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  • Patch Notes: May 3, 2016

    Scheduled Maintenance
    May 3, 2016

    May the 4th be with you, Curio Questers.

    Updates / Fixes
    • TWO new Curios introduced this week
    • Multiple events this week in celebration of May the 4th
    • Updated daily login!
    • Reduced prices in Ultimate Store!
    • Now you can earn 2x the coins when you buy them with gems
    • You now earn MORE XP when trading in Curios in the Lab!
    • Jawroger's Teal skin is now back in the shop
    • Boletus skill “Fun Guy”: On death stun now lasts for 2 turns.
    • Singularity's Psyfield ability has been nerfed. Psyfield could be stacked to a point where its negative damage caused a bug, resulting in enemies healing Singularity on hit. For the time being we have reduced the duration on Psyfield from 20 turns down to 8. This is a stop-gap solution while we consider other possible solutions.
    Features / Sales
    Light and Dark Promo Sale: Prepare for May the 4th Events!

    *NEW* Mythic Light and Dark Curios: Jenite and Sinite in the Shop!
    Name Jenite
    Lore It's said that Jenite are born from the life energy of fallen heroes, and seek out their loved ones to protect them.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Light
    Max Stats
    Damage 1,496
    Health 20,332
    Healing 1,748
    Mana 31
    Luck 168
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description at Max Skill Level
    Mind Trick 6 4 Deals 120-150% Light damage, silences enemy, and Jenite swaps out. If Jenite swaps while buff is active, heal your Curios for 120%
    Knowledge 0 0 Deals 85-140% Light damage to enermy Curio and buffs Jenite's healing ability by 35%.
    Centered 6 3 Heals your Curios for 85-155% and deals 120-160 Light damage to dark enemies.
    Focus 8 5 Deals 85-117% Light damage to enemy Curio and restores 14 mana. Places a thorns buff on your Curio, which does 105-175% Light damage every time they are damaged.
    The Flow 0 4 Heals your Curios for 65-100% and restores 1-2 mana per round. Heals an additional random Curio for 50-90%.
    Passive 5 3 Clears all debuffs from your Curios. Places a thorns buff on your Curios which does 50-110% Light damage every time they are damaged.
    Control 5 4 Reduces the healing of enemy Curios by 50%. Reduces damage to your Curios by 50%.
    At Peace 6 2 Deals 225% damage to enemy Curio and reduces enemy Curio's healing by 50%. Does additional 150% Light damage to Dark Curio.

    Name Sinite
    Lore Legend says that Sinites are born from the negative energy that gathers anywhere an act of pure evil was committed.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Dark
    Max Stats
    Damage 1,748
    Health 20,162
    Healing 1,334
    Mana 31
    Luck 218
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description at Max Skill Level
    Hate 0 0 Deals 72-126% Dark damage to enemy Curio. Does additional 144-252% Dark damage to Light Curios.
    Anger 5 4 Stuns the enemy team and Sinite swaps out. if Sinite swaps in while buff is active, Sinite does 90%-129% damage to all Curios, healing for 50% of damage dealt.
    Fear 5 3 Removes all buffs on enemy Curios and places the Fear debuff on target. While active, targets take +50% damage from Dark Curios.
    Passion 5 3 Sinite buffs allies with 50% Dark resistance. Sinite does 50-140% Dark damage, and steals 1-2 mana from all Curios.
    Corruption 6 4 Deals 155-178% Dark damage to enemy Curio, places corruption on all enemy Curios, while active Curios take 135% damage if healed.
    Revenge 6 4 Revives all Curios at 1% health. Places a debuff on all Curios, which does 50% damage on their turn. On death, Curio deals 125% to all Curios except Sinite.
    Rage 6 3 Deals 25-40% Dark damage 5 times and enemy takes 150% if they use a heal skill. Strikes Light Curios another 5 times for double damage.
    Power 5 5 Deals 90-155% Dark damage to enemy and drains 1-3 mana each turn for 5 turns. Health drains a random Curio for 50-80%, healing Sinite for 100%.


    Player vs Player: May the 4th Be with You
    • Light and Dark
    • Starts May 4, 17:00 UTC
    • Ends May 5, 19:00 UTC
    Player vs Player: Light vs Dark
    • Starts May 5, 19:00 UTC
    • Ends May 7, 19:00 UTC
    • Light and Dark Boosted
    Faction Wars: Light vs Dark
    50% Damage and Health to your faction element
    • Round 1
      • Starts May 4, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 5, 17:00 UTC
    • Round 2
      • Starts May 5, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 6, 17:00 UTC
    • Round 3
      • Starts May 6, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends May 7, 17:00 UTC
    Club vs Club
    • Starts May 7, 19:00 UTC
    • Ends May 9, 19:00 UTC
    • Fire Boosted: +30% Damage and Health
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    Feedback Area!
    To ensure that we hear your feedback and ideas about new content and to make sure we keep our conversations constructive, we're adding a handy-dandy feedback format to the patch notes - you should be able to reply below using this format and let us know what you think!

    My very favorite thing about this week's update is: [Insert your favorite thing]
    I liked it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Maybe we could: [Tell us if you want us to bring this event back, if you think we can do the same thing a new way, etc]

    This week I didn't care for: [Insert what you didn't like]
    I didn't like it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Instead, let's: [Tell us how we can improve something like this in the future]
    Last edited by LittleFury; May 4th, 2016, 01:30 AM.

  • #2
    LittleFury, you told me today the shop boosts and curios (for coins) will be changed (29.April, 21:22) ! why isn´t it?
    i shold post it here for a answer and here it is!
    time is UTC +2
    written thusday 03.05. 23:10


    • #3
      Relis - Shop and rewards are both in a state of flux. If you have a specific request or idea of something you want to see in the shop, then please clarify that here so others can weigh in. Thanks relis!


      • #4
        He's referring to the fact that the regular Curio sale in the shop (with epic rare and common curios for coins)has been Earth for the past week or so. Please change it to another element.


        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
          Editing a comment
          I believe that Relis is looking for Curios for Coins in the shop. I'll bring your feedback about changing the featured element back to our Devs. Thanks jman.

      • #5
        You missed the singularity nerf to the 10 quintillion damage buffs it can have. Honestly singularity needs to use mana. That would make it a much more fair curio. Loving the Star Wars theme too guys, and the two new curios are really weird and new in a good way. I like the whole "hurt/heal everyone" mechanic. Oh, and please fix gambit. Trapping your curio and giving itself a crazy strong thorns buff is way too strong. Basically a 2 turn silence


        • VrdPu
          VrdPu commented
          Editing a comment
          Singulartiy is only strong in SA. In every other event he can barely keep up with the other mythicise of his gen. Some adjustments to SA could do the trick imo (like give the bosses a spell to remove all buffs). Well and Gambit's time is long over. There are numerous counters to him in the shop.

        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
          Editing a comment
          We are still working on more ways to improve Singularity. All the feedback you have is welcome.

      • #6
        Originally posted by LittleFury View Post
        Relis - Shop and rewards are both in a state of flux. If you have a specific request or idea of something you want to see in the shop, then please clarify that here so others can weigh in. Thanks relis!
        why did u start talking about rewards?
        what i have is not an idea or a question about the shop.
        its simply a question about your statements!

        its not that hard..
        Question: when will the change come for boosts and curios for coins?
        Answer: next tuesday

        next tuesday arrived.
        nothing changed.

        why did you do this?

        did you need any mor informations or did you get it now?


        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
          Editing a comment
          Things are shifting and updating each week. I'm sorry that you have yet to see the changes you want as we evolve the CQ shop and will relay your feedback to the Dev team.

      • #7
        Patch notes state that CvC will start May 7, 19:00 UTC while the timer in-game show it will start on May 6th and therefore overlaps with FW.

        Back in March you tried overlapping club and solo events and I haven't seen anyone who liked it. Please don't make us choose again, many of us love this game because of club events and having to miss out on something else (FW Round 3) takes away some fun.


        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
          Editing a comment
          CVC is meant to be scheduled for the 7th. We'll get the timer fixed today. Thanks, Pu

      • #8
        Will we get seperate rewards for different rounds in FW?


        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
          Editing a comment
          Each round gives rewards!

        • Arceus411
          Arceus411 commented
          Editing a comment
          I love how we're getting tons of rewards in a short amount of time.

      • #9
        So what happened to may the 4th PvP, was it a fake? I feel cheated


        • LittleFury
          LittleFury commented
          Editing a comment
          The first PVP bugged and rolled into the next one, so we ended it a bit later than planned, and then started up the second PVP once Loot was distributed.

      • #10
        Change Ultimate prices 1.500>1000 gems 7,500>5000 gems pls And increase chanes for mythic & legendary in premium + more discs(5)


        • #11
          Can you please fix Flamoth, Lolli and Gambit? Their damage is crazy high. Flamoth and Lolli easily one-shot anything with less than 30k health. Bolt is also strong, so if you do nerf the others just make sure Bolt doesn't become god tier status. Gambit's thorns buff is so strong that you literally can't attack it without killing yourself. Literally a 3 turn silence.


          • CrisJel
            CrisJel commented
            Editing a comment
            I think gambit's trap is fine. Just use defend whenever gambit uses trap. It's 2EZ M8.

          • Arceus411
            Arceus411 commented
            Editing a comment
            Defend while he destroys your entire team? Defending 3 times is basically a 3 turn silence if you can't one-shot him