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  • May 14th 2015

    Curio Features have been Leveled UP!

    Boost Memory Feature
    -Curios are able to recall boosts from memory. Curios will be able to reuse boosts they have used before for free!
    *NOTE* This feature only works for boosts currently equipped and newly equipped boosts.

    Chat Improvements
    -Separate chat channels for a variety of languages.
    -Chat windows are more accessible in different areas of the game.
    -Filter improvements.

    Vanity System
    -Players can view possible skins for each curio.
    -Accessible through the curio profile via the shirt symbol. Not all curios have skins available yet.
    -Owning a skin allows a player to use the skin on all curios of that type.

    Referral System Removed
    After lengthy discussions, we have decided to remove the referral system.
    We are working on additional ways to invite your friends to Curio Quest.
    - Referral achievement removed.
    - Referral Job changed to Invite a Friend.

    *NOTE* Some of the above changes will not occur for 2 weeks on iOS devices

    Coming Soon: Actively working on the accuracy system!!!! We agree that missing is not fun!

    Curio Coins Sale!
    Extra Boost and Enhancement with every purchase!!!

    Upcoming PvP Combat Bonus
    -Light Curios have +25% damage.
    -Electric Curios have +25% health
    -Event begins 5/16 at 21:00 GMT
    -Gain/lose points for Defending!

    Bug Fixes:
    Removing multiple Buffs correctly triggers effects (Cosmos, Eventide, Eruption, etc)

    Previous Update:
    Prepare for Survival Arena May 15th!!!
    Super Sale - Earth Dark Light and Electric Curios in the Shop!

    Bug Fixes:
    Greater Refresh Boost and Refresh Boost - Correctly only cleanse the curios they are attached to.

    Rivals CvC Event! 2 Clubs Per Bracket!
    4 Hour Brackets!
    -Fire Curios have +25% damage and Health.

    Crafting Event! May 8th through May 22nd.
    Play Quest (repeatable nodes) to collect items and craft Galluvane!