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  • Patch Notes, April 12, 2016

    Scheduled Maintenance
    April 12, 2016

    • Faction Wars
      • Starts April 12, 16:00 UTC
      • Ends April 14, 16:00 UTC
      • Noxie, Tropigust, Hydragon, Pentes, Kiya, Claymore, and Tiki Boosted: +200% Damage and Health
        • Each boosted Curio will only be superboosted in his own element in FW.
    • Player vs Player
      • Starts April 13, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends April 16, 16:00 UTC
      • Earth Boosted: +30% Damage and Health
    • Club Wars
      • Starts April 15, 16:00 UTC
      • Ends April 17, 16:00 UTC
      • Fire Boosted: +30% Damage and Health
    • Player vs Player
      • Starts April 16, 18:00 UTC
      • Ends April 19, 16:00 UTC
      • Electric Boosted: +30% Damage and Health
      • Torbolt Boosted +150% Damage and Health
    • Survival Arena - 6 Curio Slots
      • Starts April 18, 16:00 UTC
      • Ends April 20, 16:00 UTC
      • Physical Boosted: +30% Damage and Health
      • No Healing!
    Features / Sales

    *NEW* Mythic Earth Curio: Boletus in the Shop!

    Name Boletus
    Lore Some say that this fungal curio only grows on the graves of dead gods, and that inhaling its spores causes premonitions.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Earth
    Max Stats
    Damage 1,730
    Health 20,132
    Healing 894
    Mana 29
    Luck 140
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description
    Pummel 0 0 Deals 1262-1851 Physical damage to enemy Curio.
    Toadstool 1 2 Increases Boletus' damage by 40% for 3 turns. On death, deal enemy Curio 1262-1851 Earth damage.
    Tip My Cap 2 2 Deals 1262-1851 Earth damage to enemy Curio. Apply Tip My Cap to Boletus for 3 turns, increasing Spores damage by 25%.
    Expand 2 2 Heal 813-1501. Increases Boletus' damage by 20-30% for 5 turns.
    Bioluminate 3 Buffs Boletus with Bioluminate for 3 turns, healing 652-956 and restoring 1 mana when damage is received.
    Spores 3 3 Apply Spores for 3 turns, dealing 380-1453 Earth damage to enemy Curios each turn and heal 196-750 for self.
    Toxic 2 3 Reduces enemy damage by 25%-35% and healing by 100%-200% for 3 turns. Buffs this Curio for 3 turns, on death deal 2041-2525 Earth damage to enemy Curio.
    Fun Guy 3 4 Deals 1574-2906 Earth damage to enemy Curios. Buffs this Curio for 3 turns. On death, stun enemy Curio for 2 turns.

    Fixes / Updates
    • The Psychic Invasion has concluded...really!
    • Zones: Psychic invaders have also retreated, though they may invade again some day!
    • Lab: Psychic Boosts have been removed. They could return if Psychic Curios invade again.
    • Not-of-this-Earth Day Contest:
    • Removed Psychic node image from zone 1 Hard
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    Feedback Area!
    To ensure that we hear your feedback and ideas about new content and to make sure we keep our conversations constructive, we're adding a handy-dandy feedback format to the patch notes - you should be able to reply below using this format and let us know what you think!

    My very favorite thing about this week's update is: [Insert your favorite thing]
    I liked it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Maybe we could: [Tell us if you want us to bring this event back, if you think we can do the same thing a new way, etc]

    This week I didn't care for: [Insert what you didn't like]
    I didn't like it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Instead, let's: [Tell us how we can improve something like this in the future]
    Last edited by LittleFury; April 12th, 2016, 09:02 PM.

  • #2
    well, how bout the psychic skin? is it available yet


    • #3
      i just wanna say one thing .. i wanna be able to skip first 10~20~30 first levels on survival arena if you already done them the first time and get minimum points (around 200) or we can get tickets like 5 tickets a day = 5 skips .. just think seriously about it ppl are just dropping that event seems like worst event ever, losing too much time and resources..


      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks so much for your feedback, momog. I'll pass these suggestions along to the team. Happy gaming!

    • #4
      i like that you showed the info on the new mythic. Im kinda disappointed that fire is only gonna be boosted by 30% though, i hope the rest of cw isn't like this. Also that SA idea momog had is a good one. Most people that iv'e talked to don't play SA much because its too long. If you could find a way to shorten SA then that would be great. Otherwise great job devs!!!!