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  • 5PG Plays D&D Updates

    Hey 5PG Fans!

    We've got the gaming bug! We're going to be expediting our play schedule to every Tuesday, which means we'll have more opportunities to beat evil rat-folk and raise money for sick kids through Extra Life! Countdown to our next session here.

    If you missed our first couple of sessions, you can catch up on our shenanigans by watching our linked playlist and reading below!

    Originally posted by Mimzy
    In response to overwhelming request during last year’s 24 Hour event, 5PG Team Extra Life is giving Dungeons and Dragons a whirl! This won’t be taking place of smaller weekend video gaming events or our 24 hour stream, but if you want to watch Devs wrecking mad monsters for a good cause, tune in and let us know you’re having fun!

    We’ll be starting to stream our custom built, 5th edition game (with some house rules), and you can watch on our Twitch channel here!

    Our cast of characters includes:
    • Mouse as the Dungeon Master - creator of worlds, destroyer of player characters, enthusiastic performer of silly NPC accents, and owner of a most magnificent beard
    • Tails as Therin Thorne - a charismatic Half-Elf Bard with a love of knowledge and history and hatred of those who would wrong innocents
    • schnzy as Zarathos - a rule-abiding Aasimar Paladin of Helm with a history of military service and amnesia
    • Avigdor as Simon Lachemann - a crotchety old Human Diviner Wizard seeking the key to longer life.
    • Kodiak as Rigger the Trigger - an intimidating Half-Orc Rogue with a colorful past; a partner in TriggerHappy Investigative Solutions
    • Laces as Tibius Sprightspring - an extravagant ​[s]Halfling[/s]​ Gnome Swashbuckler Rogue with a taste for adventure; a partner in TriggerHappy Investigative Solutions
    • Mimzy as Israfel Jassen - a well-traveled Aasimar Warlock of Undying Light with a terse disposition who is totally Zarathos’s long lost sister

    So join our amazing adventure as we explore dangerous, mythical worlds #4thekids!

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    Are you ready for even more bone-shattering, heart-exploding, baddie-fighting mayhem?! Tomorrow 5PG Plays D&D is back with a vengeance!

    Will the group remember their table manners in front of the new mayor?

    Will Zarathos find the demon that struck down the head priestess of his temple?

    Will Tibius remember to remove the grease ring from his spyglass?!

    Find out in this week's episode of 5PG Plays D&D... FOR EXTRA LIFE!


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      This time tomorrow, you could be watching us TPK! Session 5 starts tomorrow. Don't miss it!


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        Bad news, D&D fans!

        Half the party failed their constitution saves and caught the office plague! A bunch of us are feeling a bit (or more) under the weather, so we're postponing 5PG Plays D&D so that we can take a long rest and recoup all our spell slots before our Competitive Stream this Saturday!


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          Are you ready for more fantasy-spelunking-murder-mayhem?! Join us tonight and help us raise money for sick kids (and qualify for game giveaways)!


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            This is so exciting !


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              Hey 5PG Fans!

              D&D is on for tonight, same D&D time, same Twitch channel, with new characters, new battles, and the same old shenanigans you've come to love!


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                Ready or not, more Bibbledor is coming your way tomorrow! Catch up on past episodes on Youtube and tune in for the action on Twitch.


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                  More mayhem! More mystery! Tune into our Twitch channel in 2 hours for even more D&D!


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                    It's on like Donkey Kong! 5PG plays D&D for Extra Life, now with 100% more elf-napping than the next leading competitor!

                    Catch us on, donate to UC Davis Children's Hospital, and win a free Steam or Origin game with our stream giveaway!


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                      Hey D&D fans! Unfortunately a plague has fallen upon the small village of 5PG! We'll be cancelling tonight's stream, but make sure to tune in next week for more Skath fights, more shenanigans, and more dwarves!


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                        The plague has passed in the office, but the plague-bearing Skath still threaten the safety of High Hall. Join our adventurers on our Twitch channel as they battle the gravest set of foes yet, tonight at 6 PM (PDT)!


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                          The adventure continues!

                          Check out our stream tonight in just over an hour as we venture further into the tunnels of legacy, join in on undead dwarven shenanigans, and raise money for sick kids!


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                            Do our intrepid adventurers have what it takes to collect the Gem of Dumathoin and bolster the dwarven deity in his fight against the forces of Chaos?!

                            Find out tonight on 5PG Plays D&D, only on Twitch! (Unless you count the Youtube reruns.)