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  • State of the Game: February 2016

    Welcome, Curio Questers, to February!

    In January we added Daily Jobs, the Name Change service, and introduced some event changes. In February we will be looking at some deep improvements to the game including additional event changes. We will be updating live content weekly, updating events, and releasing new Curios!

    The Mactech-1201 crafting events will conclude on February 2nd. If you want to know what has changed during our weekly updates, you can check the Patch Notes here: have a few new features being introduced in our updates this month that are detailed below.

    Event Changes
    We upgraded Club Wars rewards in January as the first of several event changes. Survival Arena and Faction Wars will be the focus of our improvements to events for February. Last month we announced we will be adding Mythic Disc Fragments to Curio Quest, and these will be added to PvP.

    Curio Changes
    Curio Health is something that has jumped quite a bit lately. We have noticed a trend of increasing Curio damage in recent months. To better scale the game balance, we will be increasing health on new Curios. The goal here is to have more interactive battles where curios have more time to use skills and set up combos. Where new legends had around 9-10,000 health before, and now you will see 14,000+. Mythics had around 10-12,000 before, now you will see 20,000+ with new releases. This re-balancing is to improve the play experience for all players and we’ll be keeping an eye on feedback.
    Stats on Curios could use some improvement, mainly the attack stat. We want all of the Curio stats to be more intuitive. To accomplish this, stats need to be more representative of the power level for the curio in each stat category. Health does this reasonably well, but the attack stat is generally a fraction of what a Curio’s damage is for each skill, which makes it more difficult to determine a Curio’s actual attack power. We will be adjusting the attack stat on Curios to more closely reflect the damage dealt by attacks; this may slightly change the damage from each skill, but the difference will be negligible.
    Hypothetical Example: If a Curio like Lolli was doing 6,000 a hit on average with various skills and attack stat of 1,606 it will now have an attack stat of 6,000 while retaining an average damage range near 6,000 (within a hundred plus or minus).

    Event Changes
    We’ll be adding a new disc fragment for events for Mythic Curios. We are also re-balancing event rewards, brackets, and content. This will be an ongoing process throughout the month, and we encourage giving feedback on rewards changes onto the forum.
    Additionally we are discussing some designs for a new event type!

    Promotional Codes
    Some time ago, we introduced the ability for us to add promo codes into the game that you can redeem for any number of rewards. Check our Facebook page regularly for updates and new Promo Codes! Curio Quest Facebook Page:

    Mythic Raffle
    Follow our Facebook page weekly for a chance to win a Mythic Curio! Simply write a comment on the Raffle Post each week to be entered in for a chance to win a Mythic Curio. The winner will be announced in the post with an @playername; that person will then need to message the page collect their prize. Good luck everyone!
    Curio Quest Facebook Page:

    Community Events
    The Design a Curio Community Event is coming. Over several rounds of voting and player feedback the community will participate in designing a new Curio to be released in game. Participants will help shape the game. We’ll provide more details for a Design a Curio Community Event as we get closer to this new experiment in Curio design!

    Thank you for your making the Curio Community a fun group, please let us know how you think we can make Curio Quest even better!

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    So I noticed that the state of the game mentioned new mythics will be 20,000+ health. I am suggesting that, assuming you go with that absurd move, all curios should have their health revamped and increased. Old mythics should have their health changed to be competitive. I'm not letting all my mythics become worthless (like legends became worthless when you released mythics). I'm not going to deal with it again. If you decide to make old curios worthless so quickly, I'm just going to quit. This game is becoming stupid and a waste of money.


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      I absolutely agree! I just spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on these mythics. The only way to be fair and balanced is to increase the health stats on all curios that have previously come out and will come out


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        Heyy everyone! With all the new changes we figured (all CQE1 members) that it would be better to express ourselves as a whole rather than individuals! We would love to see other clubs do this as well so the devs know what our unified thoughts are to help them better improve the game based off of all of our thoughts! Any and all comments for CQE1 should be posted below


        • soezie
          soezie commented
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          i also agree with my team from CQE1 its not fair

        • Verias
          Verias commented
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          I agree with most that has been said here. Old curio's health must be adjusted and upgraded.
          Also broken skills need to be fixed.

          I want the strategy element back in the game.
          Not just fight and use only 3 curio's with only 4 skills cause everything else is worthless ....

          Thats just boring.
          Bring back the fun part that used to make curioquest great

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        #1 with the new state of the game for February the biggest concern seems to be the Hp increase on new legends and mythics in order to balance the game. I agree with the health increase but only if it's for all prior generation legends and mythics as well. Otherwise mine and everyone else's hundreds of dollars will go to waste. And I fear that it will cause mass amounts of players to rage quit


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          Hiya DSMN! I have created this thread so that club members can give their feedback on the current State of the Game. Please do feel free to post any comments based on your opinion and share any relevant ideas you may have in order to try and improve the game and your overall experience Thanks Soggeh ~(.-.~)


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            With the new releases having a boosted Hp and stats, we would like to see the older curios get this overhaul as well. If you truly are trying to balance the game then all curios within the same rarity should have stats with a similar range. Having the old mythics only having 10k hp and the new mythics having 20k hp makes it highly unbalanced.

            I and my fellow clubmates are highly concerned that all of our money spent will have been for nothing since the State of the Game topic made it sound like only newly released curios will be getting these upgrades. Can we get some clarification on this topic? And please upgrade ALL curios not just the newly released ones.


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              Im not cqe1 but i agree with alexis. I think all curios should be upgraded to the new "balancing", not just newly released ones


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                I agree, putting out only new curios with adjusted health will literally throw away all the money spent in this game. Starting over with such low chances to get curios that will keep you competetive is not something any of the players want. Add the health bonus to all the older curios as well, or i fear the game will die.I also think the newer players would agree, as they are coming in to the mix with already super strong curios, and they really won't have a chance now if the older curios are not buffed as well.

                Buff them all, or none of them. Please listen to the players on this one.



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                  If this patch goes through without fixing, rebalancing and improving the experience with the old curios, I see the end of CQ in the near future There is no way to balance the game by just introducing a couple new curios and balance these new ones with themselves only. That would just make it necessary to get the new generation mythics to be able to compete at the same lvl as before and after that Flamoth nerf (I didnt forget and still not trusting your sales anymore) there is still no way Im spending any more and I know others didnt forget yet either. We didnt even get a final feedback on the Flamoth topic, although you worked out a gigantic patch where you coudve invested lil time to do so.

                  Anyways please give us feedback fast, players are rageing about this patch announcement like never before.


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                    we have all noticed that the dmg to hp ratio isn't balanced for 4 curios in particular : gambit , eco, lolli and flamoth. If you devs want to re-balance the game you don't add new curios with even more hp. Either you increase all of the curios hp like it was already suggested, or you reduce the dmg on these 4 curios I mentioned. We have endured the power creep, from silveris to grotesk, phanta to twins. fusion then myth. But enough is enough, i have 7000 $ worth of leggys and 1st gen myth that i can't enjoy anymore, and i' m bored of using / seeing only 4-5 curios used in game. I have f2 volcanis with 41k HP, can't even imagine how much the 20k base hp curios will have. To sum up, releasing new buffed curios isnt how you re-balance the game, you re-balance the game by fixing the glitched skills, and give the players a larger pool of competitive curios with a larger skill set, because the game nowadays is nothing but who starts first gets the win.



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                      When mythic came out I felt like you were trying to get the new player a head start and the established player something new to build, same when journal ad fusion came out. But to boost all new mythic and legend without touching the ones that are already around is a double slap in the face to the super long timers who have been thru it all like me, and the new Era noobs who have a ton of fused flamoth and gambit and lolli. I had previous been most upset getting destroyed by the new Era noobs since I had been around since January 2015. All it takes is some soggy money and bam top 15. No strategy needed.

                      Now even they gonna have to throw more soggy at the game or end up goobish. Either way I'm screwed. I'm not spending. Not after my help ticket was sat 53 days then told from Dec 10th to Jan frags were frozen on my act after macrobe issue til dec 18th and lost 4 vi total. Lost 5k in gems from glitch in December. Talked about rng and how screwed up it was, one stretch 53k gems without legend then right now 16k stretch without mythic. 53 days later get told I am wrong that i never had a macrobe vi from macrobe island. Then I never finished top 25 mult times to get frags, that I wasn't in cqe1 n got vi from cvc. You think I'd push a dang support ticket 53 days if I wasn't dang sure what I was talking about? Same glitch 2 other players were refunded 11k gems each. Me, told never happened. Told case closed. 53 days later. I was given 3 wheel spins for my troubles tho. Thank you. That is much better than my paid for gems, vi tokens, and soggy mythics.

                      Not real thrilled with the current state of much with cq. So much potential. If you would listen.

                      Ps, my ticket is still open 55 days now.

                      Hugs and kisses,


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                        We will be discussing this feedback with the development team and posting on the topic tomorrow. There is a definite likelihood that we will be adjusting existing Curios health as well to facilitate the changes. Tomorrow, after the development team discusses the feedback from the players we will follow up with some responses on the forums! Thank you for giving us some constructive feedback.


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                          Thank you for your response Sorin! It is highly appreciated and we will be patiently awaiting the verdict


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                            Thanks for the response Sorin. I agree with what my clubmates said. I hope you respond aptly to our suggestions.