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  • State of the Game March 2016

    Welcome, Curio Questers, to March!

    In February, we upgraded Event Rewards, introduced some health changes, and the Community made some great Haikus. March heralds the INVASION of Psychic Curios! All month long there will be Invasion-related Events, Curios, and Boosts!

    Get the latest news on our weekly updates with the Patch Notes here.

    A mysterious force is infecting Curios with psychic energy… These powerful Psychic Curios are showing up in Zones and Events. It’s up to you to stop them! Collect Psychic Boosts and Curios with special Psychic powers to save the day!
    • Invasion will have a new type of event: the “Invasion Event”
      • In these events, players will all battle together against Psychic Curios.
        • Psychic Curios are only Enemies
        • Players can get Curios with Psychic Skills that deal psychic damage
      • Club Wars and Survival Arena will also have you battling Psychic Curios and collecting Psychic rewards.
    • Psychic Curios/Skills/Boosts
      • Some Curios will have Psychic skills and some Enemy Curios will be Psychic entirely.
      • Psychic Curios deal +50% against non-psychic Curios
      • Psychic Curios receive -50% from non-psychic Curios
      • Some new boosts will reduce damage taken from psychic attacks or deal psychic damage.
    • Zone Invasions will happen in various zones
      • Find Invading Psychic Curios and defeat them to collect new crafting ingredients for special boosts against these invaders!
    Curio Changes
    In February we made some adjustments to Curio health. We’re still reviewing the impact and feedback from these changes and considering implementing your suggestions of adding mana for the curios to scale with the health changes. As mentioned in February’s State of the Game, we’re working on changing the Attack stat display.
    Originally posted by *DEV* Sorin View Post
    Stats on Curios could use some improvement, mainly the attack stat. We want all of the Curio stats to be more intuitive. To accomplish this, stats need to be more representative of the power level for the curio in each stat category. Health does this reasonably well, but the attack stat is generally a fraction of what a Curio’s damage is for each skill, which makes it more difficult to determine a Curio’s actual attack power. We will be adjusting the attack stat on Curios to more closely reflect the damage dealt by attacks; this may slightly change the damage from each skill, but the difference will be negligible.
    Hypothetical Example: If a Curio like Lolli was doing 6,000 a hit on average with various skills and attack stat of 1,606 it will now have an attack stat of 6,000 while retaining an average damage range near 6,000 (within a hundred plus or minus).
    We are looking at making Common, Rare, and Epic curios easier to capture DNA for! This would mean increasing success rate chances for some of these and lowering the gold and/or gem cost for others.

    Lab Boosts
    The Lab has had the same 2 boosts for a long time, but we would like to offer more boosts for you to craft! New Psychic boosts recipes will be temporary (available during Invasion month), and the non-psychic boost recipes will be permanent.

    Promotional Codes
    Some time ago, we introduced the ability for us to add promo codes into the game that you can redeem for any number of rewards. Check our Facebook page regularly for updates and new Promo Codes!
    Curio Quest Facebook Page:

    Mythic Raffle
    This month the Mythic Raffle will be on Thursdays. Follow our Facebook page weekly for a chance to win a Mythic Curio! Simply write a comment on the Raffle Post each week to be entered in for a chance to win a Mythic Curio. The winner will be announced in the post with an @playername; that person will then need to message the page collect their prize. Good luck everyone!

    Community Events
    Last month we felt the love from your entries in the Haiku contest, and results can be found here.
    The Design a Curio Community Event is still coming. Over several rounds of voting and feedback, the community will participate in designing a new Curio to be released in game. Participants will help shape the game! We’ll provide more details for a Design a Curio Community Event as we get closer to this new experiment in Curio design!

    Thank you for your making the Curio Community a fun group, please let us know how you think we can make Curio Quest even better!

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