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  • Curio Health Update!

    Hey Questers!

    As we mentioned in February’s State of the Game, health changes are here! We boosted the health for most Curios between a 20% and 50%. Some of the Common, Rare, and newer Curios (whose health was adjusted when we released them) got a negligible boost. Some others, who had significantly less health than their equivalent tier counterparts, got a health boost of up to 100%. We’ll be monitoring this change for the next few weeks and taking your feedback into account. If we decide additional changes need to be made, we will adjust the health further.

    We’re also still planning to adjust the Attack stat display, but the we want to prioritize making sure these health changes have the intended effect of making battles more enjoyable for everyone. Later, once we've finalized the health changes, we'll similarly adjust Curio’s attack stats to better reflect their attack power.

    Please let us know how you feel about these changes below and let us know if you think something needs to be adjusted!

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    I don't see how we can take down twice the health with the same amount of mana? I'm running out of mana with core and my other myths before health. Luckily I have mana drains on most of mine but that doesnt help everyone else.

    Edit: I would like to take a moment to think about Survival Arena. The new health upgrades are going to make it a nightmare grind. I hope you have adjusted the points awarded per kill accordingly with this update. If not... well I would prefer not to think about that
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      Curios of the same tier shouldn't have health variations that's where the elements get involved and also I think the jump from one tier to the next is just a bit high maybe like 500 pts difference instead of 1-8k its bad when I have 4 legends with more health than lolli and they're not even the newest legends lolli was actually balanced before this in the fact he's had lower health and died quickly but could take out a curio quickly now he's weak cause he still has way low health and can't take out anyone before he dies pls buff all the rarities equally
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        i hope qe can get access to the liFe changes in all curios

        What have you guys done to SKOLL ??? hes horrible now.... he got less than 1k upgrade.. thats for real ???

        I cant kill anything with him anymore...

        My only strong legends are the STILL buged STITCHES and SKOLL who got "nerfed" to ONLY 8k life ?? << this game hates me ?

        and eco now has 21k life ??? really ? with 10k base damage ... water and earth.... while flamoth and lolli got 3k each...

        plz remove update and give every curio a 30% OR 50% life increase (except new ones) then we can see from there... no random upgrade porcentages...

        same percentage to everyone... and then maybe a little more for old ones...

        thats it
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        • Roshen
          Roshen commented
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          if they updated every curio in the game then it wouldn't make a difference form what it was before. Skoll was way too op, thats why they didnt boost him that much

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        Dear Curioquest forum

        I am writing to discuss about the new update.

        Well, this change would be very useful, but it has more negatives than positive aspects. First, it is nice because the curios got more health, but not all curios got that boost. Second, it was unbalanced, some curios of the first generation got more life than the news generations, and some curios didn´t go boosted. Third, the cw is more difficultd, in the level that I play, the difference the life between a legend and a enemy legend was on 6k, now it is of 12k. Fourth, the battles are so long, I understand that you want to do the battles more funny, but trough the time it will be bored, and the people aren´t going to do their best, also many people don´t have many time, that´s why they play curio quest, for its fast batlles. They are my thoughts, and many people think like me.

        About life, you can do this, for example, for commons 30% more life, for rares 25%, and for epics 20%. For legends you can vary for generations, for example First generation 50%, second 40%, three 30%, but obviously the newer legends are going to have more life than the olders with a difference of 1.5k or 2k, Instead, for mythics you can vary for generations, too. With a difference at least of 2.5k or 3k, and with a difference at least of 2k of life for the newers legends, for example: Flamoth 16k - Volcanis 14k.

        I hope that my suggestions, and thoughts could be able to improve and balance the game.




        • Mjoern
          Mjoern commented
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          very bad idea.. skoll would have more HP than Ignitar and grogimus NO freaking thanks

        • Alejandro
          Alejandro commented
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          That was only a suggestion. The idea is that the old curios aren´t undervalued, but that mythics are stronger than the legends, obviously in their initial stats, because they can be stronger with bonuses, enchanches, and fusion, you know

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        I agree with the previous posts. The update has not been effective in balancing. It needs to be changed dramatically.


        • #7
          The new hp buffs for mythics and legends change the meaning of their names
          I see a mythic flamoth with 13k hp and a legend volcanis 15k hp
          I think it should be other way around

          Also, some mythics u boosted only by 3k-6k whereas Eco is boosted by 9k

          Lastly, the live pvp battles are so long, the mythics run out of mana and they feel like Survival Arena's now which
          is not fun anymore

          Devs should really fix this.
          Last edited by Goklendra; February 16th, 2016, 11:37 PM.


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            I'm fine with this update people moaning about Flamoths health remember he has high damage and can still take out a legend so poor example to compare.


            • Goklendra
              Goklendra commented
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              I think a mythic should be able to take out a legend else why wil u call them 5stars n 4stars

          • #9
            Yeah, the damage is other problem, when the devs balance the life in all curios, they have to balance the attack


            • #10
              I understand the fact that the DEVS wanted to make it more enjoyable for the players by increasing the health on curious to make battles last longer but the health increases are inconsistent with some legends being stronger than mythics or some curious not getting enough increases in health or getting too much. The problem with more health also brings in the problem of mana being drained before a battle is over and this is going to be especially painful during SA and not everyone has curious that can drain mana. When the update for damage is eventually going to be done I think that will bring in a new set of problems with curious who always one shot other curious to continue doing so which means all these updates are pointless.

              Anyway that's my opinion, thanks for reading


              • Wildkat
                Wildkat commented
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                The actual damage dealt by the curios is not going to change. They are only going to modify the damage stat so that the number more closely reflects the damage that the curio is capable of delivering.

            • #11
              Taking some of the points above mentioned, I think this increase in health is going to get bothersome in terms of running out of mana, as well as the nightmare that will be survival area. To be honest, I kinda like the old health better and think it would have been easier to just nerf the health of the few that got the unnecessary boost, especially Geddon who was a nightmare to face during the physical boosted events. I personally like battles to be faster, so the way health was before was kinda perfect where things didn't drag on too long and you didn't usually have to worry about mana running dry. So to even that out, you'd have to boost everyone's mana and attack to find some sort of balance, and I kinda think it would be much simpler to just nerf a few instead of fix everything over and over to find a working system.


              • Bbtsjm
                Bbtsjm commented
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                @D0ug how about all the people who got screwed over by having old mythics that hardly got boosted?

              • D0ug
                D0ug commented
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                You mean like me Dbtsjm? I have seven older mythics including a fused checkm8 and a fused void which are by most considered the two worst mythics now. So yes. If the new ones get nerfed Im gonna be mad.

              • Saberklaww
                Saberklaww commented
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                You mention the people owning ones like Geddon needing compensation for a nerf yet they don't get buffed in this update while everyone else does. Honestly that is pretty much just the same as if they were nerfed and everyone else stayed the same, they're still losing some of their boosted ground either way so it would be easier to just adjust a few than to stumble around and find a working system for all of them.

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              This nerf make this game bored , and the tier 1 legend only get 1-2k health increase ?? Oh god , please balancing it again devs..


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                Devs, Checkmate really lost power with this update, it was already not very powerful before the update, now this is worse !

                And concerning this update, I would prefer that newest curio get en BIG NERF on their HP, and not a buff on olders Curio.

                Because all it unbalanced now, it is difficult/impossible to OHKO, battle are longs, all Curio miss power...

                If you do the right re-balance of the Attack Stats of Legendary/Mythics I think the game will be perfectly balanced (and please nerf that stupid supreme tanky Gorilla )

                Nice job & thanks for listening to us devs.


                • #14
                  welp, epic needs a bit more buff, maybe like 7k-8k on all of them


                  • #15
                    In general I like the health change but I think the difference between the tiers change the game too much. Here is a list of the best curios before and after the update (this list is just my personal view and obv. not 100% accurate)

                    Before ------------------ After
                    Geddon Eco
                    Core Geddon
                    Lolli Core
                    Gambit Bolt
                    Flamoth Gambit
                    Sarida Sarida
                    Bolt Dragos
                    Eco Flamoth/Lolli
                    Dragos Flamoth/Lolli
                    Checkmate Void
                    Void Checkmate
                    Roki/Razor Roki/Razor
                    Gustwing/Electron Gustwing/Electron
                    In the end the changes buffed Eco, Bolt and Dragos alot. Lolli and Flamoth got nerfed. Void still has a bad skill set which cant be compensated with alot of health.

                    I think the health adjustments should keep the old curios power level which couldve been done by a consistent health increase of all old curios (except geddon, core and sarida). This wouldnt be perfect of course but it would be better than making curios stronger/weaker than other curios (pre change).

                    Sidenote: Including your previous nerf, Flamoth is now worse than 5 curios (or evenly powered) which Flamoth easily outmatched before this happened (Eco, Bolt, Gambit, Dragos and Lolli)

                    Edit: I agree with the posts above that the mana needs to be increased to be able to enjoy the longer fights and legends should never have better base stats than mythics.
                    Last edited by VrdPu; February 17th, 2016, 11:06 AM.


                    • Mjoern
                      Mjoern commented
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                      Electron and razor are much better than roki and gustwing dude..

                      and dragos do not have enough mana to be of any use past what his ancient health allowed him to so not much of a change there..

                      also lolli and flamoth are still incredible, they are the only ones with ignitar that do not need 5 turns to beat their opponent..

                      High damage curios just can't one shot anymore but that doen't mean they are not valuable anymore actually the demand for high damage will increase because ppl will get bored of long fight (and because they want money soon they will realease a curio that can hit 60k on the second turn).. well especially ignitar that arguably got the best of this update with trapthorn and eco..