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  • State of the Game: December 2016

    Winter has arrived in Curio Quest, so get on your galoshes, ready for snow shovels, and evolve those Mythics as we prepare for the holiday season!

    November was a quiet month for Curio Quest as we ramp up to begin a bout of improvements that will lead us into the New Year. There were some bug fixes, slight reward adjustments, and the introduction of Vasuki the Fire Mythic. We were also excited to introduce you to Curio Quest’s newest Developer, Rupert, who has a lot of exciting ideas for how to make your Curio experience all the more magical in the coming months.

    December will be a month of ramping up, and will be a prime time to get your input and ideas out to the CQ Community! In the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s already coming your way…

    Winter is Coming...

    The Winter Holiday Mini Zone is here, and with it all the snowballs and cookies you’ll need to craft Multifrost and Peppermint in the Lab! For those of you who completed Challenge Mode in Curio last year, it is not available for Reset, but you can reset in the Quest modes. The Winter Zone will be available until January 5th.

    We’ve already made mention of an upcoming Curio with an electrifying personality that gets especially hairy during a full moon. You can expect this new Mythic and more as the month progresses. We are exploring ways to bring value to your existing Curio Collection without requiring any buffs or nerfs, and we continue to fix bugs and glitches as they surface. We are also looking into increasing your max amount of Curios!

    Rewards and Prizes
    Every day, when you log into Curio Quest, you begin your adventures with the Daily login reward and the Prize wheel, making them a pretty important part of your day-to-day Curio experience. We’ve decided that it’s high time we give them a little update and polish. You can expect prize improvements coming this month.

    We know that Event rewards have been a bit of a rollercoaster this year, with highs and lows and plateaus. As always, nothing is set in stone and we are once again considering notable revisions of rewards, making them more balanced and a little shinier. Changes will be gradual and we’ll be sure to discuss them as they happen. We plan to start with Faction Wars and Club events. Your feedback to date has been tremendously valuable!

    More on Events
    We’re looking into some of the Survival Arena glitches that have been causing disconnects, as well as a few known PvP bugs that should find resolution soon. We are also looking at possible ways to revamp Faction Wars and update Survival Arena so it’s difficulty matches your skill levels.

    In addition to some event tweaks, we are looking at NEW event possibilities that we intend to get into the game by early 2017.

    We’ve been listening to your feedback about changing up Shop contents to include element-specific enhancements, different boosts, newer boosts, and more and we are planning some Shop rotation for the coming months so be sure to get your feedback in as to whether you love or hate any specific shop. We intend the end result to be a more positive purchasing experience for everyone!

    We took a break in November, but Contest season is upon us! Be sure to check out various holiday-themed Contests as they post throughout the month.

    You can also anticipate Fusion 4 Journal Bonuses, and a couple potential new features. We’ll keep you updated as we have a better timeline for their releases. Even if you don’t see a ton being released, know that we are ramping up toward a lot of improvements for both the game and the Community. Thank you for valuable community feedback! Please continue to let us know how you think we can make Curio Quest even better!

    To celebrate the holiday season, the 5PG offices will be closed from December 26-30th, but we will still be available in World Chat and through Customer Support as needed. And from 5th Planet Games to all of you:
    Happy Holidays!

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    Wow, we can see that wonderful and interesting things await us this month


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      It's a shame that the playeres that did the winter zone PAST YEAR, can't do the challenge again, we waited for a year I think we deserve to play again as the new players does, also when we did those challenges when the % in promos were by far lower so we deserve a chance again, be fair.


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        I hope you are looking at Clan Wars and are going to fix level 170 so that it only spawns 1 tech.

        At the momment 170 is too easy and gives the most amount of points which is stupid as there are higher levels that can be played


        • BugMaster
          BugMaster commented
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          Lvl 170 gives less points than lvl 200 and many players cannot play higher than 170 so if you took away the other tech lots of players would not be able to get as much points; DeadlyNightshade and other top clubs will have the advantage because lower clubs would not score as much and they could out score every other club. Second of all it is called CLUB wars, not clan or league or alliance wars.

      • #5
        I second Boyd's suggestion, I think thant Club Wars needs some minor modification.

        I would suggest either;

        1) remove the 2nd tech on level 170


        2) add a 2nd tech to all levels beyond level 170


        • DaryuzGM
          DaryuzGM commented
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          me too, club wars has become too easy, we need higher challenges

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        If we're talking about point revision ideas...
        In CvC, generally everyone attacks the easiest team in each bracket in order to get 50 points per win.
        How about a point spread that rewards attacking the stronger (or current higher point level) team?

        The teams in your bracket are ranked 1 thru 4 based on their point rank at the start of the bracket and a win would earn...
        Rank /Points
        1 60 points
        2 50 points
        3 40 points
        4 30 points

        This idea would encourage players to choose more challenging opponents and give a reward for a more difficult victory.
        So if your team enters the bracket ranked 2nd in points, you could earn 60 points per win by attacking the 1st ranked team or 40/30 points per win by attacking the 3rd or 4th ranked teams. (No 50 point wins in this example because you can't attack your own team.)
        Some teams are carried by only a handful of strong and active gem spenders and this point reward method would somewhat balance out point earning across an entire team based on strength and capability.
        The point spread ensures that every player is rewarded according to the difficulty of the battle they choose.
        I would keep the bonus multiplier based on each ending bracket ranking.


        • Boyd
          Boyd commented
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          What about the team thats first they miss out on getting 60 points?

        • DaryuzGM
          DaryuzGM commented
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          Amazing Idea!!

      • #7
        1st place within the bracket could get 50 point wins for attacking the rank 2 team. More challenge. Maybe more strategy needed as well.


        • #8
          I agree that there is a balance needed for cvc but in my eyes cvc is nearly the same as cw. Only that you fight against 3 curios instead of 6 ones.


          • #9
            Jobs with more difficulty need to be here. Why ? I see the same jobs after a few days and for example killing 50/50 curios of a specific element for just 10 crystals ? You need more time to kill them as it is worth. My idea is:

            Killing 50 curios: 25 crystals
            Killing 25 curios: 10 crystals
            Craft a curio: 15.000 coins


            • #10
              I def like the new rewards in events. Specifically personal rewards for club events. I don't go for top 5 but its nice to see people that carry their club rewarded. I havent seen another mythic as first place reward but I hope it comes back. Judging by how much we all spent for it I'm guessing that CW raked in the money on gems lol

              SA: It would be fantastic to see SA have a countdown timer on waves or some way of seeing how far you are. Right now you have no idea when the end will come and if you are doing good on points or not. Specifically I think t would be nice to know if you have a chance at the high score or not.

              F4 Journal. I think this is a terrible idea for various reasons that would take to long to put here. Either way if you do institute a F4 it would be nice if there was a way to upgrade our journal stats on F3s that we have sold. Perhaps there is a button next to the F3 curio you had and sold that allows you to exchange four of that curio to upgrade the journal stat for it to F4. I would still need to go back and farm, level and fuse that curio if I actually wanted to play with it but at least I dont have to do that all over again to get the journal boost that I by rights have earned.


              • Bertie_2
                Bertie_2 commented
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                You shouldn't have sold your fusion 3 curios. A fusion 4 was always on the cards.