      • Starts May 13, 19:00 UTC
      • Ends May 14, 7:00 UTC
    • Saturday Blitz!
      • ​Starts May 14, 7:00 UTC
      • Ends May 14, 18:00 UTC
    • Air vs Earth!
      • Starts May 14, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 16, 18:00 UTC
    • Earth vs Light!
      • ​Starts May 16, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 18, 18:00 UTC
    Club vs Club
    • Earth vs Light
      • Earth and Light Boosted
      • Starts May 16, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 18, 18:00 UTC
    Survival Arena
    • Dynamic Duo
      • Only 2 Curios,Fire and Dark Boosted (incorrectly states all types boosted in-game. Apologies!)
      • Starts May 12, 20:00 UTC
      • Ends May 14, 20:00 UTC
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  • #2
    I do like how the event schedule for May 16 - 18 has the same elements boosted for both PvP and CvC. That way, one defending team is perfect for both events. Bravo!


    • #3
      Enhancements are getting harder and harder to obtain. I think that PvP needs to give some instead of some of the boos rewards. I love how there are random boosts, but I would like to see some enhancements too.


      • #4
        2 curios in SA... Are you serious. Might as well make it 1 curio, dark super boosted, no mana. SA is getting pretty ridiculous. The gap between the players that have sing and don't will clearly be seen. It's like those that do have sing are getting easily rewarded. If one does not have sing then it will be impossible to keep up with those that do as sing can beat SA single handed. At least with a normal SA(1 element or 2 boosted) those that don't have sing can still keep up with those that do... Just please go back to SA being as it used to be so everyone has a fair chance at it.


        • DK_Darshan
          DK_Darshan commented
          Editing a comment
          Oh, they did an experimental nerf it seems. That is supposed to prevent singularity to finish SA on its own. :P
          I think they aren't gonna do anything about singularity finishing SA on its own. And then there are a few players who say that it isnt OP in pvp or it isnt OP because they cannot score well with it. They just fail to notice that their teams without singularity,, in SA, is nothing.

          Devs, if you dont wanna nerf sing, introduce some move in the AI curios to remove the buffs more frequently, such that people dont finish SA with just one curio. Do something to show that you're working on the problem

        • VrdPu
          VrdPu commented
          Editing a comment
          Nerfing Sing or nerfing curios in general should not be an option. This would upset many players who spent alota gems trying to get him. I'm still upset about the pointless flamoth nerf and definetly more hesitant to chase a curio since then. I'm only talking about direct nerfs (like flamoth or sing's psy field) and not about bug fixes (like sinite). Sing is only really strong in SA and I support a change to SA as an indirect nerf. For example: change the bosses repair spell to remove debuffs like quasar (not buffs! that would be too much of a nerf) and add mythics to the end of SA instead of bosses. Sing is supposed to be the best SA curio (for now) and should not loose his strength since he has been like this for months.

      • #5
        wonder what battle promo sale is