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  • State of the Game (September 2016)

    Curio Quest State of the Game: September 2016

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Collectors! After a year of Mythics, Macrobes, and Mind Titans, we are excited to catapult into the terrific Twos with some long-awaited and exciting Curio updates, improvements, and introductions.

    Let’s get to it!

    On the Horizon
    We’ve done some brainstorming, reprioritizing, and worked a little Dev magic to line up some exciting changes for the world of Curio Quest, and we don’t just mean new Curios (although you can expect a bunch of awesome new Curios of multiple rarities)!

    New Zone: Ruins of the Sun
    There have been whispers by the water cooler about a new zone coming your way. The rumors are true, and we can’t wait to unveil the latest Quest this month! The zone will feature new Curios, craftables, an intimidating new Boss, and a new Zone Achievement. We don’t want to give too much away, but be sure to pack your sunscreen!

    Boost Bonanza
    What’s that, Collectors? You want new boosts? You’ve been asking for them all year? Good thing we’ll be unleashing a slew of brand new boosts this month!

    Lookin’ Good, Curios!
    It’s great to show off those fancy Curio skins, but they’re nearly impossible to find, let alone aquire. Soon you’ll be able to collect to your heart’s content, as we’re adding a Skin Button in the Shop. Here, you’ll be able to search for and purchase skins with ease and dress up your favorite Curios. For your first new Skin experience, be sure to claim Blue’s Birthday Costume skin for just one gold coin! It will be available through the month of September.

    The Shop, Part II
    You’ve asked us to remove non-Curio items from the Promo shop, and your wishes have been granted! The first change you’ll see in the Shop this month is an all-Curio Promo Shop, with improved odds for pulling Mythics compared to what we’ve seen over the past months. Now it will be easier than ever for you Collectors to fill in those Journals!

    Tougher Stuff!
    You’ve breezed through Story Mode, you trudged through Hard Mode, and now it’s time for you to battle your way through Elite Mode! We’ll be introducing the new zone difficulty, including a fresh chance at rewards, very soon!

    More New Features
    So much more is coming your way, including Fusion Rank Increase, new event rewards, new Achievements, and even an updated Profile window that makes it easier than ever to understand and upgrade your Curios! Be sure to check into the Patch Notes each week to keep up with the updates as we roll them out to you.

    What Else?
    As some of you have noticed, Dev SpaceApe has moved on from 5th Planet Games, perhaps to continue his mission through space to find the fabled Banana Planet. In his stead, we are welcoming several talented and seasoned 5PG Designers to join in the Curio Party. In addition to new features, the Devs will be focusing on achieving balance in everything from Curio design to event rewards. It’s been a bumpy, windy path to reach this year-two milestone, and we are putting priority on smoothing the road in the weeks to come. This will likely mean more impending changes to event rewards, as well as a stop on old Curio redesign (unless fixing bugs, of course) and an overhaul of the Curio Exchange system. Instead of looking back, let’s say goodbye to buffs and nerfs, and look toward the horizon for what’s coming next!

    In Conclusion
    You have stuck with us through the good and not-so-good this year, Collectors, and for that we are endlessly grateful. Your devotion to Blue and his journey, to your Curio Community, and to providing invaluable feedback to your Dev team are the key reasons we’ve come this far! Now get those party pants ready, grab a donut, and let’s celebrate!

    Share the news with this link:

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  • #2
    Looks really good, have some doubts about the Fusion Rank Increase, but everything else looks awesome, can't wait.

    Any hint on whether AP/cores will return to pvp rewards? "This will likely mean more impending changes to event rewards" is a possible hint that it is, but it'd be great if you could add those back (especially AP)


    • #3
      I dont think fusion increase is such a great idea either but well see what happens imo it just increases the gap between buyers and free players


      • #4
        The rest sounds great except a few curios do still need a bit of help (gustwing,checkmate,electron,roki) and a few too many still way op moves on some curios but i suppose well have to get around that


        • #5
          it sounds okay but i was expecting dates not just soon


          • #6
            Got to say I like the sound of everything but the fusion increase. Maybe for 1-4* curios but F4 myths is something only monster spenders will be able to achieve. Ending the nerf/buff is a very good idea. Its nice to know that what you pay for wont be nerfed down the road.


            • Immortal
              Immortal commented
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              Aggree , but they promised us a buff for check and electron , they kept telling "we are working on it" and now i get the dissapointing news theyll stay the same , but without that i aggree that they should stop nerfing/buffing

            • D0ug
              D0ug commented
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              They've been working on a fix for going on a year now for Stitches too... I kinda gave up on asking

          • #7
            You say no buffing/nerfing but if a curio is released and is broken or not working as intended then it will need changing Not a fan of the f4 idea it's hard enough getting f2 mythic when spending a bit but now the gap will be bigger like others have said. Why did you not think of raising the level cap from 40 to 70 for example that way everyone can be on a level playing field using there xp rather than spending money


            • LittleFury
              LittleFury commented
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              Fixing bugged and broken curios is different than making them weaker / stronger. we'll definitely still fix if issues arrive with Curios. Checkmate, for example, will be repaired but not buffed.

            • AndreaGal
              AndreaGal commented
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              I hope for an elecron "repair" too ... Mine is Fusion 2 ,high journal,best boosts around and i never use him

          • #8
            Thank for SOTG address, lots of changes going on. Can't wait to play the new zone and figure out the new curios. My only oncern, and this is a serious one for me is the fusion 4 curios. Several ppl including me have sold off epics and legendaries for over a year thinking that fusion 3 was the highest possible scenario. Can we get these back? As you know selling off curios gives very little in return, it's more of a space concern than anything else. We literally sold curios for almost next to nothing for an extended amount of time and think that returning some of these curios is warranted.


            • #9
              Sounds like some great changes! However, I will echo the concerns of others about Fusion 4. It will increase the gap between heavy spenders and regular players, causing regular players to feel demoralized and leave. The bulk player-base is free players or light spenders, and in order to have a good community of players, you need to also keep the free players engaged. Fusion 4 could be reserved for 1-3* curio's, or maybe 4* curios, but please don't do it for 5* curio's.


              • #10
                Fusion 4... Why? And very poorly done.

                I have long ago traded in all my epic, rares and common curios once they got to F3, because I didnt think there was any need to keep them.
                Now you suddenly introduce F4. Surely that is the whole point of the State of Game. This has obviously been in the works for some time now, you should have given us at least a month for us to start to prepare for it by not trading off our extras.

                Things like this should be put into the previous months State of Game post... "Coming Soon Fusion 4" and least then we could have prepared for it and you also could have judged the community's feel for the idea!

                Very poorly done 5pg. Make proper use of your state of game announcments!


                • #11
                  As Danielle stated with the cap of 250 curios and having to spend gems to increase your limit of storage i saved as many as i could for MONTHS before giving up on fourth fusion. I literally traded hundreds of commons, epics, rares and legends in the past year in my attempts at getting certain other curios for other fusion. In that time i am still working on my journal. I can NEVER gain all that back again. Every advantage that i accumulated being in the game 10 days after it started you just destroyed. There is only money and who saved longer. This crushes me in the game.


                  • #12
                    PS. Nooot happy with 4th fusion at all.


                    • #13
                      Fusion 4 just means the enjoyment of the game has not improved even after a year but the pay to play has increased ten fold. I have also trade in a mountain of legends and I am supremely disappointed with the inclusion of a fusion 4 in this game. How does this improve the way the game functions, especially for those that cannot afford to keep up already?


                      • #14
                        f4 idea is only a benefit to the spenders.Thanks CQ for bringing a new havoc in the game.I thought it has balanced at last and again f4 -_-.Maybe i need to give up on this game.You should have asked other's opinions before doing this f4 thingy,The spenders will surely be happy unlike the 95% non spenders -_-.


                        • Danielle
                          Danielle commented
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                          I've spent on this game, but I don't consider myself a big spender, and I'm very unhappy. Anyone who has spent time on this game has been forced to sell off extra curios for space. I started playing in Match 2015, so all my extras in the time period are gone.

                      • #15
                        Everything is awesome at this update. Just i dont really like f4. Im free player and it will be hell to get for me!