Zone 5 The Castle! Continue your adventure!

Collector's Sale in the Shop!!

Based on feedback, data collection, and careful consideration, the following changes have been made to Aesalon and Aureus:
Banish and Grapple: Synergy bonus damage/healing reduced.
Restore: Healing Reduced, CD and Mana cost increased from 2 to 3. Bonus Healing reduced from 50% to 25%.
Whirlwind: CD increase from 2 to 3.

Previous Update:
Survival Arena
No Duplicate Curios. Damage Doubled!

Upcoming CvC Event. 2 Clubs per Bracket
+50% Health. Healing stat = 0
-Event begins 6/21 at 19:00 GMT, ends 6/24 at 3:00 GMT

PvP Combat Bonus
-Earth and Fire Curios have +25% damage, +25% health
-Event begins 5/21 at 21:00 GMT

***Note**** This does not appear correct for iOS users, but you will receive the correct amount

Player Inventory
- Boosts
- Crafting Materials
- Enhancement
- Potions

New Shop Item - Potions
Double EXP earned in battle - 1 Hour
Double EXP earned in battle - 1 Day
Double Curio Coins earned in battle - 1 Hour
Double Curio Coins earned in battle - 1 Day

Friends Quantity is now viewable ##/50
Disable Friend Requests

Player Profile viewable via leaderboards, friends, club applications, club members
-Previous PvP, CvC Ranking, Last login

Club Management
-Decline all club applications

Bug fixes!!!!
Resolved Disconnection Bug

****These features are for web platforms currently. Update for mobile - Coming Soon!*****

Previous Update
Promo - 2 for 1 Enhancements Sale!!!! Chance for Curios
Premium - Fire Curios

Bug Fixes
Aesalon - Solar Flare - Duration of first DOT fixed as described.
Aureus - Dust Storm - Duration of first DOT fixed as described.

Player Appreciation Week!!!

Questing Gold and EXP Doubled!!!
Daily Login and Prize Wheel Doubled!!!
Login Day 8 - Caniton!!!!

Velox and Penzai Reborn!!!

Scratch – Replaced with Gore
Swift Blaze – Healing reduction increased to 70%. Traps Enemy Curio for 1 turn.
Fire Emblem – Damage Increased. Disable increased to 4 turns.
Flare Furry – Damage Increased.
Combustion – Damage increased. Debuff is not dispellable.
Wild Fire - Damage Increased


Bonsai – Heal Increased
Rock Throw – Damage Increased. Bonus Damage to Trapped Curios increased
Think Bark replace with Living Spirit
Landslide – replaced with Rockfall – Damage increased. Trap increased to 2 turns.
Stomp – Replaced Ramp Up – Damage increased. Reduces Air Damage and Increases healing by 20% for 1 turn
Rejuvenate - Healing Increased
Transfer – Healing Increased and swap to target Curio