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  • Invasion Community Event - AGAIN!

    Hey Curio Questers!

    We heard you missed community rewards for Invasion last week, so this week we're adding them back! Check out the loot poster below to see the sweet prizes you can work together to earn!

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    can we have for the next invasion event [28th] maybe some yellow boosts coz we already had 4x rewards with 6-10 blue luck boosts each.
    and red psy-boosts drops from SA alot so yellow would be something "new"


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      i am afraid , have really low quantity of peopple feel plaisure in this fourth invasion , are more hardest invasion after invasion ... and less more less peopple do hight scores, and that will be a disaster for the community reward ... if we go higher of 100M , that could be a Miracle !!

      in final feeling i think a big majority of peopple have not found the fun in this invasion event month ...


      • DaryuzGM
        DaryuzGM commented
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        I think you are missing something, the invasion event is only for this month, so they are practically giving us one more chance for those awesome rewards...

      • NestoRisk
        NestoRisk commented
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        @DaryuzGM : it's you , the "missing something" ... read better just my own quote :
        Originally posted by NestoRisk View Post
        not found the fun in this invasion event month ...
        what you don't understand in this , i tell myself it's one month event ...

        Ps: and if you had loook in-game , you had maybe look in the Misc/Notes , have 2 others INVASION Events Announced :
        1- in 28 March > 01 april
        2- another chained in 01 april > 4 April ...
        3- so are in the april month running to ... so same that do both are Wrong !! ( Or it's the " Poisson d'Avril " joke in advance date !?? ^o^ )
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      • BronzerTheGuyYouKnow
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        In the last invasion, instead of elemental boost, whynot do something like other unique boost like all-epic 300% boost, dat might be gud :3

    • #4
      comunity event rewards are the best reward ever


      • #5
        The invasion has made me quit the game. Exchanged all 249 curios, they wouldn't let me exchange blue


        • #6
          DEVs plz reduce the targets for community rewards for upcoming fw's especially if they are running alongside cvc.


          • elyk
            elyk commented
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            We cant be expected to hit max tier every community event. ;p It shouldnt be that easy. Especially with so many who hoard for other events. We can hit that max tier if we all go out as a community but we have too many leachers..

        • #7
          Hi, Mizmy. I have 2 questions:

          1) Where is the loot from last invasion event? I'd received the single loot, but DON'T the general loot to all players TWICE!!!
          2) Why you do another Invasion event (29/03) crossing with CVC again?

          Thank you.


          • Mimzy
            Mimzy commented
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            Hey RBO! As per the patch notes, the community loot is given out during maintenance on Tuesdays when the game is down (so afterwards when you log back in you'll see your new stuff). The event overlap is something that we've spoken about extensively as a team and, while it's pretty much unavoidable for the remainder of March and the Psychic Events, we'll be working hard to avoid these kinds of overlap as we move forward.

        • #8
          Well, ok... Thy for your answer.