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  • June 3rd 2015

    !!!!!!!!!!!!Accuracy changes!!!!!!!!!
    Accuracy has been removed from all Curios. Hooray!
    All skills have been adjusted appropriately.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!Accuracy changes!!!!!!!!!

    Known Bugs: Sea Flood is bugged. Will be fixed next update!

    Survival Arena is here!!!
    Light and Air Curios +15% Damage and Health
    All Curios +100% Mana

    Enhancement Sales. Bonus - Chance for Curios

    PvP Combat Bonus
    -Electric Curios have +25% damage.
    -Light Curios have +25% health
    -Event begins 6/3 at 21:00 GMT

    Curio collection size expanded to 250.

    Previous Update
    6 for the price of 5 sale!!!!
    Curios and Boosts on sale. Buy s 5x disc and get 6 instead!!!!

    A new skin is now available to purchase!
    - Blue (Spectral) : 200 Gems

    More skins now available to purchase!
    - Noxie (Blue) : 200 Gems
    - Tropigust (Red) : 200 Gems
    - Armordillo (Purple) : 200 Gems
    - Hydragon (Green) : 200 Gems
    - Jack (Blue) : 200 Gems
    - Caniton (Red) : 300 Gems
    - Lampyr (Blue) : 300 Gems
    - Silveris (Dark) : 500 Gems

    Air and Light Curios boosted!
    -Air and Light Curios have +25% health and deal +25% more damage.
    -Event begins 5/30 at 19:00 GMT, ends 6/2 at 3:00 GMT

    Survival Arena: June 6th!

    2 New Legendary Curios in the Shop!!! Light and Air!
    Aesalon and Aureus. Synergy skills!

    PvP Combat Bonus
    -Light Curios have +25% damage.
    -Air Curios have +25% health
    -Event begins 5/28 at 21:00 GMT

    Upcoming PvP Combat Bonus
    -Dark Curios have +25% damage.
    -Earth Curios have +25% health
    -Event begins 5/31 at 21:00 GMT

    Bug Fixes
    Disconnection and Lag issues Fixed!!!!!

    Faction Wars: Civil War
    - Compete with other players for the most points!

    Luck Enhancements in the Shop!
    Boost and Enhancement Sale!

    Survival Arena Changed to Factions Wars due to Disconnection and Lag issues

    You can now select previous evolutions as a skin for your curio!
    Note: This is currently only available for web platforms. Android and iOS will see this feature in the near future.

    Grotesk and Phantasma in the Shop. A guaranteed Epic of better Curio with a 5x disc!

    Galluvane Curio Crafting Event has ended. The ability to craft Galluvane in the lab will be removed on 5/28.

    Bug fixes:
    Mana burn - a specific level of mana burn has been fixed to correctly remove mana from enemy curios.
    Battlerush - Correctly damages enemy curio and debuffs enemy team.