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  • Forum Rules and Guidelines

    The Curio Quest forums are a safe, supportive space for all members of our community and our development team to spend time and talk with each other, and that includes you!

    Making sure this stays a healthy and welcoming space for you and for everyone is important to us, so we have some guidelines we ask everyone to follow while on our forums:

    Don't be Rude!
    Treat people on the forums as you would like to be treated. You don't need to agree with everyone all the time, and you may have concerns or complaints you want to express, and that's OK! Just make sure you express yourself with a civil, constructive tone and treat others with respect.

    This rule covers a lot of things, from insults and harassment to arguments and bad language, but the basic rule that covers them all is simple: Don't be rude!

    Keep it Clean!
    Please don't curse or post content that is sexual, illegal or inappropriate for all ages.

    If you aren't sure if something is appropriate, feel free to send a private message to one of the developers or Moderators to make sure before posting!

    Please Don't Spam!
    This rule isn't just about spam bots!

    Please don't make short, one word posts like "first", "bump", "this!" and "^", or post duplicate threads about a single topic. This is to make sure the forum stays easy to navigate and read!

    Also, if you have stuff to talk about that isn't related to the game, like a cartoon you just started watching or a funny picture you'd like to share, please post it in the "Off Topic" section. Just no ads, and no affiliate or referral links!

    If you see a post that isn't following these guidelines, or that you feel is offensive, let us know so that we can take a look! If necessary, we'll remove posts and remind posters to follow the rules. In extreme cases, we will also ban posters from the forums.

    These are just three simple and easy guidelines to keep in mind when you're posting, to see the complete Code of Conduct, click here.
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