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  • Meet Raiju - the NEW Electric Mythic

    *NEW* Mythic Electric Curio: Raiju in the Shop!

    Name Raiju
    Lore When thunder crashes and the wolves howl, Raiju is out and on the prowl.
    Rarity Mythic
    Element Electric
    Max Stats
    Damage 2,160
    Health 23,278
    Healing 1,300
    Mana 21
    Luck 238
    Name Mana Cost Cooldown Description
    Gnarl 2 3 Swap enemy with target Curio and decrease its damage dealt by 50% for 1 turn.
    Shock 0 3 For 4 turns, place a thorn buff on all your inactive Curios, which does 1243-2769 Physical and 1243-2769 Electric damage to attacking enemy Curio every time they are damaged.
    Insulate 2 3 For 2 turns, deal 872 - 2617 Electric damage when attacked. This Curio heals for 20-30% of the damage dealt.
    Electrify 0 0 Deals 1853-2617 Physical damage with a 50% chance at additional 50% Electric damage.
    Backfire 1 5 Deals 1635-3489 Electric damage to enemy Curio. For 3 turns, reduce enemy Curios' healing by 30% for 3 turns any time one of them is healed.
    Overload 2 3 Deals 1962-4143 Electric damage to enemy Curio. Enemy is Silenced and takes 872-1962 Electric damage for 1 turn.
    Alpha Howl 3 3 For 3 turns, dispel all negative buffs on Raiju. Lose 5 mana at end of third turn. Cannot be dispelled.
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